Jean Valjean, known as Prisoner 24601, is released from prison and breaks parole to create a new life for himself while evading the grip of the persistent Inspector Javert. Set in post-revolutionary France, the story reaches resolution against the background of the June Rebellion.


  • Jean Valjean (also known as Monsieur Madeleine, Ultime Fauchelevent, Monsieur Leblanc, and Urbain Fabre) – The protagonist of the novel. Convicted for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his sister's seven starving children and sent to prison for five years, he is paroled from prison nineteen years later (after four unsuccessful escape attempts added twelve years and fighting back during the second escape attempt added two extra years). Rejected by society for being a former convict, he encounters Bishop Myriel, who turns his life around by showing him mercy and encouraging him to become a new man. While sitting and pondering what Bishop Myriel had said, he puts his shoe on a forty-sou piece dropped by a young wanderer. Valjean threatens the boy with his stick when the boy attempts to rouse Valjean from his reverie and recover his money. He tells a passing priest his name, and the name of the boy, and this allows the police to charge him with armed robbery – a sentence that, if he were caught again, would return him to prison for life. He assumes a new identity (Monsieur Madeleine) in order to pursue an honest life. He introduces new manufacturing techniques and eventually builds two factories and becomes one of the richest men in the area. By popular acclaim he is made mayor. He confronts Javert over Fantine's punishment, turns himself in to the police to save another man from prison for life, and rescues Cosette from the Thénardiers. Discovered by Javert in Paris because of his generosity to the poor, he evades capture for the next several years in a convent. He saves Marius from imprisonment and probable death at the barricade, reveals his true identity to Marius and Cosette after their wedding, and is reunited with them just before his death, having kept his promise to the bishop and to Fantine, the image of whom is the last thing he sees before dying. His voice actor is Jim Piddock
  • Javert – A fanatic police inspector in pursuit to recapture Valjean. Born in the prisons to a convict father and a gypsy mother, he renounces both of them and starts working as a guard in the prison, including one stint as the overseer for the chain gang of which Valjean is part (and here witnesses firsthand Valjean's enormous strength and just what he looks like). Eventually he joins the police force in the small town identified only as M____-sur-M__. He arrests Fantine and butts heads with Valjean/Madeleine, who orders him to release Fantine. Valjean dismisses Javert in front of his squad and Javert, seeking revenge, reports to the Police Inspector that he has discovered Jean Valjean. He is told that he must be incorrect, as a man mistakenly believed to be Jean Valjean was just arrested. He requests of M. Madeline that he be dismissed in disgrace, for he cannot be less harsh on himself than on others. When the real Jean Valjean turns himself in, Javert is promoted to the Paris police force where he arrests Valjean and sends him back to prison. After Valjean escapes again, Javert attempts one more arrest in vain. He then almost recaptures Valjean at Gorbeau house when he arrests the Thénardiers and Patron-Minette. Later, while working undercover behind the barricade, his identity is discovered. Valjean pretends to execute Javert, but releases him. When Javert next encounters Valjean emerging from the sewers, he allows him to make a brief visit home and then walks off instead of arresting him. Javert cannot reconcile his devotion to the law with his recognition that the lawful course is immoral. He takes his own life by jumping into the Seine. His voice actor is Alan Rickman.
  • Fantine – A beautiful Parisian grisette abandoned with a small child by her lover Félix Tholomyès. Fantine leaves her daughter Cosette in the care of the Thénardiers, innkeepers in the village of Montfermeil. Mme. Thénardier spoils her own daughters and abuses Cosette. Fantine finds work at Monsieur Madeleine's factory. Illiterate, she has others write letters to the Thénardiers on her behalf. A female supervisor discovers that she is an unwed mother and dismisses her. To meet the Thénardiers' repeated demands for money, she sells her hair and two front teeth, and turns to prostitution. She becomes ill. Valjean learns of her plight when Javert arrests her for attacking a man who called her insulting names and threw snow down her back, and sends her to a hospital. As Javert confronts Valjean in her hospital room, because her illness has made her so weak, she dies of shock after Javert reveals that Valjean is a convict and hasn't brought her daughter Cosette to her (after the doctor encouraged that incorrect belief that Jean Valjean's recent absence was because he was bringing her daughter to her). Her voice actress is Kirsten Fairlie.
  • Cosette (formally Euphrasie, also known as "the Lark", Mademoiselle Lanoire, Ursula) – The illegitimate daughter of Fantine and Tholomyès. From approximately the age of three to the age of eight, she is beaten and forced to work as a drudge for the Thénardiers. After her mother Fantine dies, Valjean ransoms Cosette from the Thénardiers and cares for her as if she were his daughter. Nuns in a Paris convent educate her. She grows up to become very beautiful. She falls in love with Marius Pontmercy and marries him near the novel's conclusion. Her voice actress is Maggie Blue O'Hara.
  • Marius Pontmercy – A young law student loosely associated with the Friends of the ABC. He shares the political principles of his father and has a tempestuous relationship with his royalist grandfather, Monsieur Gillenormand. He falls in love with Cosette and fights on the barricades when he believes Valjean has taken her to London. After he and Cosette marry, he recognizes Thénardier as a swindler and pays him to leave France. His voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Éponine (the Jondrette girl) – The Thénardiers' elder daughter. As a child, she is pampered and spoiled by her parents, but ends up a street urchin when she reaches adolescence. She participates in her father's crimes and begging schemes to obtain money. She is blindly in love with Marius. At Marius' request, she finds Valjean and Cosette's house for him and sadly leads him there. She also prevents her father, Patron-Minette and Brujon from robbing the house during one of Marius' visits there to see Cosette. After disguising herself as a boy, she manipulates Marius into going to the barricades, hoping that they will die together. Wanting to die before Marius, she reaches out her hand to stop a soldier from shooting at him; she is mortally wounded as the bullet goes through her hand and her back. As she is dying, she confesses all this to Marius, and gives him a letter from Cosette. Her final request to Marius is that once she has passed, he will kiss her on the forehead. He fulfills her request not because of romantic feelings on his part, but out of pity for her hard life. Her voice actress is Ariel Winter
  • Monsieur Thénardier and Madame Thénardier (also known as the Jondrettes, M. Fabantou, M. Thénard. Some translations identify her as the Thenardiess) – Husband and wife, parents of five children: two daughters, Éponine and Azelma, and three sons, Gavroche and two unnamed younger sons. As innkeepers, they abuse Cosette as a child and extract payment from Fantine for her support, until Valjean takes Cosette away. They become bankrupt and relocate under the name Jondrette to a house in Paris called the Gorbeau house, living in the room next to Marius. The husband associate with a criminal group called "the Patron-Minette", and conspires to rob Valjean until he is thwarted by Marius. Javert arrests the couple. The wife dies in prison. Her husband attempts to blackmail Marius with his knowledge of Valjean's past, but Marius pays him to leave the country. He becomes a slave trader in the United States. Monsieur's voice actor is Maurice LaMarche, while Madame's voice actress is Tress McNellie
  • Enjolras – The leader of Les Amis de l'ABC (Friends of the ABC) in the Paris uprising. Passionately committed to republican principles and the idea of progress. He and Grantaire are executed by the National Guards after the barricade falls. His voice actor is Crispin Freeman.
  • Gavroche – The unloved middle child and eldest son of the Thénardiers. He lives on his own as a street urchin and sleeps inside an elephant statue outside the Bastille. He briefly takes care of his two younger brothers, unaware they are related to him. He takes part in the barricades and is killed while collecting bullets from dead National Guardsmen. His voice actor is Dee Bradley Baker
  • Bishop Myriel – The Bishop of Digne (full name Charles-François-Bienvenu Myriel, also called Monseigneur Bienvenu) – A kindly old priest promoted to bishop after a chance encounter with Napoleon. After Valjean steals some silver from him, he saves Valjean from being arrested and inspires Valjean to change his ways. His voice actor is Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
  • Bahorel – A dandy and an idler from a peasant background, who is known well around the student cafes of Paris. His voice actor is Rene Auberjonis
  • Combeferre – A philosophical student who is second to Enjolras in the group. His voice actor is Rob Paulson
  • Courfeyrac – Marius' closest friend in the book, who provides him with financial assistance and with lodging after the Gorbeau house affair. Courfeyrac is charismatic and one of the more enthusiastic members of the Friends of the ABC. His voice actor is Dee Bradley Baker
  • Feuilly – A fan maker who studies the subject of revolution deeply. His voice actor is Greg Ellis
  • Grantaire – Grantaire is an alcoholic student who has little interest of revolution or democracy (and at times scoffs at these ideas), but is part of the Friends of the ABC purely out of his love for Enjolras. Grantaire is cynical and upholds a philosophy of Nihilism, making him the opposite of Enjolras. This is emphasized in the novel, where their relationship is compared to that of Orestes and his companion Pylades. Enjolras, in return, thinks little of Grantaire. During the uprising Grantaire finds himself holed-up in a wine shop and drinks himself into a stupor. Upon awaking he finds Enjolras hiding in the shop. When the army eventually arrives, Grantaire requests to be executed alongside Enjolras. Despite his stoicism and pessimism, Grantaire exchanges a smile with Enjolras before they are killed. His voice actor is J.B. Blanc
  • Jean Prouvaire – A very well-spoken romantic. His voice actor is Jeff Bennett
  • Joly – Student of medicine who has unusual theories about health. He is also a hypochondriac and the happiest of Les Amis. His voice actor is David Letour
  • Lesgle [also Lègle, Laigle, L'Aigle (The Eagle) or Bossuet] – The oldest member of the group, Lesgle was granted a dukedom by Louis XVIII after helping him into a carriage. He is considered to be notoriously unlucky, a theory which he assumed when he started balding aged twenty-five. Lesgle is the one who introduced Marius to the Friends of the ABC, and saved him from expulsion from college by calling out "here" when Marius' name is read from the register in his absence. His voice actor is Maurice LaMarche
  • Azelma – The younger daughter of the Thénardiers. Like her sister Éponine, she is spoiled as a child, impoverished when older. She abets her father's failed robbery of Valjean. On Marius and Cosette's wedding day, she tails Valjean on her father's orders. She travels to America with her father at the end of the novel. Her voice actress is Kath Soucie
  • Bamatabois – An idler who harasses Fantine. Later a juror at Champmathieu's trial. His voice actor is Jeff Bennett
  • (Mlle) Baptistine Myriel – Bishop Myriel's sister. She loves and venerates her brother. Her voice actress is Grey DeLisle
  • Bougon, Madame (called Ma'am Burgon) – Housekeeper of Gorbeau House. Her voice actress is ???
  • Brevet – An ex-convict from Toulon who knew Valjean there; released one year after Valjean. In 1823, he is serving time in the prison in Arras for an unknown crime. He is the first to claim that Champmathieu is really Valjean. He used to wear knitted, checkered suspenders. His voice actor is ???
  • Brujon – A robber and criminal. He participates in crimes with M. Thénardier and the Patron-Minette gang (such as the Gorbeau Robbery and the attempted robbery at the Rue Plumet). The author describes Brujon as being "a sprightly young fellow, very cunning and very adroit, with a flurried and plaintive appearance." His voice actor is ???
  • Champmathieu – A vagabond who is misidentified as Valjean after being caught stealing apples. His voice actor is ???
  • Chenildieu – A lifer from Toulon. He and Valjean were chain mates for five years. He once tried to unsuccessfully remove his lifer's brand TFP ("travaux forcés à perpetuité", "forced labour for life") by putting his shoulder on a chafing dish full of embers. He is described as a small, wiry but energetic man. His voice actor is ???
  • Cochepaille – Another lifer from Toulon. He used to be a shepherd from the Pyrenees who became a smuggler. He is described as stupid and has a tattoo on his arm, 1 Mars 1815. His voice actor is ???
  • Colonel Georges Pontmercy – Marius's father and an officer in Napoleon's army. Wounded at Waterloo, Pontmercy erroneously believes M. Thénardier saved his life. He tells Marius of this great debt. He loves Marius and although M. Gillenormand does not allow him to visit, he continually hid behind a pillar in the church on Sunday so that he could at least look at Marius from a distance). Napoleon made him a baron, but the next regime refused to recognize his barony or his status as a colonel, instead referring to him only as a commandant. The book usually calls him "The colonel." His voice actor is ???
  • Fauchelevent – A failed businessman whom Valjean (as M. Madeleine) saves from being crushed under a carriage. Valjean gets him a position as gardener at a Paris convent, where Fauchelevent later provides sanctuary for Valjean and Cosette and allows Valjean to pose as his brother. His voice actor is ???
  • Mabeuf – An elderly churchwarden, friend of Colonel Pontmercy, who after the Colonel's death befriends his son Marius and helps Marius realize his father loved him. Mabeuf loves plants and books, but sells his books and prints in order to live. When Mabeuf finds a purse in his yard, he takes it to the police. After selling his last book, he joins the students in the insurrection. He is shot dead raising the flag atop the barricade. His voice actor is ???
  • Mademoiselle Gillenormand – Daughter of M. Gillenormand, with whom she lives. Her late half-sister (M. Gillenormand's daughter from another marriage), was Marius' mother. Her voice actor is ???
  • Magloire, Madame – Domestic servant to Bishop Myriel and his sister. Her voice actor is ???
  • Magnon – Former servant of M. Gillenormand and friend of the Thénardiers. She had been receiving child support payments from M. Gillenormand for her two illegitimate sons, who she claimed were fathered by him. When her sons died in an epidemic, she had them replaced with the Thénardiers' two youngest sons so that she could protect her income. The Thénardiers get a portion of the payments. She is incorrectly arrested for involvement in the Gorbeau robbery. Her voice actress is ???
  • Monsieur Gillenormand – Marius' grandfather. A monarchist, he disagrees sharply with Marius on political issues, and they have several arguments. He attempts to keep Marius from being influenced by his father, Colonel Georges Pontmercy. While in perpetual conflict over ideas, he does illustrate his love for his grandson. His voice actor is ???
  • Mother Innocente (a.k.a. Marguerite de Blemeur) – The prioress of the Petit-Picpus convent. Her voice actress is ???
  • Patron-Minette – A quartet of bandits who assist in the Thénardiers' ambush of Valjean at Gorbeau House and the attempted robbery at the Rue Plumet. The gang consists of Montparnasse, Claquesous, Babet, and Gueulemer. Claquesous, who escaped from the carriage transporting him to prison after the Gorbeau Robbery, joins the revolution under the guise of "Le Cabuc" and is executed by Enjolras for firing on civilians. His voice actor is ???
  • Petit Gervais – A travelling Savoyard boy who drops a coin. Valjean, still a man of criminal mind, places his foot on the coin and refuses to return it. His voice actor is ???
  • Sister Simplice – A famously truthful nun who cares for Fantine on her sickbed and lies to Javert to protect Valjean. Her voice actress is ???
  • Félix Tholomyès – Fantine's lover and Cosette's biological father. A rich, self-centered student, he abandons Fantine when their daughter is 2. His voice actor is ???
  • Toussaint – Valjean and Cosette's servant in Paris. She has a slight stutter. Her voice actress is ???
  • Two little boys – The two unnamed youngest sons of the Thénardiers, whom they send to Magnon to replace her two dead sons. Living on the streets, they encounter Gavroche, who is unaware they are his siblings but treats them like they are his brothers. After Gavroche's death, they retrieve bread tossed by a bourgeois man to geese in a fountain at the Luxembourg Gardens. Their voice actors are ??? and ???


