If there was to be a minecraft movie (Which they are making! But this one I am talking about is fake.) , I would like it to be called The Stoneblade. Here's the info in it:


A simple blacksmith apprentice called Pix works with grandpa and is paid by their boss, owner of the Family shop. The boss is Grandpa's best friend, so he gets paid extra. One day, Grandpa asks Pix to make the first ever Emerald Sword. Hours later, Pix finishes the sword, but an assasin has found a way into tthe Family shop and has murdered the boss. The assasin asks for the "Stoneblade". Pix says he never heard of it, and the assasin readies his bow for attack. Then, his grandpa throws a soup bowl at the assasin. The assasin is angered, and he kills Grandpa. The assasin escapes in anger that he had not retrieved the Stoneblade. Pix mourns the losses and escapes the shop. The shop begins to burn in flames because of the assasin dropping a stick of TNT nearby. Pix wanders the forest and stumbles into a Tree Pig, a wooden mechanical pig. The pig has not been winded up in a long time, Pix winds the wooden mob and the Pig chooses to follow Pix wherever he went. Together, they discovered an abandoned village...attacked by Herobrine, the one that hired the assasin to find the Stoneblade.


Will Ferrel: Shop Boss

Johny Depp: Pix

Peter Cullen: Grandpa

Frank Weler: Herobrine

Liam Neeson: Assasasin

Morgan Freeman: Villagers

(Unknown actors and characters0

Movie Type:

Computer Animation

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