1. Details. The Man of Steel 2 is a movie that be released on July 6, 2016. Superheroes are two that come together to defeat a fearsome villain called doomsday (dwayne johnson) who will ally lex luthor (jesse eisenberg) The evil genius nemesis of Superman, who will be the brain behind the doomsday force, an alien who comes to destroy the planet earth to rule and apart defeat superman, but superman (nenry cavill) and batman (ben affleck), shall not be alone on their way they crossed a goddess of the Amazons called Wonder / diana prince (Gal Gadot) female, and a very intelligent robot called cyborg/victor stone (ray fisher).

2. Argument.

Three years after the event with zod, superman / clark kent (henry cavill) and was adopted to planet earth and became a superhero who fought crime when a meteorite falls which lex luthor and company will invetigar, they take the laboratory before the army arrives, and investigate when the ship leaves an alien who makes a deal to defeat superman. Meanwhile bruce wayne asked the army to capture a superman, but this time it was with planning and batman would help. Batman confronts Superman, while doomsday ago destruction in the city, but the wonder / diana prince woman (Gal Gadot, who this film will be an employee of enterprises wayne) and cyborg / victor stone (ray fisher, an experiment echo by army) face on, but doomsday would come out winning. After Superman realizes the destruction and leave the fight to face doomsday superman, would be a fight that superman would lose, because of kryptonite when it appears on your batman Batmobile firing projectiles at doomsday, Wonder Woman after the hits, and cyborg dsiapar ammunition, and then manages to knock batman kryptonite, after doomsday faces 4 superheroes, but the loser and sent to area 51 would come out. already spent time superman batman asks if you would like to be part of equipment like a cyborg and Wonder Woman. Batman would accept only on condition of preserving their identity.

Three. Cameos / References. -Before the end of the movie lex luthor would appear in his armor ready. On the scene post- credits Darkseid would appear realizing that doomsday was defeated, and would declare war on planet earth. -In a scene goes a book of mythology where lex luthor superman investagation, there on one of the pages would appear aquaman name. Clark kent-as does an interview to a cop bruce wayne black glasses with which it appears a man called john who would jonnz jonn the Martian detective changed identity. - When fighting superman with batman, batman fakes his weakness and he mentioned 'remember me as the one who defeated' classic phrase that appears in the comics.

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