The story begins in 1815 in Digne, as the peasant Jean Valjean, just released from 19 years' imprisonment in the galleys—five for stealing bread for his starving sister and her family and fourteen more for numerous escape attempts—is turned away by innkeepers because his yellow passport marks him as a former convict. He sleeps on the street, angry and bitter. Digne's benevolent Bishop Myriel gives him shelter. At night, Valjean runs off with Myriel's silverware. When the police capture Valjean, Myriel pretends that he has given the silverware to Valjean and presses him to take two silver candlesticks as well, as if he had forgotten to take them. The police accept his explanation and leave. Myriel tells Valjean that his life has been spared for God, that he should use the silver candlesticks to make an honest man of himself. Valjean broods over Myriel's words. When opportunity presents itself, purely out of habit, he steals a 40-sous coin from 12-year-old Petit Gervais and chases the boy away. He quickly repents and searches the city in panic for Gervais. At the same time, his theft is reported to the authorities. Valjean hides as they search for him, because if apprehended he will be returned to the galleys for life as a repeat offender. Six years pass and Valjean, using the alias Monsieur Madeleine, has become a wealthy factory owner and is appointed mayor of a town identified only as M____-sur-M__. Walking down the street, he sees a man named Fauchelevent pinned under the wheels of a cart. When no one volunteers to lift the cart, even for pay, he decides to rescue Fauchelevent himself. He crawls underneath the cart, manages to lift it, and frees him. The town's police inspector, Inspector Javert, who was an adjutant guard at the Bagne of Toulon during Valjean's incarceration, becomes suspicious of the mayor after witnessing this remarkable feat of strength. He has known only one other man, a convict named Jean Valjean, who could accomplish it. Years earlier in Paris, a grisette named Fantine was very much in love with Félix Tholomyès. His friends, Listolier, Fameuil, and Blachevelle were also paired with Fantine's friends Dahlia, Zéphine, and Favourite. The men abandon the women, treating their relationships as youthful amusements. Fantine must draw on her own resources to care for her and Tholomyès' daughter, Cosette. When Fantine arrives at Montfermeil, she leaves Cosette in the care of the Thénardiers, a corrupt innkeeper and his selfish, cruel wife. Fantine is unaware that they are abusing her daughter and using her as forced labor for their inn, and continues to try to meet their growing, extortionate and fictitious demands. She is later fired from her job at Jean Valjean's factory, because of the discovery of her daughter, who was born out of wedlock. Meanwhile, the Thénardiers' monetary demands continue to grow. In desperation, Fantine sells her hair and two front teeth, and she resorts to prostitution to pay the Thénardiers. Fantine is slowly dying from an unspecified disease. A dandy named Bamatabois harasses Fantine in the street, and she reacts by striking him. Javert arrests Fantine. She begs to be released so that she can provide for her daughter, but Javert sentences her to six months in prison. Valjean (Mayor Madeleine) intervenes and orders Javert to release her. Javert resists but Valjean prevails. Valjean, feeling responsible because his factory turned her away, promises Fantine that he will bring Cosette to her. He takes her to a hospital. Javert comes to see Valjean again. Javert admits that after being forced to free Fantine, he reported him as Valjean to the French authorities. He tells Valjean he realizes he was wrong, because the authorities have identified someone else as the real Jean Valjean, have him in custody, and plan to try him the next day. Valjean is torn, but decides to reveal himself to save the innocent man, whose real name is Champmathieu. He travels to attend the trial and there reveals his true identity. Valjean returns to M____-sur-M__ to see Fantine, followed by Javert, who confronts him in her hospital room. After Javert grabs Valjean, Valjean asks for three days to bring Cosette to Fantine, but Javert refuses. Fantine discovers that Cosette is not at the hospital and fretfully asks where she is. Javert orders her to be quiet, and then reveals to her Valjean's real identity. Weakened by the severity of her illness, she falls back in shock and dies. Valjean goes to Fantine, speaks to her in an inaudible whisper, kisses her hand, and then leaves with Javert. Fantine's body is thrown into a public grave.

