Ninja Turtles: The Series is an animated series based off of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, where it will be likened to the 2014 reboot. The Series will stay true the Franchise's Source Material, but will also share various themes from previous incarnations.



Cast and charactersEdit


  • Matthew Mercer as Leonardo: the leader of the Turtles. A wise, noble, just, honorable, and loyal soul. Wears a samurai-helmet, wooden chest armour, a samurai-skirt, samurai-greaves, samurai-pauldrons, a blue bandana, a quiver, and a belt. A faded scar runs from the right side of his forehead to his right cheek. He wields a katana sword, a wakazashi sword, a yuri spear, a longbow and arrows, shurikens, kunais, and a tanto dagger.
  • Dante Basco as Raphael, the rebel of the turtles. Cocky, hot-headed, and grumpy..... yet just and bold. Wears a red bandana, a suplass helmet, a bandolier with pouches on, pauldrons, greaves, and a tan neckerchief. He wields two sais, two tekko-gagis, a trident, a machete, two flamethrowers, a tanto dagger, shurikens, kunais, and grenades.
  • Jason Spisak as Donatello, the scientific genius of the group. Specializes on robotics, cybernetics, physics, biology, genetic engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, artificial intelligence, metallurgy, and other subjects of science and history. Wears a purple bandana, a pith helmet with goggles, a baldric, and a belt with tool-kit on. He wields a bo-staff, a naginata spear, a crossbow, two tomahawks, shurikens, kunais, and a tanto dagger.
  • Zach Tyler as Michelangelo, the comic relief of the turtles. A comic-geek and comedian. A trickster and sweetie. Provides comedy with jokes and accidents. Wears an orange bandana, shades, a gold pendant, a tan hoody tied around the middle, multicoloured surfer-shorts, and a belt. Wields two nunchakus, a kusarigama, two kamas, a sling, kunais, shurikens, smoke-bombs, and a tanto dagger. 
  • George Takei as Master Splitner, a human-sensei who was altered to a muto-rodent. The mentor and dad-figure of the gang. Wise, benevolent, valiant, jolly, jut, honorable, and true. Top hair done to a chomage. Wears a conical bamboo-helmet and a maroon robe as well as glasses. Wields a cane-sword, a longbow and arrows, a bo-staff, two nunchuks, a tanto dagger, shurikens, and kunais.
  • Colleen O'Shaugnessey as April O'Neil, a teenage detective........ the gang's first human-ally. Feisty, benevolent, loyal, jolly, cheeky, wise, stubborn, and true. A ginger-head with her hair cut short. Wears a cropped dark-teal t-shirt exposing the naval , a maroon leather-jacket, a bandolier with knife-holsters, a camoflauged scrim-scarf, a conical baseball-cap with goggles, khaki shorts, a belt with pouches, pauldrons, greaves, and brown boots, she wore a Golden Bikini in "Beauty is a Beast" solving a mutant event in a Beauty Pageant. A genious with science. A talented martial artists. Capabel of psychic powers due to spiritual ways. Wields a tessan fan, a wakazashi sword, a bo staff, a yuri spear, a longbow and arrows, two bunrais, two sais, two nunchuks, shurikens, kunais she wears on her bandoleir, and a tanto dagger.
  • Josh Keaton as Casey Jones, April's boyfriend. A rash and hotheaded but just and noble vigilante who is a good bud to the turtles. A comedian and a warrior. Wears a hockey-mask, a bandolier with pouches, a pair of pauldrons, greaves, a brown leather-vest, a tan shirt, roller-boots with wheels, and a crimson neckerchief. Wields a hockey-stick, a cricket-club, a golf-club, a tennis-racket, a chain, a taser, bombs, and a machete.
  • Scott McNeil as Leatherhead, a muto-croc who'd been raised by Utroms from youth. Super-powerful, but also a scientific genius. Benevolent, gruff, loyal, just, honorable, loyal, caring and wise. Wears a pale lab-coat, a bandoleir, glasse, an a belt. Wields a sonic-blaster, a tetsuba club, a tanto dagger, bombs, and a machete.
  • Fred Tatasciore as Zog, a Triceraton-sergeant who got stranded on Earth and befriends the lot after they saved his life. Noble, honourable, just, brave, jolly, self-conscious, and true. Wields a laser-rifle, a laser-pistol, a machete, a halberd, bombs, and a dagger. Got promoted to sergeant and then to lieutenant by Trackimus.
