From the producer of Sydney White, Edith is just a girl with moving hair, but when her uncle Roderick and aunt Mellissa cut it up, it ends up returning, and when her sister, Katrina is trying to date up with Colin Mace, Roderick and Mellissa forbid her into doing so as well. So they lend a escape out of the house so they can live new lives.


March 23, 2012


  • Edith Richards (Brooklyn Decker) - in the end, is free to let her hair grow out!
  • Katrina Richards (Ellen Page) - Edith's sister, in the end, finally marries Colin!
  • Colin Mace (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - Katrina's crush, in the end, Marries Katrina!
  • Roderick Richards (Richard Griffiths) - Edith and Katrina's uncle, main antagonist who wants control of the children!, in the end, Is Punched by Tyson, and was later locked up by orders of Neil Mace!
  • Mellissa Richards (Fiona Shaw) - Edith and Katrina's aunt, second antagonist!, in the end, get Berated and also locked up!
  • Chanticleer MacBean (George Lopez) - Colin's butler, in the end, gets his salary, and is honored by the Mace's!
  • Debbie Mace (Julia Roberts) - Colin's mother - in the end, Alows Katrina to be part of the family!
  • Neil Mace (Thomas Hayden Church) - Colin's father, in the end, orders Roderick and Mellissa's arest!
  • Marina Richards (Sarah Jessica Parker) - Edith and Katrina's mother, who berate Mellissa for cuting Her Daughter's hair!, in the end, She brushes Edith's hair!
  • Tyson Richards (Patrick Dempsey) - Edith and Katrina's father, punches Roderick's face for lying to their daughters about their deaths!, in the end, Disowns Roderick, and lets Colin Marry his Daugher!
  • Bruce Creed (Ryan Kelley) - Edith's love interest, in the end, tells poetry to Edith!
  • Baba Yaga (Helena Bonham Carter) - the main antagonist of Bruce and Edith's storyline, needs Edith's hair so it can cut hair to what people want, and is aware that the hair is magic that it can de-age her and heals, in the end, tortures Roderick and Mellissa, in prison as her cellmates!
  • Bongo the Great (Nick Nolte) - the main antagonist of Colin and Katrina's storyline, turned Colin into a frog, and Katrina must change him back, in the end, Was destroyed when he fell in the Fireball!