Valjean escapes, is recaptured, and is sentenced to death. The king commutes his sentence to penal servitude for life. While imprisoned at the military port of Toulon, Valjean, at great personal risk, rescues a sailor caught in the ship's rigging. Spectators call for his release. Valjean fakes his own death by allowing himself to fall into the ocean. Authorities report him dead and his body lost.

Valjean arrives at Montfermeil on Christmas Eve. He finds Cosette fetching water in the woods alone and walks with her to the inn. He orders a meal and observes how the Thénardiers abuse her, while pampering their own daughters Éponine and Azelma, who mistreat Cosette for playing with their doll. Valjean leaves and returns to make Cosette a present of an expensive new doll which, after some hesitation, she happily accepts. Éponine and Azelma are envious. Madame Thénardier is furious with Valjean, while her husband makes light of Valjean's behaviour, caring only that he pay for his food and lodging.

The next morning, Valjean informs the Thénardiers that he wants to take Cosette with him. Madame Thénardier immediately accepts, while Thénardier pretends to love Cosette and be concerned for her welfare, reluctant to give her up. Valjean pays 1,500 francs to them, and he and Cosette leave the inn. Thénardier, hoping to swindle more out of Valjean, runs after them, holding the 1,500 francs, and tells Valjean he wants Cosette back. He informs Valjean that he cannot release Cosette without a note from the child's mother. Valjean hands Thénardier Fantine's letter authorizing the bearer to take Cosette. Thénardier then demands that Valjean pay a thousand crowns, but Valjean and Cosette leave. Thénardier regrets that he did not bring his gun and turns back toward home.

Valjean and Cosette flee to Paris. Valjean rents new lodgings at Gorbeau House, where he and Cosette live happily. However, Javert discovers Valjean's lodgings there a few months later. Valjean takes Cosette and they try to escape from Javert. They soon find shelter in the Petit-Picpus convent with the help of Fauchelevent, the man whom Valjean once rescued from being crushed under a cart and who has become the convent's gardener. Valjean also becomes a gardener and Cosette becomes a student at the convent school.

Eight years later, the Friends of the ABC, led by Enjolras, are preparing an act of anti-Orléanist civil unrest on the eve of the Paris uprising on 5–6 June 1832, following the death of General Lamarque, the only French leader who had sympathy towards the working class. They are also joined by the poor of the Cour des miracles, including the Thénardiers' eldest son Gavroche, who is a street urchin.

One of the students, Marius Pontmercy, has become alienated from his family (especially his grandfather M. Gillenormand) because of his liberal views. After the death of his father Colonel Georges Pontmercy, Marius discovers a note from him instructing his son to provide help to a sergeant named Thénardier who saved Pontmercy's life at Waterloo – in reality Thénardier was looting corpses and only saved Pontmercy's life by accident; he had called himself a sergeant under Napoleon to avoid exposing himself as a robber.

At the Luxembourg Gardens, Marius falls in love with the now grown and beautiful Cosette. The Thénardiers have also moved to Paris and now live in poverty after losing their inn. They live under the surname "Jondrette" at Gorbeau House (coincidentally, the same building Valjean and Cosette briefly lived in after leaving the Thénardiers' inn). Marius lives there as well, next door to the Thénardiers.

Éponine, now ragged and emaciated, visits Marius at his apartment to beg for money. To impress him, she tries to prove her literacy by reading aloud from a book and by writing "The Cops Are Here" on a sheet of paper. Marius pities her and gives her some money. After Éponine leaves, Marius observes the "Jondrettes" in their apartment through a crack in the wall. Éponine comes in and announces that a philanthropist and his daughter are arriving to visit them. In order to look poorer, Thénardier puts out the fire and breaks a chair. He also orders Azelma to punch out a window pane, which she does, resulting in cutting her hand (as Thénardier had hoped).

The philanthropist and his daughter enter—actually Valjean and Cosette. Marius immediately recognizes Cosette. After seeing them, Valjean promises them he will return with rent money for them. After he and Cosette leave, Marius asks Éponine to retrieve her address for him. Éponine, who is in love with Marius herself, reluctantly agrees to do so. The Thénardiers have also recognized Valjean and Cosette, and vow their revenge. Thénardier enlists the aid of the Patron-Minette, a well-known and feared gang of murderers and robbers.

Marius overhears Thénardier's plan and goes to Javert to report the crime. Javert gives Marius two pistols and instructs him to fire one into the air if things get dangerous. Marius returns home and waits for Javert and the police to arrive. Thénardier sends Éponine and Azelma outside to look out for the police. When Valjean returns with rent money, Thénardier, with Patron-Minette, ambushes him and he reveals his real identity to Valjean. Marius recognizes Thénardier as the man who "saved" his father's life at Waterloo and is caught in a dilemma.

He tries to find a way to save Valjean while not betraying Thénardier. Valjean denies knowing Thénardier and tells him that they have never met. Valjean tries to escape through a window but is subdued and tied up. Thénardier orders Valjean to pay him 200,000 francs. He also orders Valjean to write a letter to Cosette to return to the apartment, and they would keep her with them until he delivers the money. After Valjean writes the letter and informs Thénardier of his address, Thénardier sends out Mme. Thénardier to get Cosette. Mme. Thénardier comes back alone, and announces the address is a fake.

