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Andrew and Suzie With the Loonatics as Guardians of the Universe, and Zadavia and Optimatus as rulers of Freeling, Ace, Lexi, Duck, Slam, Tech and Rev travel to new dimensions, but when on Earth in Acmetropolis, it has become a frozen winterland, and there Hakob rules are breakouts of the police, and the public is turned against the Loonatics for not coming back that long, and a new evil has awaken. They have two new friends named Kamo and romarik on the team.




Main CharactersEdit


Heroes of Acmetropolis, and the guardians of the universe.

  • Ace Bunny (Charlie Schlatter) - according to his file being downloaded by Rupes Oberon, he was born 12/12/54, he was a stunt actor, and when he gained his abilities quit the stunt acting!, he is currently age 18 in 2772
  • Lexi Bunny (Jessica DiCicco) - according to her file being downloaded by Rupes Oberon, she was born 12/29/55, she was a runner for cherrleading, and when she gained her powers she proved to be better!, she is currently age 17 in 2772
  • Danger Duck (Jason Marsden) - according to his file being downloaded by Rupes Oberon, he was born 1/15/55, he was adopted, and when he gained his abilites actually scared the bullies away! he is currently age 17 in 2772
  • Slam Tasmanian (Kevin Michael Richardson) - according to his file being downloaded by Rupes Oberon, he was born 6/31/50, he was in a wresting match and was a one they'd hope to lose but instead got better!, he is currently age 22 in 2772
  • Tech E. Coyote (Kevin Michael Richardson) - according to his file being downloaded by Rupes Oberon, he was born 5/10/55, he was always the one who is disregarded, now is regarded thanks to his powers , he is currently age18 in 2772
  • Rev Runner (Rob Paulsen) - according to his file being downloaded by Rupes Oberon, he was born 5/20/53, he was cheated on the job, and time, and now throws his shoes away cause of his new power, he is currently age 17 in 2772
  • Kamo Iggmar (Nolan North) - A new member wearing blue, before joing the team, he was born 9/1/53, he  is training to be a soldier, and now a hero, he is currently age
  •  19 in 2772.
  • Romarik (romario letren) -A new member wearing white, before joining the team, she was born 5/10/53, she is the strongest member of the loonatics, She is currently age 18 in 2772.
  • Maddie Duck; A descendent of Melissa Duck wearing turquoise

Other CharactersEdit

  • Royal Tweetums (Jeff Bergman)
  • Zadavia (Candi Milo)
  • Optimatus (Charlie Adler)
  • Acmetropolis police officer Sandy White (Christina Applegate) - A police officer of Acmetropolis Police Department
  • Mr. Leghorn (Jeff Bennett)


  • Drake Sypher (Phil LaMarr) - Has learned to use his powers to absorb the properties of anything he touches, He was destroyed by the Shadow and drains him of his powers.
  • Agmartis Iggmar (Brad Abrell) - Kamo's father, begs his son for forgiveness.
  • Weathervane (Kaley Cuoco)
  • Time Skip (David Faustino)
  • Rupes Oberon/Keybord Man (Jason Marsden) - helped free Sypher, Weathervane and Time Skip, he snuck into the Loonatics' former headquarters to steal information about their origins, and realizes that their headquarters was built from the remains of an Alien Ship, which was previously owned by Zadavia, and that their costumes came from the matter of the energy of the meteroid!
  • Mastermind (Florence Henderson)
  • Massive (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Electro J. Fudd
  • Stoney and Bugsy
  • Ophiuchus Sam
  • Pierre Le Pew
  • Melvin
  • Steampunk ('Weird Al' Yankovic) a steam punk themed supervillain who wields not only a Steam powered electro blaster and EMP force shield but also a electromagnetic field disrupter.
  • General Deuce (Khary Payton) - forms an alliance with Weathervane, Sypher, Massive, Mastermind and Time Skip to compete against the Loonatics, he has them steal a Rift Maker to make a portal to go to Zadavia's new headquarters, which unknown to them, Deuce was used into summoning the Shadow
  • Gooboid (Dee Bradley Baker) - A Slime beast that was accidently released by Slam.
  • Iron-Bull (Michael Dorn) -  a descendent of the bull Bugs dealt with centuroes ago!
  • The Shadow (Kevin Grievoux) - one of the 2 main antagonists, he was once a being of Pure energy until was corrupted by a Blackhole, he was accidentally released by Zadavia, and corrupted Optimatus, his goal is to take over the Galaxy, and bend the balance of Nature.
  • Adolpho (Mark Hamill)
  • Red (Olivia d'Abo) - a Siren, whom is similar to Red on the Tex Avery cartoons!
  • Lupes Reeps (Ted Biaselli) - a loudmouth, antagonizing reporter, who is head of the Silly Station Show, who antagonizes the Loonatics for not coming back on Earth and sees them as animal dangers to the public, He is exposed as a Dodo/ Googoo, and was arrested for helping Iron Bull.
  • Kamo-Bot - a robot created by Mastermind to frame the real Kamo
  • Hassan the Assassin (Maurice LaMarche)
  • Otto the Odd (Dee Bradley Baker) - replaces Sypher, as they plan to take vengeance on the Loonatics.
  • Gogoagoogoo (Brendan O'Brien) - the first enemy the Loonatics fought
  • Melvin the Martian (Eric Bauza)
  • Black Velvet (Vivica A. Fox) - serves as a herald to Shadow after he rescued her
  • Android: 55 - The First creation of Zadavia until it went rogue.
  • Umpas (John DeLancie)
  • Speedy Gonzales the IIV (Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Lord Repananamus (Chris Cox) - Zadavia's rival, one of the 2 main antagonists
  • Paridox(sabrina Wilson) - Romarik evil sister
  • Dark romarik(romario letren)-Romarik evil version of herself

