When a teen in a red atheletic outfit, as he was attacked by nanomites which led 15 holes in his body, as he was cloned in the process, to make a born killer, but when he suspects his original counterpart in a containment unit, he escapes and tries to find the man who took his life.


???, 2014


  • Mansel Jordon (Andrew Garfield) - the teen who had 15 blood holes in his body from the nanomites, and woken up from his coma, to find the man responsible for cloning him, he falls in love with Briana, the girl he came across the street before he got cloned, in the end, Is healed and lives his life!
  • Briana Wincot (Emma Stone) - the girl who the original Mansel came across the street, she aids him into finding the man responsible for cloning him, in the end, spends her time with Mansel
  • Mansel II (Andrew Garfield) - the clone of the original Mansel, as he becomes a big time assassin, replacing Mansel, and gaining a lover, Veruca, he is shocked to learn that he was the clone, and realized he was only created, in the end, kills Dr. Philonias Yocara!
  • Veruca Clement (Sienna Miller) - Mansel II's lover, in the end, dates Mansel II in Ireland as a couple!
  • Dr. Philonias Yocara (Ben Kingsley) - the main antagonist, has the same tone as Mandarin from Iron Man 3, he had his hit man find Smaug, kidnap him, clone him in order to make a full time assassin, and gain a profit from the Government, in the end, is killed by Mansel II by his own torture device!
  • Smaug Wendol (Ray Stevenson) - the secondary antagonist and Yocara's hit man, has the same tone as Firefly from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, he used nanomites to dig through Mansel's body for a clone, he later became jealous of the clone, because of his assassination ways, in the end, falls into s pit of mutated Crocs!



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