It is during this time that Valjean manages to free himself. Thénardier decides to kill Valjean. While he and Patron-Minette are about to do so, Marius remembers the scrap of paper that Éponine wrote on earlier. He throws it into the Thénardiers' apartment through the wall crack. Thénardier reads it and thinks Éponine threw it inside. He, Mme. Thénardier and Patron-Minette try to escape, only to be stopped by Javert.

He arrests all the Thénardiers and Patron-Minette (except Claquesous, who escapes during his transportation to prison; Montparnasse, who stops to run off with Éponine instead of joining in on the robbery; and Gavroche, who was not present and rarely participates in his family's crimes, a notable exception being his part in breaking his father out of prison). Valjean manages to escape the scene before Javert sees him.

After Éponine's release from prison, she finds Marius at "The Field of the Lark" and sadly tells him that she found Cosette's address. She leads him to Valjean's and Cosette's house on Rue Plumet, and Marius watches the house for a few days. He and Cosette then finally meet and declare their love for one another. Thénardier, Patron-Minette and Brujon manage to escape from prison with the aid of Gavroche. One night, during one of Marius's visits with Cosette, the six men attempt to raid Valjean's and Cosette's house. However, Éponine, who has been sitting by the gates of the house, threatens to scream and awaken the whole neighbourhood if the thieves do not leave. Hearing this, they reluctantly retire. Meanwhile, Cosette informs Marius that she and Valjean will be leaving for England in a week's time, which greatly troubles the pair.

The next day, Valjean is sitting in the Champ de Mars. He is feeling troubled about seeing Thénardier in the neighbourhood several times. Unexpectedly, a note lands in his lap, which says "Move Out." He sees a figure running away in the dim light. He goes back to his house, tells Cosette they will be staying at their other house on Rue de l'Homme Arme, and reconfirms to her that they will be moving to England. Marius tries to get permission from M. Gillenormand to marry Cosette. His grandfather seems stern and angry, but has been longing for Marius's return. When tempers flare, he refuses his assent to the marriage, telling Marius to make Cosette his mistress instead. Insulted, Marius leaves.

The following day, the students revolt and erect barricades in the narrow streets of Paris. Gavroche spots Javert and informs Enjolras that Javert is a spy. When Enjolras confronts him about this, he admits his identity and his orders to spy on the students. Enjolras and the other students tie him up to a pole in the Corinth restaurant. Later that evening, Marius goes back to Valjean's and Cosette's house on Rue Plumet, but finds the house no longer occupied. He then hears a voice telling him that his friends are waiting for him at the barricade. Distraught to find Cosette gone, he heeds the voice and goes.

When Marius arrives at the barricade, the "revolution" has already started. When he stoops down to pick up a powder keg, a soldier comes up to shoot Marius. However a man covers the muzzle of the soldier's gun with his hand. The soldier fires, fatally shooting the man, while missing Marius. Meanwhile, the soldiers are closing in. Marius climbs to the top of the barricade, holding a torch in one hand, a powder keg in the other, and threatens to the soldiers that he will blow up the barricade. After confirming this, the soldiers retreat from the barricade.

Marius decides to go to the smaller barricade, which he finds empty. As he turns back, the man who took the fatal shot for Marius earlier calls Marius by his name. Marius discovers this man is Éponine, dressed in men's clothes. As she lies dying on his knees, she confesses that she was the one who told him to go to the barricade, hoping they would die together. She also confesses to saving his life because she wanted to die before he did.

The author also states to the reader that Éponine anonymously threw the note to Valjean. Éponine then tells Marius that she has a letter for him. She also confesses to have obtained the letter the day before, originally not planning to give it to him, but decides to do so in fear he would be angry at her about it in the afterlife. After Marius takes the letter, Éponine then asks him to kiss her on the forehead when she is dead, which he promises to do. With her last breath, she confesses that she was "a little bit in love" with him, and dies.

Marius fulfills her request and goes into a tavern to read the letter. It is written by Cosette. He learns Cosette's whereabouts and he writes a farewell letter to her. He sends Gavroche to deliver it to her, but Gavroche leaves it with Valjean. Valjean, learning that Cosette's lover is fighting, is at first relieved, but an hour later, he puts on a National Guard uniform, arms himself with a gun and ammunition, and leaves his home.

Valjean arrives at the barricade and immediately saves a man's life. He is still not certain if he wants to protect Marius or kill him. Marius recognizes Valjean at first sight. Enjolras announces that they are almost out of cartridges. When Gavroche goes outside the barricade to collect more ammunition from the dead National Guardsmen, he is shot by the troops.

Valjean volunteers to execute Javert himself, and Enjolras grants permission. Valjean takes Javert out of sight, and then shoots into the air while letting him go. Marius mistakenly believes that Valjean has killed Javert. As the barricade falls, Valjean carries off the injured and unconscious Marius. All the other students are killed. Valjean escapes through the sewers, carrying Marius's body. He evades a police patrol, and reaches an exit gate but finds it locked. Thénardier emerges from the darkness. Valjean recognizes him, but his filthy appearance prevents Thénardier from recognizing him. Thinking Valjean a murderer lugging his victim's corpse, Thénardier offers to open the gate for money. As he searches Valjean and Marius's pockets, he surreptitiously tears off a piece of Marius's coat so he can later find out his identity. Thénardier takes the thirty francs he finds, opens the gate, and allows Valjean to leave, expecting Valjean's emergence from the sewer will distract the police who have been pursuing him.

Upon exiting, Valjean encounters Javert and requests time to return Marius to his family before surrendering to him. Javert agrees, assuming that Marius will be dead within minutes. After leaving Marius at his grandfather's house, Valjean asks to be allowed a brief visit to his own home, and Javert agrees. There, Javert tells Valjean he will wait for him in the street, but when Valjean scans the street from the landing window he finds Javert has gone. Javert walks down the street, realizing that he is caught between his strict belief in the law and the mercy Valjean has shown him. He feels he can no longer give Valjean up to the authorities but also cannot ignore his duty to the law. Unable to cope with this dilemma, Javert commits suicide by throwing himself into the Seine.

Marius slowly recovers from his injuries. As he and Cosette make wedding preparations, Valjean endows them with a fortune of nearly 600,000 francs. As their wedding party winds through Paris during Mardi Gras festivities, Valjean is spotted by Thénardier, who then orders Azelma to follow him. After the wedding, Valjean confesses to Marius that he is an ex-convict. Marius is horrified, assumes the worst about Valjean's moral character, and contrives to limit Valjean's time with Cosette. Valjean accedes to Marius' judgment and his separation from Cosette. Valjean loses the will to live and retires to his bed.

Thénardier approaches Marius in disguise, but Marius recognizes him. Thénardier attempts to blackmail Marius with what he knows of Valjean, but in doing so, he inadvertently corrects Marius's misconceptions about Valjean and reveals all of the good he has done. He tries to convince Marius that Valjean is actually a murderer, and presents the piece of coat he tore off as evidence. Stunned, Marius recognizes the fabric as part of his own coat and realizes that it was Valjean who rescued him from the barricade. Marius pulls out a fistful of notes and flings it at Thénardier's face. He then confronts Thénardier with his crimes and offers him an immense sum to depart and never return. Thénardier accepts the offer, and he and Azelma travel to America where he becomes a slave trader.

As they rush to Valjean's house, Marius tells Cosette that Valjean saved his life at the barricade. They arrive to find Valjean near death and reconcile with him. Valjean tells Cosette her mother's story and name. He dies content and is buried beneath a blank slab in Père Lachaise Cemetery.


  • Look Down, sung by Gavroche, Beggars, Enjolras, Marius,:
    • Beggars
      Look down, look down, and see the beggars at your feet
      Look down and show some mercy if you can
      Look down and see
      The sweepings of the streets
      Look down, look down,
      Upon your fellow man!

      How do you do? My name's Gavroche
      These are my people, here's my patch
      Not much to look at, nothing posh
      Nothing that you'd call up to scratch
      This is my school, my high society
      Here in the slums of Saint Michele
      We live on crumbs of humble piety
      Tough on the teeth, but what the hell!
      Think you're poor?
      Think you're free?
      Follow me, follow me!

