Max Steel 2013 Go Dark! is the third season of Max Steel.


While fighting Makino's Ultralink Empire, Maxwell McGrath and Steel/Max Steel meet their most dangerous enemy yet, Dark Titan!

Dark TitanEdit

  • Origins
    • A kid named Darnel came in contract with some meteor that contained the Anti-T.U.R.B.O Energy. That killed his parents. Then he was found and taken by N-Tek. Then he was kept by them. But then years later, an Ultralink named Titan, was found, and was a very rare Ultralink. He could control the Anti-T.U.R.B.O Energy, and then they Ultralinked into a single person. But they were evil and they became an enemy of the world and N-Tek. From there on, they were known as Dark Titan.
  • Darnel Anthony Robert Kingston
    • Darnel is a teenager who goes with Maxwell McGrath to Copper Canyon High School. Like Max, he can generate T.U.R.B.O Energy, but a dark one called Anti-T.U.R.B.O Energy. He also has Turbo Modes, but he has negative Turbo Modes. Darnel has an Ultralink named Titan, who is also evil like Darnel. When he arrives at Copper Canyon High School, he acts friendly to everyone but in truth he came to keep an eye on Max and Steel since he discovered their secret Identity. He flirts with Sydney who shows signs that she is interested, he battles with Butch and his cronies but he beats them without even using his hands.
  • Z'Tora AnnTitan Z933
    • He is Steel's twin and a rogue Ultralink of Makino. It appears that the only thing keeping him alive is Darnel's Anti TURBO Energy. The two went on a rampage and destroyed N-Tek's old base. He toys with Steel's mind and has private conversations with him when Max isint around.

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