Based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and others learn from Spider-Man that the Electro he fought was a Skrull, and realized there is a Skrull invasion.



  • Captain America (Chris Evans)
  • Thor (Chris Hemsworth)
  • Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.)
  • Spider-Man (Jason Marsden)
  • Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)


  • Carnage (Charlie Schlatter) - Boss 1
  • Ronan the Accuser (John DiMaggio) - Boss 2
  • Hyperion (George Newbern) - Boss 3
  • M.O.D.O.K. (Corey Burton) - Boss 4
  • Mad Thinker (Maurice LaMarche) - Boss 5
  • Galactus (David Kaye) - Boss 6
  • Super-Skrull (Manu Bennett) - boss 7


  • Max Dillion/ Electro (Crispin Glover)
  • Ben Grimm/ The Thing (Clancy Brown)
  • Black Widow (Vanessa Marshall)
  • Sabretooth (Travis Willingham)
  • Firestar
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Odin (Corey Burton)
  • Dr. Octopus (Corey Burton)



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