      Look down, and show some mercy if you can
      Look down, look down, upon your fellow man

      [An old beggar woman finds a young prostitute occupying her patch.]

      Old Beggar Woman
      What you think yer at?
      Hanging round me pitch?
      If you're new around here, girl
      You've got a lot to learn

      Young Prostitute
      Listen you old bat
      Crazy bloody witch
      'Least I give my customers
      Some pleasure in return

      Old Beggar Woman
      I know what you give!
      Give 'em all the pox!
      Spread around your poison
      Till they end up in a box

      Leave the poor old cow,
      Move it, Madeleine
      She used to be no better
      Till the clap got to her brain

      When's it gonna end?
      When we gonna live?
      Something's gotta happen now or
      Something's gonna give...
      It'll come, it'll come, it'll come
      It'll come, it'll come, it'll come

      Where the leaders of the land?
      Where are the swells who run this show?

      Only one man - and that's Lamarque
      Speaks for these people here below

      See our children fed
      Help us in our shame
      Something for a crust of bread
      In Holy Jesus' name

      In the Lord's Holy name.

      In his name, in his name, in his name...

      Lamarque is ill and fading fast!
      Won't last the week out so they say

      With all the anger in the land
      How long before the judgement day?
      Before we cut the fat ones down to size?
      Before the barricades arise?

      Watch out for old Thenardier
      All of his family is on the make
      Once ran a hash-house down the way
      Bit of a swine and no mistake
      He's got a gang
      The bleeding layabout
      Even his daughter does her share
      That's Eponine, she knows her way about
      Only a kid, but hard to scare
      Do we care?
      Not a cuss!
      Long live us, long live us!

      Look down, look down, and show some mercy if you can
      Look down, look down, upon your fellow man!
  • The Bishop, sung by Valjean, Javert, Bishop and Others:
    • ~Javert~
      Now bring me prisoner 24601
      Your time is up
      And your parole's begun
      You know what that means

Yes, it means I'm free

It means you get
Your yellow ticket-of-leave
You are a thief

I stole a loaf of bread!

You robbed a house!

I broke a window pane!
My sister's child was close to death
And we were starving!

And you will starve again
Unless you learn the meaning of the law.

I know the meaning of these 19 years
A slave of the law

Five years for what you did
The rest because you tried to run
Yes 24601

My name is Jean Valjean

And I am Javert
Do not forget my name
Do not forget me

Look down, look down
You will always be a slave
Look down, look down
You're standing in your grave.

Freedom is mine. The earth is still.
I feel the wind. I breathe again.
And the sky clears, the world is waiting.
Drink from the pool. How clean the taste
Never forget the years, the waste.
Nor forgive them, for what they've done.
They are the guilty, everyone.
The day begins...
And now lets see
What this new world
Will do for me!

[He finds work on a farm.]

You'll have to go
I'll pay you off for the day
Collect your bits and pieces there
And be on your way.

You've given me half
What the other men get!
This handful of tin
Wouldn't buy my sweat!

You broke the law
It's there for people to see
Why should you get the same
As honest men like me?

Now I know how freedom feels
The jail is always at your heels
It is the law
This piece of paper in my hand which bids me cast throughout the land
It is the law
Like a cur
I walk the streets
The dirt beneath their feet

Come in sir for you are weary
And the night is cold out there
Though our lives are very humble
What we have we have to share
There is wine here to revive you
There is bread to make you strong
There's a bed to rest till morning
Rest from pain and rest from wrong

He let me eat my fill
I had the lion's share
The silver in my hand cost twice what I had earned
He knows those nineteen years that lifetime of despair
And yet he trusted me
The old fool trusted me
He'd done his bit of good
I played the grateful serf and thanked him like I should
But when the house was still
I got up in the night
Took the silver
Took my flight!!

[Taking the silver cup, he runs off, but is brought back
by two constables.]

~Constable 1~
Tell his reverence your story

~Constable 2~
Let us see if he's impressed

~Constable 1~
You were lodging there last night

~Constable 2~
You were the honest Bishop's guest.

~Constable 1~
And then, out of Christian goodness

~Constable 2~
When he learned about your plight

~Constable 1~
You maintain he made a present of this silver -

That is right.
But my friend you left so early
Surely something slipped your mind

[The bishop gives Valjean two silver candlesticks.]

You forgot I gave these also
Would you leave the best behind?
So Messieurs you may release him
For this man has spoken true
I commend you for your duty
May God's blessing go with you.
But remember this, my brother
See in this some higher plan
You must use this precious silver
To become an honest man
By the witness of the martyrs
By the Passion and the Blood
God has raised you out of darkness
I have saved your soul for God!

  • Valjean's Solioquy, sung by Valjean:
    • What have I done sweet Jesus? What have I done?
      Become a thief in the night? Become a dog on the run?
      Have I fallen so far and is the hour so late?
      That nothing remains but the cry of my hate?
      The cries in the dark that nobody hears?
      Here where I stand at the turning of the years

      If there's another way to go, I missed it twenty long years ago
      My life was a war that could never be won
      They gave me a number, murdered Valjean
      When the chained me and left me for dead
      Just for stealing a mouthful of bread

      Yet why did I allow that man, to touch my soul and teach me love?
      He treated me like any other
      He gave me his trust, he called me "brother"
      My life he claims for God above. Can such things be?
      For I had come to hate the world, this world that always hated me
      Take an eye for an eye, turn your heart into stone
      This is all I have lived for, this is all I have known

      One word from him and I'd be back, beneath the lash upon the rack
      Instead he offers me my freedom
      I feel my shame inside me like a knife
      He told me that I had a soul. How does he know?
      What spirit comes to move my life? Is there another way to go?

      I am reaching but I fall, and the night is closing in
      As I stare into the void, to the whirlpool of my sin
      I'll escape now from the world, from the world of Jean Valjean
      Jean Valjean is nothing now! Another story must begin!!!
  • At the End of the Day, sung by Valjean, Fantine, Workers:
    • [1823, Montreuil-sur-Mer.]
      [Outside the factory owned by the Mayor,]
      [Monsieur Madeleine (Jean Valjean in disguise).]

      [THE POOR]
      At the end of the day you're another day older
      And that's all you can say for the life of the poor
      It's a struggle, it's a war
      And there's nothing that anyone's giving
      One more day standing about, what is it for?
      One day less to be living.

      At the end of the day you're another day colder
      And the shirt on your back doesn't keep out the chill
      And the righteous hurry past
      They don't hear the little ones crying
      And the winter is coming on fast, ready to kill
      One day nearer to dying!

      At the end of the day there's another day dawning
      And the sun in the morning is waiting to rise
      Like the waves crash on the sand
      Like a storm that'll break any second
      There's a hunger in the land
      There's a reckoning still to be reckoned and
      There's gonna be hell to pay
      At the end of the day!

      [The foreman and workers, including Fantine, emerge from the factory]

      At the end of the day you get nothing for nothing
      Sitting flat on your butt doesn't buy any bread

      [WORKER ONE]
      There are children back at home

      And the children have got to be fed

      [WORKER TWO]
      And you're lucky to be in a job

      And in a bed!

      And we're counting our blessings!

      [WOMAN TWO]
      Have you seen how the foreman is fuming today?
      With his terrible breath and his wandering hands?

      It's because little Fantine won't give him his way

      [WOMAN ONE]
      Take a look at his trousers, you'll see where he stands!

      [WOMAN FOUR]
      And the boss, he never knows
      That the foreman is always in heat

      If Fantine doesn't look out
      Watch how she goes
      She'll be out on the street!

      At the end of the day it's another day over
      With enough in your pocket to last for a week
      Pay the landlord, pay the shop
      Keep on grafting as long as you're able
      Keep on grafting till you drop
      Or it's back to the crumbs off the table
      You've got to pay your way
      At the end of the day!

      [GIRL (Grabbing a letter from Fantine)]
      And what have we here, little innocent sister?
      Come on Fantine, let's have all the news!

      [Reading the letter]

      Ooh..."Dear Fantine you must send us more money...
      Your child needs a doctor...
      There's no time to lose..."

      Give that letter to me
      It is none of your business
      With a husband at home
      And a bit on the side!
      Is there anyone here
      Who can swear before God
      She has nothing to fear?
      She has nothing to hide?

      [They fight over the letter. Valjean (M. Madeleine) rushes on to break up the squabble.]

