Going through every heroic day, Megamind is abit down that he hasn't seen his parents at all, and wondered what the last part his birth-father was saying. But when he sees a past coming back with a dark blue black hole, Megamind must unlock secrets to his past and find out about the destruction of Glaupunk Quadrant on his and Metroman's worlds.

Premieres 1 january 2017Edit


  • Megamind (Will Ferrell) - wonders what the last part his father was saying, he realizes that he was destined for greatness and his birth name was K'Litch, in the end, makes his Father's legacy rememberable!
  • Minion (David Cross) - wonders the same thing Megamind is wondering, in the end, sees a female version of him!
  • Roxanne Ritchie (Tina Fey) - Megamind's girl, was absorbed into the dark blue black hole, in the end, goes to France with Megamind for a date!
  • Wayne Scott/Metroman (Brad Pitt) - wonders the same thing Megamind is wondering, and that his birth name was Virtue, he and Megamind realized that they live on the same planet, Glaupunk Quadrant, in the end, apologizes for his arrogance!
  • Whitney Malnew-Scott (Jennifer Aniston) - Metroman's wife, in the end, states she is with child!
  • Team Extra:
    • Night-Master (Dennis Quaid) - he was an old friend of Metroman, in the end, congradulates Megamind!
    • The Thrush (Daryl Sabara) - Night-Master's sidekick, in the end, Gives Megamind a medal!
    • Lady Liberty (Megan Fox) - in the end, kisses Shining Star!
    • Shinning Starr (Townsend Coleman) - in the end, reveals the cause of the vortex, which was Galadonia's ring!
    • S.P.E.E.D. (Jim Meskimen) - in the end, saves Roxanne from falling!
    • Marine-Avenger (Rick D. Wasserman) - in the end, rivals with Shinning Star in a race!
  • K'ling and Giritia (Jessica Benia and Justin Theroux) - Megamind's late parents, when Megamind asks holographic versions of them what kind of greatness was he destined for, they told him it was to do great things!
  • Arrogance and Peace (David Warner and Charlotte Ray) - Metroman's late parents, they were inhabitants of Glaupunk Quadrant with K'Ling and Giritia
  • Lord Galadonia (Tom Hiddleston) - the main antagonist, and the leader of the third Glaupunk Quadrant, he was vain and deceitful, he hated both Megamind and Metroman's parents, so he created a black hole to kill them and destroy their planets, 25 years later, he resurfaced and summoned a blue black hole to absorb the humans into death, his goal is to abosorb life, in the end, was absorbed by the core and was obliterated!

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