Marvel Superheroes 4D Halloween is confirmed to set in Madame Tussauds in London in October 2013.


Tom Kenny voices Spiderman

Jennifer Hale voices Ms. Marvel

Steve Blum voices Wolverine

Brian Bloom voices Captain America

Fred Tatasciore voices Hulk

Eric Loomis voices Ironman

Rick D. Wasserman voices Thor

Paul Dobson voices Dr. Doom

Troy Baker voices Loki

Drake Bell Voices Spider-ham


Spiderman enters the gates, to the Mansion, the first hero who made it to the halloween party, Spiderman is confronted by Dr. Doom who answers the door surprises Spiderman, Loki shows up, Transforms Spiderman into Spider-ham, Dr. Doom and Loki bring Spider-ham in the Mansion, while Dr. Doom and Loki prepare to start an BQ on Spider-ham, Thor breaks into the Mansion, Saving Spider-ham, Dr. Doom sends the Bots to Revive Spider-Ham, Captain America and Ironman appear to help Thor Protect Spider-Ham, The Bots close in, half were destroy by the Hulk who appears also, Thor hands Spider-ham to Captain Amerca, Hulk and Ironman destroy most of the Bots, Captain America hands Spider-ham to Ironman, Wolverine shows up in time, killing few of the bots, Wolverine leaps to get Spider-ham from Captain Amerca, then Wolverine joke likes the Taste of Spider-ham, this leads Ironman taking Spider-ham from Wolverine and give Spider-ham to the Hulk, After killing the rest of the Bots, Loki shows up with the Frost Giants, Hulk anger smashes them, unaware Spider-ham was still in the Hulk's hands, causing Spider-ham was thrown out of Hulk's hands, Dr. Doom was confronted by Ironman & Wolverine, bought Dr. Doom to the brawl, Spider-ham is saved by Ms. Marvel who caughts him before his drop, Ms. Marvel keeps Spider-ham in her arms for safely. after defeating the Frost Giants, Dr. Doom and Loki are placed in Custody by the Heroes, back at the Mansion, Spider-ham is still in Ms. Marvel's Arms. Thor forces handcuffed Loki to transform Spider-ham back to Spiderman, which succeeds, Ms. Marvel let go of Spiderman, Spiderman heads in the Mansion, followed by the Heroes, at the Party Hulk smashes the table.


  • Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman, Wolverine, Hulk, Ms. Marvel & Dr. Doom return from Marvel Super Heroes 4D in Madame Tussauds London, their same appearances return as well.
  • This is the Marvel 4D Halloween Movie Special.
  • Spiderman hates being an Pig, known as Spider-ham.
  • This is the Same Mansion from Marvel Superheroes 4D Madame Tussauds, but it takes place in night time.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Wolverine wanted to eat Spider-ham but was joking, but Ironman toke Spider-ham from Wolverine because Spider-ham is not food.  
  • When Spider-ham was saved by Ms. Marvel, she refuses to release Spider-ham (who was begging Ms. Marvel to put him down, but she refuses to) from her Arms until Spider-ham was transformed back to Spiderman.
  • Hulk was not very careful with Spider-ham, even during fight Frost Giants.
  • Spider-ham's first appearance

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