      Will someone tear these two apart
      What is this fighting all about?
      This is a factory, not a circus!
      Now, come on ladies, settle down
      I run a business of repute
      I am the Mayor of this town

      [To the foreman]
      I look to you to sort this out
      And be as patient as you can-

      [He goes back into the factory]

      Now someone say how this began!

      At the end of the day
      She's the one who began it!
      There's a kid that she's hiding
      In some little town
      There's a man she has to pay
      You can guess how she picks up the extra
      You can bet she's earning her keep
      Sleeping around
      And the boss wouldn't like it!

      Yes it's true there's a child
      And the child is my daughter
      And her father abandoned us
      Leaving us flat
      Now she lives with an innkeeper man
      And his wife
      And I pay for the child
      What's the matter with that?

      At the end of the day
      She'll be nothing but trouble
      And there's trouble for all
      When there's trouble for one!
      While we're earning our daily bread
      She's the one with her hands in the butter
      You must send the slut away
      Or we're all gonna end in the gutter
      And it's us who'll have to pay
      At the end of the day!

      I might have known the woman could bite
      I might have known the cat had claws
      I might have guessed your little secret
      Ah yes, the virtuous Fantine
      Who keeps herself so pure and clean
      You'd be the cause I had no doubt
      Of any trouble hereabout
      You play a virgin in the light
      But need no urgin' in the night.

      She's been laughing at you
      While she's having her men

      She'll be nothing but trouble again and again

      You must sack her today

      Sack the girl today!

      Right my girl. On your way!
  • I Dreamed a Dream, sung by Fantine:
    • [Fantine is left alone, unemployed and destitute]

      There was a time when men were kind
      When their voices were soft
      And their words inviting
      There was a time when love was blind
      And the world was a song
      And the song was exciting
      There was a time
      Then it all went wrong

      I dreamed a dream in time gone by
      When hope was high
      And life worth living
      I dreamed that love would never die
      I dreamed that God would be forgiving
      Then I was young and unafraid
      And dreams were made and used and wasted
      There was no ransom to be paid
      No song unsung, no wine untasted

      But the tigers come at night
      With their voices soft as thunder
      As they tear your hope apart
      As they turn your dream to shame

      He slept a summer by my side
      He filled my days with endless wonder
      He took my childhood in his stride
      But he was gone when autumn came

      And still I dream he'll come to me
      That we will live the years together
      But there are dreams that cannot be
      And there are storms we cannot weather

      I had a dream my life would be
      So different from this hell I'm living
      So different now from what it seemed
      Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.
  • The Confrontation, sung by Valjean and Javert:
    • [JAVERT]
      Valjean, at last,
      We see each other plain
      `M'sieur le Mayor,'
      You'll wear a different chain!
    • [VALJEAN]
      Before you say another word, Javert
      Before you chain me up like a slave again
      Listen to me! There is something I must do.
      This woman leaves behind a suffering child.
      There is none but me who can intercede,
      In Mercy's name, three days are all I need.
      Then I'll return, I pledge my word.
      Then I'll return...
    • [JAVERT]
      You must think me mad!
      I've hunted you across the years
      A man like you can never change
      A man such as you.
    • [VALJEAN (in counterpoint)]
      Believe of me what you will
      There is a duty that I'm sworn to do
      You know nothing of my life
      All I did was steal some bread
      You know nothing of the world
      You would sooner see me dead
      But not before I see this justice
      I am warning you Javert
      I'm a stronger man by far
      There is power in me yet
      My race is not yet run
      I am warning you Javert
      There is nothing I won't dare
      If I have to kill you here
      I'll do what must be done!
    • [JAVERT (in counterpoint)]
      Men like me can never change
      Men like you can never change
      My duty's to the law - you have no
      Come with me 24601
      Now the wheel has turned around
      Jean Valjean is nothing now
      Dare you talk to me of crime
      And the price you had to pay
      Every man is born in sin
      Every man must choose his way
      You know nothing of Javert
      I was born inside a jail
      I was born with scum like you
      I am from the gutter too!
    • [Valjean breaks a chair and threatens Javert with the broken piece. Turns to Fantine]
    • [VALJEAN]
      [to Fantine] And this I swear to you tonight
    • [JAVERT]
      [to Valjean] There is no place for you to hide
    • [VALJEAN]
      Your child will live within my care
    • [JAVERT]
      Wherever you may hide away
    • [VALJEAN]
      And I will raise her to the light.
      I swear to you, I will be there!
    • [They fight, Javert is knocked out. Valjean escapes]
  • Castle on a Cloud, sung by Young Cosette:
    • There is a castle on a cloud,
      I like to go there in my sleep,
      Aren't any floors for me to sweep,
      Not in my castle on a cloud.

      There is a lady all in white,
      Holds me and sings a lullaby,
      She's nice to see and she's soft to touch,
      She says "Cosette, I love you very much."

      I know a place where no one's lost,
      I know a place where no one cries,
      Crying at all is not allowed,
      Not in my castle on a cloud.
  • Master of the House, sung by Thenadiers:
    • Welcome M´sier
      Sit yourself down
      And meet the bestInnkeeper in town
      As for the rest
      All of them crooks
      Rooking the guests
      And cooking the books
      Seldom do you see
      Honest men like me
      A gent of good intent
      Who´s content to be

      Master of the House
      Solding out the charm
      Ready with a handshake
      And an open palm
      Tells a saucy tale
      Makes a little stir
      Customers appreciate a bon viveur!
      Glad to do my friends a favour
      Doesn´t cost me to be nice
      But nothing gets you nothingEv´rything has got a little price

      Master of the House
      Keeper of the zoo
      Ready relieve them of a sou, or two
      Watering the wine making up the weight
      Picking up their knick-knacks
      When they can´t see strainght
      Everybody loves a landlord
      Everybody´s bosom friend
      I do whatever pleases Jesus don´t
      I bleed them in the end!

      Master of the House
      Quick to catch yer eye
      Never wants a passer by
      To pass him by
      Servant to the poor
      Butler to the great
      Comforter, philosopher
      And lifelong mate
      Everybody´s boon companion
      Everybody´s chaperone
      But look up your valises Jesus!
      Won´t I skin yer to the bone!

      Enter M´sieur
      Lay down yer load
      Unlace yer boots
      And rest from the road
      This weighs a ton
      Travel´s a curse
      But here we strive
      To lighten your purse
      Here the goose is cooked
      Here the fat is friend
      And nothing´s overlooked
      Till I´m satisfied

      Food beyond compare
      Food beyond belief
      Mix it in a mincer
      And pretend it´s beef
      Kidney of a horse
      Liver of a cat
      Filling up the sausages
      With this and that

      Residents are more than welcome
      Bridal suite is ocupied
      Reasonable chargesPlus some little extra on the side
      Charge them for the nice
      Extra for the mice
      Two per cent for looking in the mirror twice
      Here a little sluce
      There a litlle cut
      Three per cent for sleeping with the window shut
      When it comes to fixing prices
      There are lots of tricks to know
      How it all increases
      All them bits and pieces Jesus!
      It´s amazing how it grows

      Master of the House
      Quick to catch yer eye
      Never wants a passer by
      To pass him by
      Servant to the poor
      Buttler to the great
      Comforter, philosopher
      And lifelong mate
      Everybody´s boon companion
      Gives them everything he´s got
      Dirty bunch of greezers Jesus!
      What a sorry little lot!

      Bring ihn heim

      Herr mein Gott,
      Hör mein Fleh´n
      Steh mir bei,
      Laß kein Unrecht gescheh´n.
      Er ist jung,
      Laß ihn zieh´n.
      Hilf ihm auf,
      Segne ihn.
      Bring ihn heim.
      Bring ihn heim.
      Bring ihn heim.

      Er rührt mich wie mein eigner Sohn,
      Hätt Gott mir einen Sohn gewährt.
      Die Sommer flieh´n,
      Verfliegen sie
      Um mich her,
      Und ich bin alt
      Und bleib nicht mehr.

      Laß ihn blüh´n,
      Segne ihn,
      Er ist fast noch ein Kind.
      Herr, du nimmst,
      Herr, du gibst,
      Doch du schützt
      Die du liebst.
      Meinen Leib geb´ich hin,
      Laß ihn zieh´n, bring ihn heim,
      Bring ihn heim,
      Bring ihn heim.

