Orson Ferris is blackmailed by his old friend, Issac Vick into killing the man who ???, but he has 2 choices: his job or his daughter.




  • Orson Ferris (Liam Neeson) - blackmailed by his old friend, Issac, in the end, is enjoying some pies.
  • Susan Ferris (Tracy Spiridakos) - her bond with her father is one of the main focuses, Orson even teaches her how to ride a bike, in the end, is seen making pies for her father and Sterns.
  • Chief Edmund Sterns(Samuel L. Jackson) - the chief of police, who questions Orson, in the end, arrested Vick, and enjoys some pie from Susan.
  • Issac Vick (Eric Roberts) - the main antagonist, wants Orson to kill Raymond for humiliating him, and exposing his drug deal, in the end, was arrested by Sterns.
  • Jorgon Toomes (Woody Harrelson) - the secondary antagonist and Vick's right-hand man, who enjoys hatred towards Orson, in the end, ends up exploded in the Bank.
  • Raymond (Sean Kingston) - the man Vick wants dead for exposing his drug deal, in the end, thanks Orson for saving his life.
  • Lyle Price (Eddie Redmayne) - Susan's boyfriend, in the end, was killed by Toomes.



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