madagascar 4 3 new heroes is the eighth installment of the madagascar film series they will return to africa they will encounter an aggresive black rhino army


david schwimer as melman the main protagonist

and tritagonist

ben stiller as alex the deuteragonist

jessica chastain as gia

jada pinkett smith as gloria the secondary tritagonist

chris rock as marty

bryan cranston as vitaly

hugo weaving as sharp horn a black rhinoceros the main antagonist

josh keaton as spyro the purple dragon from skylands one of the three new heroes

john dimaggio as wash buckler a mermasquid from skylands one of the three new heroes (a swappable skylander) and rico

snap shot voice unknown one of the three new heroes (a trap master)

sacha baron cohen as king julien xlll no longer king

frank welker as sonya heyenas manu and maya and t-rex

frances mcdormand as dubois the secondary antagonist on sharp horns side to destroy alex and zuba

bernie mac as zuba alekays father and black rhinos

sherri sheherd as florrie alekays mother

martin short as stefano

angelina jolie as cabelle a southern white rhinoceros the third antagonist sharp horns wife although they are different species of rhinoceros and melmans mother from the bronx zoo melmans father passed away

cedric the entertainer as maurice

andy richter as mort

tom mcgrath as skipper every night turns into a zombie now and used this ablitie to scare off the black rhinos

nicole sullivan as marlene an asian small clawed otter dosent go feral outside the zoo for some reason

chris miller as kowalski dorises boy friend

christopher knights as private

calista flockhart as doris a common bottlenose dolphin kowalskis love interest

skylanders unvoiced

central park zoo animals unvoiced

neil patrick haris as dr blowhole a common bottlenose dolphin not evil anymore (dorises brother)

conrad vernan as mason

phil unvoiced

dancing dogs unvoiced

paz vega as esmeralda esperanza and ernistinia

tom kenny as slime the greenland shark and stink bomb the skunk

michael bell as nick the dromedary camel

Bill fagerbakke as ted the polar bear

steve carell as chuck the blue whale the fourth antagonist

James Patrick Stuart as joey an aggresivee red kangaroo the fith antagonist

danna Snyderas Leonard a koala the sixth antagoinist

patrick warburton as Ron the indian leopard

stephen kearin as stephen the giraffe

eric Darnell as joe the witch doctor giraffe

worlds today and preistoric animals unvoiced


jaws theme song

weapon of choice fat boy slim

everything is awesome tegan sara feat the lonely island

afro circus I like to move it david schwimmer Ben stiller chris rock and sacha baron cohen