He's a white boy, she's a black girl, both are not allowed to date, because black and white hate each other, upon the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.




  • Kyle Bryce (Joel Courtney) - a white boy, who falls in love with a black girl named Monica, but is attacked by black guys when they tried to beat him up, in the end, was pardened!
  • Monica Plain (Coco Jones) - black girl, who falls in love with a white boy named Kyle, but her father disapproves, in the end, ends up with Kyle!
  • Bruce Plain (Tyler Perry) - Monica's father, who forbids her into going out with Kyle, in the end, apologizes for being racial as the ones who mistreated their kind!
  • Serena Plain (Halle Berry) - Monica's mother, who seems to fond with Kyle, in the end, Finally sees peace between families!
  • George Bryce (John Krasinski) - Kyle's father, who dosen't want him near black people, in the end, dies at the hands of Derrek, before apologizing to Kyle!
  • Reverend Paul Derrek (Giancarlo Esposito) - the reverend who exceeds Martin Luther King, Jr.'s death, as a legacy to keep the white and black away, in the end, revealed to be a member of the KKC, and was sentenced to death!