When the son of a cop is being haunted by something loomey, he witnesses a girl named Cheri entering his town.




  • Ferris Bruce (Joel Courtney) - the son of a cop, Gordon Bruce, as he witnesses a looming shadow, in the end, He is seen in the hospital with his father tending his wounds.
  • Gordon Bruce (Robert Downey, Jr.) - Ferris's father and a cop, who doesn't believe his son seeing things, and believes him having nightmares, in the end, is tending his son, and helping him heal.
  • Cheri Berry (Samantha Barks) - the mysterious girl following Ferris, near the end, she reveals to him that she is his cousin, in the end, is revealed to be the killer, and was shot by Gordon.
  • Ty Lucas (Alan Rickman) - a creepy man who frightens Ferris, he has the same tone as Severus Snape from Harry Potter, he has a rare dislike towards him, in the end, apologizes for his suspcions.



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