In the 1940's, Bradley Garth witnesses an event happening when a young inventor makes bubbles from the ocean, which a mermaid named Jasmine is not fond with.


September 20, 2013


  • Bradley Garth (Tom Cruise) - in the end, gets into going to Atlantis with Jasmine, and lives there!
  • Jasmine (Ellen Page) - the mermaid, in the end, takes Bradley to Atlantis!
  • Corneilius Lanny (Ed Helms) - the young inventor, in the end, befriends with Bradley and Jasmine, have a place in Atlantis!
  • Smokewood Jones (Jon Bernthal) - the gangster, who wants the bubble accessories, in the end, gives up being a Gangster, and has a place in Atlantis!
  • Joesph Morse (Dan Aykroyd) - Corneilius's boss who needs him to build the bubble accessories, in the end, retires and gains a place in Atlantis to invent them transbubbles!
  • Pearl (Julia Roberts) - Jasmine's mother from the sea, in the end, allows them to be in Atlantis!
  • Captunass (Hank Azaria) - main antagonist, and hires Smokewood to do his evil work to kidnaps Jasmine! in the end, imprisoned with the Leviathan until he changes his ways!



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