Quotes Edit



Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Antagonists Summary
1 Andrew and Suzie's Three Misadventures The Loonatics must stop an escaped Adolpho and Weathervane from causing another Great Flood!
2 Andrew and Suzie's Four Adventures  Red Red, a singer with powers of the Siren, can charm any man or Male Loonatic, so it's up to Lexi and a tone deaf Tech to save them!
3 Andrew and Suzie's Five Adventures Agmartis An army of cybernetic reptiles,led by Agmartis, wreaks havoc in the city. Kamo must betray his father and help the Loonatics save Acmetropolis.
4 Andrew and Suzie's Six Adventures paridox

romarik is new in town and meets the loonatics but her sister paridox cause trouble

5 Andrew and Suzie's Seven Back To Back Adventure Iron Bull The day finally arrives. Ace is taking Lexi out on a date. Ace was about to confess his feelings to her. Until, a giant anthro bull ambushes them.
6 Andrew and Suzie's Danger Birthday Adventure Sypher It's Duck's birthday and the Loonatics are going on a trip.
33 Looming Shadow, Part 1 The Shadow Zadavia confesses that She accidently released the Shadow that corupted Optimatus, and Tech admitted he cheated the Bet with Danger Duck.
34 Looming Shadow, Part 2 The Shadow They learn that the Shadow destroyed Sypher,and is now an alien leach.
35 Andrew and Suzie's Into the Dunes Adventures Hassan the Assassan Slam,romarik and Tech are placed a bounty by Pinkster, and Duck and Ace face their ancestors secrets.
36 Enter the Madness Otto the Odd Otto the Odd has caused the whole Acmetopolis to become a topsy turvy world, and Lexi and Ace are the only ones to stop him.


Dark romarik

the shadow dark romarik

The shadow splits romarik into two versions of herself
38 Mad Men General General Deuce Deuce return for revenge against the Loonatics when he mind control Agmartis's army. When the Loonatics were almost destroyed by a ambush, Agmartis saved them and ask to help and ask his son to forgive him. The Loonatics are thinking about trusting him.
39 The Origin of Loonatics Gogoagoogoo Discover the true origins of their past lives, how they became heroes, and why they were recruited by Zadavia.
40 Duck Danger's of the 29th and a half century. Melvin the Martian Tired of being treated like a fool, Danger Duck quits the Loonatics and begins a space adventure of his own, he becomes Duck Dangers, but things get worse when he must stop Melvin the Martian from blowing up earth.
41 Black Voice of the Shadow Black Velvet, The Shadow. The Shadow rescues the Black Velvet from the light, and gives her a task to Capture the Sound of Red Siren.
42 Tech,Rev,Ace,Romarik,Danger, Slam, and Lexi: All Star Story Android: 55 the gang apologizes to Duck, and Kamo is the only one who can rescue them.
43 Storm Mountain Weathervane, Massive, Otto the Odd, and Mastermind Otto the Odd replaces Sypher, and they make a mountain base and they plan to destroy the Loonatics.
44 Enter Umpas Umpas Umpas a Troll whom is collecting intergalactic beings for his personal collection, and Tech is his target.
45 Speedy Gonzales the IIV Gonzales Rev is framed by Speedy, and Tech and romarik helps clear is name even if they have to go undercover at Gonzales's club.
46 Lexidavia Lord Repananamus Lexi and Zadavia merge into one and learn each other's past, and Lexi ultimately realizes Zadavia has a rival Repananamus
47 Checkmate General Deuce, Otto the Odd Deuce and Otto play chess with The Loonatics as the pawns, and the Aliens as the game pieces, and Slam is the only one with the will to save them.
48 Rays of Light The Shadow Dark romarik The Shadow tries to steal the Rays of Light, so that The Loonatics wouldn't have the advantage.
49 Demotion paridox Ace is demoted for his arrogance, and for his lack of humility, and Duck takes control, bites off more than he can chew.
50 Return of Dr. Dare Dr. Dare Dr. Dare is released again, and he wants the team defeated once and for all time.
51 Eternal Night, Part 1 The Shadow The Shadow plans to create an eternal night in Achmetropolis, and the Loonatics must use the Rays of Light to bring back the day.

Anndrew and Suzie's Achmetropolis Falls Adventures

Paridox,dark romarik

Paridox teams up with dark romarik to destroy Achmetropolis once and for all


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