List of Kamen Rider: Spades charactersEdit

Kamen Rider Spades


Main CastEdit

  • Haj/Kamen Rider Spades (Agito90) - a main protagonist and lives with foster family. his parents were unknown missing. With his allies and his foster sister, they can help him to defeat JOKER. similar KR of Kamen Rider Blade.
  • Brian Harve/Kamen Rider Diamonds (Jensen Ackles) - Haj's mentor.similar KR of Kamen Rider Garren.
  • Ginger/Kamen Rider Hearts (Emma Watson) - a mystery girl. similar KR of Kamen Rider Chalice.
  • Ben Jones/Kamen Rider Clubs () -a teenage boy who is frequently bullied at school. He is the same as Ben from Ben X/Nothing Was All He Said but diffident. he always hates those bullies very much. he want to kill until now,success. similar KR of Kamen Rider Leangle.


Recurring castEdit

  • Dr.Uniess (pardomtlca) - she is a kind doctor and hot.
  • Trish Kelmer (Keke Palmer ) - A Foster Sister of Haj and she is average girl.
  • Chad Belmont/Captain S (Brett Vanderbrook) - he saw game genie was returned by KM Spades by accident. then, he fight until became ally to stop game genie.
  • Dennis J.Rockmore/Kamen Rider 05 (Alex Heartman) - Trish's boyfriend and his secret is a superhero unknown as Kamen rider 05.Similer of Kamen Rider Faiz.
  • Albee Stewart/Kamen Rider GOD () - His dreams come true become reality. Similer of Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Minor CastEdit

  • Mr.Kurt Austin (Ron Rogge) - the Leader of The CARDS, he was killed by his Ex. friend, Phillip known as KR Gold.
  •  /Kamen Rider 06 (Bella Thorne)- 
  • Rocky Blue/07 (Zendaya)
  • Nigel Edmund Silverman/NES/Kamen Rider  (Devon Riley)

Guest CastEdit

  • James Rolfe aka AVGN (Himself) - he was captured by undead and rescue by KR Spades and he team up.
  • Douglas Darien "Doug" Walker aka The Nostalgia critic (Himself) - Cameo appears when he talks about AVGN was missing. but,he was happy.


  • JOKER/Kamen Rider 08(): a Primary antagonist who make they rage should used the (Joker) card. if they see JOKER. a undead jester.
  • Phillip Rushmore/Kamen Rider 09 (): a Antagonist and leader of ,similar of KR Glaive.