After the events of Europe's Most Wanted, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman with the Penguins, Vitaly, Stefano, Gia, Todd, Julien, Maurice, Mort and Sonya end up in Hawaii.


May 18, 2018


  • Alex the Lion  
  • Marty the Zebra  
  • Gloria the Hippo  
  • Melman the Giraffe  
  • Vitaly the Tiger  
  • Stefano the Sea Lion  
  • Gia the Jaguar - Alex's wife.
  • Janie the lion - Alex and Gia's daughter.
  • King Julien
  • Maurice  
  • Mort
  • Mason  
  • Phil
  • Sonya
  • Skipper  
  • Kowalski  
  • Rico  
  • Private  
  • Mankuma - walrus in Hawaii, he helps Alex and others fight with General Trask. In the end he joins the Circus Zaragoza.
  • Chi-Chi - turtle in Hawaii, she is friends with Mankuma and helps the gang in battle. She later joins the Circus.
  • Giata - dolphin in Hawaii who is Chi-Chi's friend who also helps the gang fight the General. In the end, she she joins Circus Zaragoza
  • Chamberlain - parrot in Hawaii, in the end, bids aloha to the gang!
  • Corbin - hawaiian kangaroo
  • Neil - ferret in Hawaii, in the end, gets his Crackers back from King Julian!
  • Christina - a zebra in Hawaii, and Marty's love interest, in the end, follows Marty and joins to circus zaragoza.
  • Cherry Brooks - the lead hula dancer of the hula dancers
  • General Trask - the main antagonist, he is an alien  and his goal is to bring his race to their planet, in the end, gets into Roswell!

From the Creators of Shrek and PUSS in BOOTS: MADAGASCAR 4 Operation Vacation

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