Human locorocos all together

Left to Right (Tupley, Priffy, Viole, Kulche, Pekerone "Peke", Chavez and Budzi Roco).

LocoRoco is a TV-Series based on the game series with the same name.


Focused on the LocoRoco's as humans living in the suburbs of New York as they must keep New York City safe from the Moja's, there boss Bon Mucho and his mother Majolinè. with there friends the MuiMui family.



Kulche RocoEdit

The Main Protagonist of the series, Kulche is the youngest of the Roco's and the most calm of the Roco hebdomad, Kulche is very cheerful but has a lot to learn from the older Roco's.

Viole RocoEdit

The Secondary Protagonist of the series, Viole is the big sister figure of Kulche and the tomboy of the Roco hebdomad, Viole is interested in jumping on mushrooms but she also has to learn from Priffy.

Pekeroné "Peké" RocoEdit

The Tritagonist of the series, Peké is Kulche's on again off again brotherly figure and the Exuberant Geek of the Roco hebdomad, Peké has a tendency to hurt himself (witch explains why his eyes are weird).

Budzi RocoEdit

The Secondary Tritagonist of the series, Budzi is the Loose Cannon of the hebomad and apparently the second-oldest of the group, Budzi really hates Moja's so he would oftenly beat theme to an off-screen bleeding point he is best friends with Pekeroné.

Tupley RocoEdit

The Oldest of the Roco hebomad, Tupley also has a huge appetite witch could often lead to problems to the others, he has a crush on Priffy.

Chavez RocoEdit

The "Coolest" of the Roco bebomad, Chavez is a brotherly figure to Kulche and he enjoy's being a Tupley's side making sure he doesn't yet a lot.

Priffy RocoEdit

The second Oldest of the Roco bebomad, Priffy is a lover of all things french

Firstinary spin-offEdit


Secondary spin-offEdit

We Are The LocoRocos

Thirdinary spin-offEdit

Making Friend, LocoRoco

Fourthernary spin-offEdit

LocoFridgeRoco (4th spin-off and reloaded)

Fifithinary spin-off

Locomotion Rocomotion (1st reboot)

Sixbernary spin-offEdit

My LocoRoco's Story

Primary spin-offEdit

The Locomotion Rocomotion of A Mission (primary spin-off renewed)

Seventenny spin-offEdit

Tennis-Tennis Roco-Locos

Eightbernary spin-offEdit

Nobody's a LocoRoco

Ninternary spin-offEdit

It's LocoRoco (bio-spinoff to once more)

Tenthernary spin-offEdit

LocoRoco TV Show Show 

Eleventh spin-off Edit

LocoRoco Complication! 

Twelfth and Middle-over spin-offEdit

LocoRoco (2nd reboot)

Third-teenth spin-offEdit

Which One is LocoRocos? (algethcolathon show after 2nd reboot)