      Bring him home

      God on high, hear my prayer.In my need
      You have always been there.
      He is young.He´s afraid.
      Let him rest.
      Heaven blessed.
      Bring him home
      Bring him home

      Bring him peace
      Bring him joy
      He is young
      He is only a boy
      You can take
      You can give
      Let him beLet him live
      If I die
      Let me die
      Let him home.

      He´s like the son I might have known
      If God had granted me a son.
      The summer die,One by one.
      How soon they fly,
      On and on.
      And I am old
      And will be gone

      Bring him live
      Bring him home
      Bring him home
      Bring him home.
  • Suddenly, sung by Jean Valjean:
    • Suddenly I see
      Suddenly it starts
      When two anxious hearts
      Beat as one.
      Yesterday I was alone
      Today you walk beside me
      Something still unclear
      Something not yet here
      Has begun.
      Suddenly the world
      Seems a different place
      Somehow full of grace
      And delight.
      How was I to know
      That so much love
      Was held inside me?
      Something fresh and young
      Something still unsung
      Fills the night.
      How was I to know at last
      That happiness can come so fast?
      Trusting me the way you do
      I’m so afraid of failing you
      Just a child who cannot know
      That danger follows where I go
      There are shadows everywhere
      And memories I cannot share
      Nevermore alone
      Nevermore apart
      You have warmed my heart
      Like the sun.
      You have brought the gift of life
      And love so long denied me.
      Suddenly I see
      What I could not see
      Something suddenly
      Has begun.
  • Stars, sung by Javert and Gavorche:
    • JAVERT
      There, out in the darkness
      A fugitive running
      Fallen from god
      Fallen from grace
      God be my witness
      I never shall yield
      Till we come face to face
      Till we come face to face

      He knows his way in the dark
      Mine is the way of the Lord
      And those who follow the path of the righteous
      Shall have their reward
      And if they fall
      As Lucifer fell
      The flame
      The sword!

      In your multitudes
      Scarce to be counted
      Filling the darkness
      With order and light
      You are the sentinels
      Silent and sure
      Keeping watch in the night
      Keeping watch in the night

      You know your place in the sky
      You hold your course and your aim
      And each in your season
      Returns and returns
      And is always the same
      And if you fall as Lucifer fell
      You fall in flame!

      And so it has been and so it is written
      On the doorway to paradise
      That those who falter and those who fall
      Must pay the price!

      Lord let me find him
      That I may see him
      Safe behind bars
      I will never rest
      Till then
      This I swear
      This I swear by the stars!

      That inspector thinks he's something
      But it's me who runs this town!
      And my theater never closes
      And the curtain's never down
      Trust Gavroche, have no fear
      Don't you worry, auntie dear,
      You can always find me here!
  • ABC Cafe/Red and Black, sung by Enjolras, Marius and Students:
    • (The ABC Cafe, where the students, led by Enjolras, meet to discuss their revolutionary plans)

      At Notre Dame the sections are prepared!

      At rue de Bac they're straining at the leash!

      Students, workers, everyone
      There's a river on the run
      Like the flowing of the tide
      Paris coming to our side!

      The time is near
      So near it's stirring the blood in their veins!
      And yet beware
      Don't let the wine go to your brains!
      For the army we fight is a dangerous foe
      With the men and the arms that we never can match
      It is easy to sit here and swat 'em like flies
      But the national guard will be harder to catch.
      We need a sign
      To rally the people
      To call them to arms
      To bring them in line!

      (Marius enters)

      Marius, you're late.

      Marius what's wrong with you today?
      You look as if you've seen a ghost.

      Some wine and say what's going on!

      A ghost you say... a ghost maybe
      She was just like a ghost to me
      One minute there, and she was gone!

      I am agog!
      I am aghast!
      Is Marius in love at last?
      I've never heard him `ooh' and `aah'
      You talk of battles to be won
      And here he comes like Don Ju-an
      It's better than an o-per-a!

      It is time for us all
      To decide who we are
      Do we fight for the right
      To a night at the opera now?
      Have you asked of yourselves
      What's the price you might pay?
      Is it simply a game
      For rich young boys to play?
      The color of the world
      Is changing day by day...

      Red - the blood of angry men!
      Black - the dark of ages past!
      Red - a world about to dawn!
      Black - the night that ends at last!

      Had you been there tonight
      You might know how it feels
      To be struck to the bone
      In a moment of breathless delight!
      Had you been there tonight
      You might also have known
      How the world may be changed
      In just one burst of light!
      And what was right seems wrong
      And what was wrong seems right!


      I feel my soul on fire!


      My world if she's not there!


      The color of desire!


      The color of despair!

      Marius, you're no longer a child
      I do not doubt you mean it well
      But now there is a higher call.
      Who cares about your lonely soul?
      We strive toward a larger goal
      Our little lives don't count at all!

      Red - the blood of angry men!
      Black - the dark of ages past!
      Red - a world about to dawn!
      Black - the night that ends at last!

      Well, Courfeyrac, do we have all the guns?
      Feuilly, Combeferre, our time is running short.
      Grantaire, put the bottle down!
      Do we have the guns we need?

      Give me brandy on my breath
      And I'll breathe them all to death!

      In St. Antoine they're with us to a man!

      In Notre Dame they're tearing up the stones!

      Twenty rifles good as new!

      (Gavroche rushes in shouting)


      Twenty rounds for every man!

      Listen to me!

      Double that in Port St. Cloud!

      Listen everybody!

      Seven guns in St. Martin!

      General Lamarque is dead!

      Lamarque is dead.
      Lamarque! His death is the hour of fate.
      The people's man.
      His death is the sign we await!

      On his funeral day they will honor his name.
      It's a rallying cry that will reach every ear!
      In the death of Lamarque we will kindle the flame
      They will see that the day of salvation is near!
      The time is near!
      Let us welcome it gladly with courage and cheer
      Let us take to the streets with no doubt in our hearts
      But a jubilant shout
      They will come one and all
      They will come when we call!
  • In My Life/A Heart Full of Love, sung by Valjean, Cosette, Marius and Eponine:
    • IN MY LIFE
      (Cosette stands in her garden on Rue Plumet)

      How strange
      This feeling that my life's begun at last
      This change,
      Can people really fall in love so fast?
      What's the matter with you, Cosette?
      Have you been too much on your own?
      So many things unclear
      So many things unknown.

      In my life
      There are so many questions and answers
      That somehow seem wrong
      In my life
      There are times when I catch in the silence
      The sigh of a faraway song
      And it sings
      Of a world that I long to see
      Out of reach
      Just a whisper away
      Waiting for me.

      Does he know I'm alive?
      Do I know if he's real?
      Does he see what I saw?
      Does he feel what I feel?

      In my life
      I'm no longer alone
      Now the love in my life
      Is so near
      Find me now, find me here!

      Dear Cosette,
      You're such a lonely child
      How pensive, how sad you seem to me
      Believe me, were it within my power
      I'd fill each passing hour
      How quiet it must be, I can see
      With only me for company.

      There's so little I know
      That I'm longing to know
      Of the child that I was
      In a time long ago...
      There's so little you say
      Of the life you have known
      Why you keep to yourself
      Why we're always alone
      So dark! So dark and deep...
      The secrets that you keep!

      In my life
      I have all that I want
      You are loving and gentle and good
      But Papa, dear Papa,
      In your eyes I am just like a child
      Who is lost in a wood

      No more words
      No more words. It's a time that is dead
      There are words
      That are better unheard,
      Better unsaid.

      In my life
      I'm no longer a child and I yearn
      For the truth that you know
      Of the years... years ago!

      You will learn
      Truth is given by God
      To us all in our time
      In our turn

      (Valjean leaves the garden. Marius and Eponine arrive outside)

      In my life
      She has burst like the music of angels
      The light of the sun
      And my life seems to stop
      As if something is over
      And something has scarcely begun.
      You're the friend who has brought me here
      Thanks to you I am one with the gods
      And Heaven is near!
      And I soar through a world that is new that is free

      EPONINE(to herself)
      Every word that he says is a dagger in me!
      In my life
      There's been no one like him anywhere
      Anywhere, where he is...
      If he asked... I'd be his

      In my life
      There is someone who touches my life

      Waiting near

      Waiting here

      A Heart Full of Love

      (Marius goes into the garden, leaving Eponine outside the gate)

      A heart full of love
      A heart full of song
      I'm doing everything all wrong
      Oh God, for shame
      I do not even know your name
      Dear Mad'moiselle
      Won't you say?
      Will you tell?

