Outlast: Arkham Asylum is a DLC pack for the game Outlast. The game takes place in Arkham Asylum, where you will have to avoid confrontations with any of the super criminals or any patients.


Miles Upshur is an investigative reporter tasked with visiting Arkham Asylum. He arrives and finds that is in a blackout occurs shutting down all cells releasing all inmates and super criminals, but keeping them all in the building. Now Miles must escape the temporary home of Gotham's most dangerous criminals.


Miles Upshur is a camera man for the Gotham Gazette. He is recording an interview with Warden Sharp. However, a black out occurs and releases all of the inmates. Miles teams up with a guard, but it is shortlived as a bomb goes off. The guard is killed, but Miles is unconscious. When Miles wakes up he figures the best thing to do is to get off the island. Miles only has his camera which he can use to navigate dark areas.

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