  • Grey DiLisle as Karai, Splinter's daughter who was taken by the Shredder during when she was a baby. Deceived to follow the Foot.... until she learned the truth and joined the gang. Durign a lab-accident by Stockman, she got merged with the DNA of some snakes.... a spitting cobra, an anaconda, a black mamba, and a king cobra................ and got venomous teeth as well as the ability to form arms to snake heads and the body to snake-coils. Vicious..... but honorable, just, loyal, noble, jolly, and true. Very close with Leonardo. Has a sisterly bond with April who as the one who helped her spot the truth and also their to help her control her snake-powers. Her hair dyed black with crimson stripes. Wears a black leather-jacket, a purple choker, a maroon tank-top, a bandolier with darts, a belt, navy jeans, pauldrons, greaves, a conical bamboo-helmet, and brown boots. Wields a shikomizue sword, a double-bladed spear, a kusarigama, two bunrais,  two tekko-gagis, a tanto dagger, a longbow and arrows, shurikens, a blowgun with darts, and kunais.
  • Lara Jill Miller as Irma Langstien, April's friend from high school. First became aware of the mutants when Leatherhead saved her form some Foot-Bots.... and she earned their trust by saving Leatherhead. Quirky, feisty, resourceful, plucky, kind, jolly, loyal, and true. Her hair brown and done to a bun. Wears glasses, a black tank-top, a tartan skirt over navy shorts, a crimson choker, a bandoleer, a belt, pauldrons, greaves, and khaki boots. Talented with martial arts. Wields two tonfas, a jo-staff, two nunchuks, two electro-gauntlets, a wakazashi sword, a crossbow, bolas, two kunais, shurikens, a tanto knife, and kunais.
  • Jessie Flower as Angel, Casey Jone's neighbour and sister-figure. Was lured to join the Purple Dragons as part of Hun's plan to lure Casey to his doom. But the turtles an April showe her the Purple Dragon's true colours and she joined them, helping to foil the rogue's plan and saving her brotherly figure. She became a loyl ally to the team. Was suprised to meet the Trutles who shr'd assuemd a myth made by thugs to switch the blame off themselves... but managed to bond well with them, espeiclaly Raph. Her hair dyed purple and orange and doe to a ponytail. Feisty and hot-headed and rash... but resoruceful, kind, loyal, and joolly. A capable pick-pocketeer and lokc-breker. Wears a black leather-vest, a violet t-shirt, a bandoleir with darts, a jade neckerheif, pauldrons greave, camoflauge trouers, brown boots, and a scarlet-and-grey baseball-cap. Knows martial arts. Wields a chain-whip, a tanto-dagger, two bunrais, a yuri spear, a triple-stff, a blowgun, a longbow and arrows, kunais, and shurikens. A talented harmonica-player.
  • Tifanie Christun as Mona Lisa, a human altered to a mutant lizard and Raphael's girlfriend. Feisty, benevolent, loyal, heroic, stubborn, gruff, loyal, jolly, and true. Brunette with a ponytail. Wears a black tank-top, a purple leather vest, a bandolier, tan shrots, and brown boots. Wields a laser-pistol, a plasma-rifle, bombs, two sais, a machete, a double-bladed sword, a trident, kunais, shurikens, and a tanto dagger.

Allies Edit

  • Matt Smith as Professor Honeycut/Fugitoid, the result of a humanoid scientist's brain being transplanted to a cybernetic body. He'd been on the run from Zanramon for refusing to make him weapons.. and now dwells on Earth. Eccentric, brave, loyal, kind, jolly, just, and honorable. Wield a machete, two sonic-blasters, bolas, and smoke-bombs.
  • Gary Chalk as Trackimus, the leader of the Triceraton-Rebels. Wise, beneovlent, heroic, honorable, jolly, loyal, and true. Respects the Turtles for their nobility, and also respects their human allies for their power within too... viewing each as Triceratons by spirit. Has a scar near one eye done by Zonramon for refusing to murder innocent people. Eventually defeats Zanramon, overthrow him, and becoems the President of the Triceratons. Wields two swords which can be combined to a double-bladed sword, a grenade-launcher, a laser-chaingun, a mace, a tomahawk, a dagger, bombs, and a plasma-pistol.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Monzoram, Tracimus's second-in-command. Wise, noble, just, loyal, jolly, and true. Wields a double-bladed spear, two machetes, a laser-shotgun, a laser-pistol, two maces, and bombs.
  • Brian Bloom as Ublam, Tracimus's third-in-command. Wise, noble, just, loyal, jolly and true. Wields a trident, a sword, a shield, a sickle, a hammer, a laser-rifle, a laser-pistol, a machete, and bombs.
