Monster Hunters: Chronicles is an amine series based on the same name by Capcom.




  • Kayden Drake (Joshua Seth): Kayden was the student of the well known Greylee, a Seal Hunter that used the Great Sword. His weapon is an insect Glaive
  • Aelia (): She
  • Ferris Jones (Ben Disken):
  • Maya (Lisa Ortiz): A female huntress wearing Wroggi armor and wields a Light Bowgun and a Wroggi Sword.
  • Cha-Cha (Tara Strong):
  • Kayamba (Dee Bradley Baker):
  • The Caravan Crew
    • Ace Gunner: He is the caravaneer and the leader of the crew


  • Heraklius (): The Main Antagonist
    • Gore Magala

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Prof. Igor Kristonoff (Kirk Thorton)
  • Magnus Keel ():
  • Junastius Krein:

Major Monster CharactersEdit

  • Gore Magala: The true main antagonist


List of Monster Hunter: Chronicle's Creatures


Season 1Edit

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