Madagascar 4: Asian Getaway is the 4th installment of the Madagascar series that is set to be released on July 2016.

Alex and his friends end up in the island of Y'ami in Batanes, Philippines after a little delivery mistake caused by a deaf worker.

Previous antagonists such as Nana, Makunga and Chantel DuBois will re-appear in this movie.



Ben Stiller as Alex: the main protagonist

Chris Rock as Marty: the deuteragonist

David Schwimmer as Melman: the secondary tritagonist

Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria: the tritagonist

Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien

Cedric the Entertainer as Maurice

Andy Richter as Mort

Tom McGrath as Skipper

Chris Miller as Kowalski

John DiMaggio as Rico

Christopher Knigts as Private

Conrad Vernon as Mason (chimp)

Jessica Chastain as Gia

Martin Short as Stefano

Bryan Cranston as Vitaly

Zac Efron as Makunga: the main antagonist

Elisa Gabrielli as Nana

Frances McDormand as Chantel DuBois: the secondary antagonist

Tom McGrath as Mike

Idris Elba as Security Philppine Guard

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