  • Paul Saint Peter as Micco, Trackimus's fourth-in-command. Wise, noble, loyal, just, honorable and jolly. Wields a triple-staff, a double-bladed sword, a flail, a laser-shotgun, bombs, and a laser-pistol
  • Kary Phayton as Damaz, one of Trackimus's followers. Dumb and rash but noble, loyal and true. Wields a kusarigama. a truncheon, a mace, a rocket-launcher, a laser-rifle, a laser-pistol, and bombs.
  • Greg Cipes as Usagii, a rabbit-samurai from a parallel world. Wise, noble, kind, honorable, loyal and jolly. A close pal to Leonardo himself. Wears samurai-armor. Wields a katana sword, a wakazashi sword, a yrui spear, a blongbow and arrows, a tessan fan, a truncheon, and a tanto dagger.
  • David Zen Mansley as Gen, a rhino-warrior and bounty hunter from Usagi's world. Greedy, pig-headed, rash, grumpy, and cocky but just, well-meaning and loyal. Wears armor. His horn missing the end. His eyes squinted. He wields a wakazashi sword, a yuri spear, a longbow and arrows, bombs, two sais, two tekko-gagis, a truncheon, and a tanto dagger.
  • Cam Clarke as Captain Mortu, an Utrom-officer as well as Leatherhead's dad-figure. Benevolent, wise, noble, honorable, loyal, and jolly. He travels within a robo-suit disguised as a human with a suit and which wields a laser-pistol, a laser-rifle, a wakazashi sword, a kusarigama, two sais, two tekko-gagis, a tanto dagger, a longbow and arrows, and a double-bladed spear.
  • Nolan North as Bishop, an Utrom-agent and Leatherhead's uncle figure. Benevolent, wise, noble, honourable, loyal and jolly. He travels within a robo-suit disguised as a human with a suit and which wields a laser-pistol, a laser-rife, a wakazashi sword, a chain-whip, two sais, two tekko-gagis, a tanto-dagger, a crossbow, and a yuri spear.
  • Veronica Taylor as Renet, a Time-Sorceress and Mikey's girlfriend. Benevolent, feisty, loyal, quirky, eccentric jolly, hones, and true. Wears the same outfit form 2012 series... only with a bandolier as well as a rainbow scarf. Wields the Time-Scepter, a jian sword, two energy-knuckles, a blowgun, a laser-pistol, two nunchuks, a tessan fan, and a boomerang.
  • Keone Yong as Admiral Mozar, supreme commander of the Imperial Triceraton Fleet. Once misguided to serve the Emperor before he saw his true colors during the Earth invasion and changed sides.. helping to overthrow Zanramon and follows Trackimus when he becomes president. Firm but fair. Scarred on the face. Has a prospectic hand, a prospetic beak, a prospetic eye, and a prospetic foot. Wields a plasma-rifle, a sword, a laser-pistol, a mace, bombs, and a double-bladed spear. 
  • David Spade as Coz Sid, Casey's coz. A gambler and prankster and con-artist. Became an ally to the lot after they saved him from Purpel Dragons he owed money to. Wears a brown leather-jacket, a tan shirt, navy trousers, a bandolier with pouches, and tan boots. Wields a sonic-blaster, bombs, a chain, and knuckle0dsutrs. Provides comedy. Similar to Johnny from the Mummy.
  • Vanessa Marshall as Future April O'Neil, April's adult self who time-travels and helps them to defeat Lord Dregg. Leader of Earth Defense Force. Benevolent, loyal, jolly, brave, wise, and just. Durign her early thirties. Has a prospetic hand. Wears a cowl, a bandolier, a black leather trench-coat, a pith-helmet, a crimson tank-top, a green scrim-scarf, camouflage trousers, a belt with bomb pouches, and brown boots. Wields the same weapons as her younger self as well as a laser-pistol, a plasma-shotgun, bombs, and two energy-knuckles.
  • Jim Cummings - Simon Bonesteel


  • Keith Szrabajka as Oroku Saki/The Shredder, leader of the Foot and Splinter's arch-enemy. Wears armor similar to samurai-armor along with a black cape. Wields two tekko-gagis, a wakazashi sword, two sais, a triple-staff, a trident, kunais, a tanto dagger, a kusarigama, two bunrais, a machete, and shurikens.
  • Dierach Bader as Tiger Claw, the Shredder's second-in-command. A human-assassin who got injected with the DNA of a Bengal tiger.... turning him into a humanoid tiger. His tail cut off by Mona Lisa. Wears a bandolier with laser-ammo, a brown vest, a black leather trench-coat with Napoleonic epaulettes,, a blue shirt, a crimson neckerchief, a pith helmet, brown trousers, spurs, and brown boots. Wields a scimitar sword, a guandao spear, a laser-rifle, two plasma-pistols, a machete, a tanto dagger, a boomerang, a crossbow, and bolas.
