No More is the season three premiere of The Spectacular Spider-Man.



Things couldn't be worse for Peter Parker! He's lost Gwen, Liz, and even Black Cat, Harry's father has died (which Harry blames Spider-Man for), Dr. Conners has moved away, the public starts listening to J. Jonah Jameson's claims that Spider-Man is a menace, and to make matters worse, recently Peter's Aunt May became ill (which are causing Peter's grades to decline). Things couldn't be worse!


Peter realizes his problems are all Spider-Man's fault. He throws his suit in a nearby trash can, and promises himself to be "SPIDER-MAN NO MORE!". A day later, a young child finds the suit, and realizes Spider-Man must have quit. He takes the costume to J. Jonah Jameson who becomes incredibly excited. However, the child becomes disappointed when all Jameson offers is a free copy of his newspaper. Later that day, Peter learns the ones he loved ones he quit being Spider-Man for, no longer need him. Aunt May recovers from her illness, Gwen admits to Harry she is not interested in him, Dr. Warren (who replaced Dr. Conners) turns about to be nicer than expected, Peter's grades go back up, Flash and Peter become friends, and J. Jonah Jameson becomes more generous at the joy of Spider-Man's retirement. Things couldn't be better! However, with an outbreak of crime, Peter is forced to break the promise he made to himself. He gets back his suit, and realizes no matter what, he will always be Spider-Man. However, after J. Jonah Jameson learns Spider-Man is back and has stolen his costume back, he become furious! He hires a former Oscorp employe: Mac Gargan who quit his job after Osborn's death, and a doctor and former partner of Adrienne Toomes: Farley Stillwell who, although quit his partnership with Toomes after he turned to a life of crime, but still remained a doctor. The final scene in the episode shows the Scorpion suit.


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