Lyle Nuke is a family man, until one day on his daughter's graduation party, his parents come along and they drive him insane, furiously, he slammed a cake his mother got for his daughter, and storms off, he gets in a fight with his father, that he's been living a normal life without him, then suddenly, a terrorist kidnapped his daughter, and tries to save her, and his father will have to join him to do it.




  • Lyle Nuke (Dwayne Johnson) - realizes his father was "The Victor", in the end, takes up the name "The Victor"!
  • Dorian Nuke (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - Lyle's father, who told him that he's been slamming a door infront of a little girl, covering his ears for a loud game and trying to leave a boring high school, he's revealed to be The Victor, in the end, retires of being "The Victor"!
  • Maddison Nuke (Sally Field) - Lyle's mother, who stood by his son's side, knowing that he didn't mean to slam the cake, in the end, apologizes for keeping the truth from Lyle!
  • Ariel Nuke (Gwyneth Paltrow) -Lyle's wife, in the end, kisses Lyle to give him good luck!
  • Nikki Nuke (Megan Fox) - Lyle's daughter, in the end, goes to College with Troy!
  • Troy Nuke (Taylor Laughtner) - Lyle's son, in the end, goes to College with Nikki!
  • Randel Savage (Stephen Lang) - the main antagonist, a terrorist who kidnaps Nikki so he could get revenge on Dorian, he may have history with the Nuke Family, it is revealed that he knew Dorian since the Vietnam War, in the end, Gets arrested by the Canadian Mounties!
  • Orson Crawl (Mickey Rourke) - the secondary antagonist, Randel's right-hand man and a womanizer, in the end, gets killed by a Kodiak Bear!