While taking his son into his job as a Secret Service agent, the White House is attacked by a band of terrorists, and ??? must save his country.




  • Porter Jackson (Will Smith) - a Secret Service agent who takes his on to his job as a Secret Service agent, in the end, is relocated to Winconsin to live a life of a DJ.
  • Samson Jackson (Jaden Smith) - Porter's son, who joins a trip to his job as a Secret Service agent, in the end, makes a report about his dad.
  • Yvette Jackson (Jennifer Lopez) - Porter's wife, who is frightened to see their son in danger, in the end, relaxes and makes Appledumplings.
  • Tuppance Graceland (Emma Thompson) - the Director of Secret Service, in the end, is revealed to be in love with the President.
  • President Amos Davidson (Patrick Stewart) - the President of the United States, who is taken hostage in the Presidential bunker by Julio Montez, the leader of the Mercenaries, in the end, makes the action plan, incase the event happens again.
  • Ferris Homer (John Goodman) - the Speaker of the United States, in the end, congradulates Porter.
  • Toby Tobias (Ed Harris) - the Secretary of Defense, in the end, is killed by Julio.
  • Julio Montez (David Lyons) - the main antagonist and the leader of the terrorists, he disguises himself as a Secret Service agent, and then when he and the President and his man got in the Bunker, he shot the other agents and then kept the President hostage by using him to declare the immunity of Montez so he could do all the drug deals , in the end, is killed and thrown into a pool of Sharks.
  • Brian Grayson (Frank Grillo) - the secondary antagonist and right-hand to Julio, when he first appeared, Porter asked him, "Hey, man what you doing?", then he went, "3 words: Go f*** yourself", and Porter went, "Okay, 2 words: Attitude adjustment", then suddenly, when Porter what was going on, Grayson arrived with 8 terrorists attacking him, in the end, Was arrested!



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