  • Clancy Brown as Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady, the Shredder's third-in-command. A Russian gang-leader and weapons-dealer who got injected with the DNA of a black rhinoceros which turned him to a humanoid rhinoceros. Wears a bandolier with laser-ammo, a khaki tank-top, camouflage trousers, a belt with bomb-pouches, a suplass army-helmet with googles, a black leather-jacket with Napoleonic epaullettes, grey greaves, and brown boots. Wields two knuckle-dusters, a war-hammer, a war-sickle, a laser-chaingun, a laser-rifle, two laser-pistols, a flamethrower, grenades, a bazooka, a guandao spear, a dadao sword, a crossbow, a flanged mace, a grenade-launcher, and a machete.
  • Andrew Kishino as Bebop, Rockstready's partner and the Shredder's fourth-in-command. A Kenyan thief injected with warthog DNA which turned him to a humanoid hog. Wears a helmet with a mowahawk capable of firing energy-blasts, a bandolier with laser-ammo, a purple leather-vest, camoflauge trousers, a belt with bomb-pouches, navy boots, and shades. Wields two gauntlet-blasters, a laser-rifle, two laser-pistols, a machete, a chain-whip, a zulu-spear, grenades, a tomahawk, a longbow and arrows, and a tanto dagger.
  • Travis Willingham as Chris Bradford/Dogpound, another of the Shredder's commanding ring. A Japanese thug injected with the DNA of an akita which turned him to a humanoid dog. Wears a tan tank-top, a bandolier with laser-ammo, grey pauldrons, grey greaves, purple trousers, and brown boots as well as a conical bamboo-helmet. Wields two tekko-gagis, a wakazashi sword, a tatsubo club, a double-bladed spear, a kusarigama, a longbow and arrows, two sais, a grenade-launcher, a laser-shotgun, and a plasma-pistol.
  • Steven Blum as Mr.Xever/Fishface, another of the Shredder's commanding ring. A South American thief who got injected with the DNA of an anglerfish which transformed him to a humanoid fish. Due to the mutancy, he requires cybernetic legs to walk and a scuba-tank to breath liquids. Wields two butterfly-swords, a palisword, two laser-pistols, a laser-shotgun, a blowgun and darts, two kunais, a snake-spear, kunais, shurikens, and a machete.
  • Isaac Singleton Jr. - Dr.  Stockman, the Shredder's scientific officer who got turned to a humanoid housefly. Wears a pale lab-coat, a bandolier, a black sweater, a pale shirt, a crimson ascot-tire, tan trousers, and brown bots. Wields a sonic-blaster and a machete. Can spit acid.
  • Charlie Adler as Kraang, a treacherous Utrom who plans to conquer and destroy. Uses a robo-suit with a double-bladed electro-spear, two vibro-swords, a plasma-cannon, and bombs.
  • James Arnold Taylor as Doctor Falco/The Rat King, a mad scientist who was Rockwell's colleague..... altered by chemicals to a psychic who controls rodents. Wears a cowl, a black leather trench-coat, a grey shirt, and tan trousers. Wields a basket-hilted sword, a laser-pistol, a machete, and shurikens.
  • David Kaye as Zanramon, the iron-fisted and maniacal Triceraton-Emperor who plans universal conquest. Wears a black robe, a gold crown, a bandolier with laser-ammo, gold paulrons, and gold greaves. Wields a laser-rifle, a laser-pistol, a sword, a mace, and an electro-gauntlet.
  • Hugo Weaving as Eric Sachs, a crime-boss
  • Lance Hendriksen - Slash
  • Tim Curry as Savanti, a rogue time-warlock who seeks to become the God of Time.
  • Charlie Adler as Lord Dregg, a bug-themed crime-boss from another planet. Wears armour with gauntlet-blasters, shoulder-mounted rocket-launchers, and a double-bladed energon-sword.
  • Steven Blum as King Komodo
  • Kieth Silverstein as Kiar'al: a M'arrillian Chieftain who comes from the 2003 TMNT verse after their Michaelangelo accidentaly used Donnetelo's new device on the television just for him to be in perim and be a creature there but instead of being in perim the creatures' of perim enter there world with the M'arrillians stealing Donnie's Dimension Gate let them, Kiar'al possess a Steel hard coral sword, Razor sharp claw's, stinging tentecales and Spiked Kha'rall shield.
    • Amber Lee conners as
    • Daman Hills as
    • Tyson Rinehart as
    • Micheele Knotz as