In the early twenty-first century, the Descendents of Perseus, Andromeda, Artemis, Achilles, Theseus, Odysseus and Narcissus unite to face the evil of the descendent of Cronus.




  • Percy Quint (Justin Timberlake) - the Descendent of Perseus (Sam Worthington), in the end, goes to Greece and studies the history!
  • Andy Rama (Maggie Grace) - the Descendent of Andromeda (Moon Bloodgood), in the end, goes on a date with Percy!
  • Arthur Radley (Joeseph Gordon Levitt) - the Descendent of Artemis (Rosaro Dawson), in the end, heads for Africa to help the Wildlife!
  • Archie Woods (Jack Black) - the Descendent of Achilles (Diedrich Bader), in the end, ends up dating with Tina!
  • Tina Frost (Anna Paquin) - the Descendent of Theseus (Ian Ziering), in the end, invites Archie to go into the Labyrinth!
  • Oscar Oswald (Tom Hiddleston) - the Descendent of Odysseus (David Thewlis), in the end, Charts the course for Percy!
  • Nina Courtland (Megan Fox) - the descendent of Narcissus (Tom Felton), in the end, learns her lesson and thought about others!
  • Bruce Quint (Patrick Stewart) - the Descendent of Zeus (Patrick Stewart), and the father of Percy, in the end, heads for Greece to take his rightful Place!
  • Abigail Quint (Cate Blanchett) - the ancestor of Hera (Cate Blanchett), and the mother of Percy, in the end, fallows Bruce!
  • Jeremiah Quint (Ian McKellen) - the ancestor of Posiedon (Ian McKellen), and the uncle of Percy, in the end, fallows his brother Bruce!
  • Drake Quint (Jeremy Irons) - the Descendent of Hades (Jeremy Irons), and the uncle of Percy, in the end, fallows Bruce to Mount Olympus
  • U.S. President (Jonathan Pryce) - the father of the Descendent of Andromeda, Andy, in the end, loses his presidency, and lives on the family Farm!
  • Keizer (Cirian Hinds) - the Descendent of Cronous (Cirian Hinds), and the grandfather of Percy and Bryce, the main antagonist who plans to return the world to the old ways!, in the end, gets destroyed by the Spear!
  • Bryce Quint (Troy Baker) - the Descendent of Ares (Troy Baker), and the brother of Percy, the secondary antagonist, in the end, vows vengeance on Percy!