      A heart full of love
      No fear, no regret

      My name is Marius Pontmercy

      And mine's Cosette

      Cosette, I don't know what to say

      Then make no sound

      I am lost

      I am found!

      A heart full of light

      A night bright as day

      And you must never go away
      Cosette, Cosette

      This is a chain we'll never break

      Do I dream?

      I'm awake!

      A heart full of love

      A heart full of you

      A single look and then I knew

      I knew it too

      From today

      Every day

      For it isn't a dream
      Not a dream after all.

      He was never mine to lose
      Why regret what cannot be?
      These are words he'll never say
      Not to me...
      Not to me...
      Not to me...

      His heart full of love
      He will never feel this way...

      (Marius and Cosette move away as Montparnasse enters furtively)

      (Time has passed. Suggest Marius convalescing,
      encouraged by Cosette who takes his arm as he walks with firmer step)

      Every day
      You walk with stronger step
      You walk with longer step-
      `The worst is over.'

      Every day
      I wonder every day
      Who was it brought me here
      From the barricade?

      Don't think about it, Marius!
      With all the years ahead of us!
      I will never go away
      And we will be together
      Every day.
      Every day,
      We'll remember that night
      And the vow that we made:

      A heart full of love
      A night full of you
      The words are old
      But always true.
      Oh, God, for shame
      You did not even know my name!

      Dear Mad'moiselle
      I was lost in your spell.

      (Valjean enters, unnoticed)

      A heart full of love
      No fear no regret
      `My name is Marius Pontmercy'

      Cosette, Cosette!

      I saw you waiting and I knew.

      Waiting for you
      At your feet

      At your call

      And it wasn't a dream
      Not a dream after all

      VALJEAN(interjecting, to himself)
      She was never mine to keep.
      She is youthful, she is free.
      Love is the garden of the young
      Let it be... let it be...
      A heart full of love
      This I give you on this day.

      (They notice Valjean)

      M'sieur, this is a day
      I can never forget.
      Is gratitude enough
      For giving me Cosette?
      Your home shall be with us
      And not a day shall pass
      But we will prove our love
      To you, whom we shall call
      A father to us both
      A father to us all.

      (Cosette leaves)
  • On My Own, sung by Eponine:
      And now I'm all alone again
      Nowhere to turn, no one to go to
      Without a home, without a friend,
      Without a face to say hello to.
      And now the night is near
      Now I can make believe he's here.

      Sometimes I walk alone at night
      When everybody else is sleeping
      I think of him and then I'm happy
      With the company I'm keeping
      The city goes to bed
      And I can live inside my head.

      On my own
      Pretending he's beside me
      All alone, I walk with him till morning
      Without him
      I feel his arms around me
      And when I lose my way I close my eyes
      And he has found me

      In the rain the pavement shines like silver
      All the lights are misty in the river
      In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
      And all I see is him and me for ever and forever

      And I know it's only in my mind
      That I'm talking to myself and not to him
      And although I know that he is blind
      Still I say, there's a way for us

      I love him
      But when the night is over
      He is gone, the river's just a river
      Without him the world around me changes
      The trees are bare and everywhere
      The streets are full of strangers

      I love him
      But every day I'm learning
      All my life I've only been pretending
      Without me his world will go on turning
      A world that's full of happiness
      That I have never known!

      I love him
      I love him
      I love him
      But only on my own.
  • One Day More, sung by Valjean, Marius, Cosette, Eponine, Enjolras, Javert and the Thenadiers:
      One day more!
      Another day, another destiny.
      This never-ending road to Calvary;
      These men who seem to know my crime
      Will surely come a second time.
      One day more!

      I did not live until today.
      How can I live when we are parted?

      One day more.

      Tomorrow you'll be worlds away
      And yet with you, my world has started!

      One more day all on my own.

      Will we ever meet again?

      One more day with him not caring.

      I was born to be with you.

      What a life I might have known.

      And I swear I will be true!

      But he never saw me there!

      One more day before the storm!

      Do I follow where she goes?

      At the barricades of freedom.

      Shall I join my brothers there?

      When our ranks begin to form

      Do I stay; and do I dare?

      Will you take your place with me?

      The time is now, the day is here!

      One day more!

      One more day to revolution,
      We will nip it in the bud!
      I will join these little schoolboys
      They will wet themselves with blood!

      One day more!

      Watch 'em run amuck,
      Catch 'em as they fall,
      Never know your luck
      When there's a free for all,
      Here a little `dip'
      There a little `touch'
      Most of them are goners
      So they won't miss much!

      Students (2 Groups)
      1: One day to a new beginning

      2: Raise the flag of freedom high!

      1: Every man will be a king

      2: Every man will be a king

      1: There's a new world for the winning

      2: There's a new world to be won

      Do you hear the people sing?

      My place is here, I fight with you!

      One day more!

      I did not live until today.

      One more day all on my own!

      How can I live when we are parted?

      I will join these people's heros
      I will follow where they go
      I will learn their little Secrets,
      I will know the things they know.

      One day more!

      Tomorrow you'll be worlds away

      What a life I might have known!

      And yet with you my world has started

      One more day to revolution
      We will nip it in the bud
      We'll be ready for these


      Watch 'em run amok
      Catch 'em as they fall
      Never know your luck
      When there's a free-for-all!

      Tomorrow we'll be far away,
      Tomorrow is the judgement day

      Tomorrow we'll discover
      What our God in Heaven has in store!
      One more dawn
      One more day
      One day more!
  • Drink with Me, sung by Marius and Gavorche:
    • (The defenders settle down for the night with wine and a song)

      Marius, rest.

      Drink with me to days gone by
      Sing with me the songs we knew

      Here's to pretty girls who went to our heads.

      Here's to witty girls who went to our beds.

      Here's to them and here's to you!

      Drink with me to days gone by
      Can it be you fear to die?
      Will the world remember you
      When you fall?
      Could it be your death
      Means nothing at all?
      Is your life just one more lie?

      Drink with me to days gone by
      To the life that used to be

      At the shrine of friendship, never stay dark

      Let the wine of friendship never run dry

      Here's to you and here's to me

      Do I care if I should die
      Now she goes across the sea?
      Life without Cosette
      Means nothing at all.
      Would you weep, Cosette,
      Should Marius fall?
      Will you weep, Cosette,
      For me?

      (Marius settles down to sleep)
  • Bring Him Home, sung by Jean Valjean:
    • (Valjean is standing over Marius at the barricade)

      God on high
      Hear my prayer
      In my need
      You have always been there

      He is young
      He's afraid
      Let him rest
      Heaven blessed.
      Bring him home
      Bring him home
      Bring him home.

      He's like the son I might have known
      If God had granted me a son.
      The summers die
      One by one
      How soon they fly
      On and on
      And I am old
      And will be gone.

      Bring him peace
      Bring him joy
      He is young
      He is only a boy

      You can take
      You can give
      Let him be
      Let him live
      If I die, let me die
      Let him live
      Bring him home
      Bring him home
      Bring him home.
  • The Final Battle, sung by Enjolras and Combeferre:
    • ARMY OFFICER(with loud hailer)
      You at the barricade listen to this
      The people of Paris sleep in their beds
      You have no chance
      No chance at all
      Why throw your lives away?

      Let us die facing our foes
      Make them bleed while we can

      Make 'em pay through the nose

      Make 'em pay for every man!

      Let others rise
      To take our place
      Until the earth is free!

      Increasingly heavy gunfire.
      MARIUS is shot.

      Enjolras is killed at the summit of the barricade.

      All on the barricade are killed, except MARIUS,
      who is wounded and unconscious, and Valjean.

      Valjean discovers that Marius is still alive and
      carries him down into the sewers to escape.

      Javert climbs over the barricade looking for Valjean's body. Failing to find it, he realizes that Valjean must be in the
      sewers, so he goes off to where he must emerge.
  • Javert's Suicide, sung by Javert:
    • (Javert walks the deserted streets until he comes to a bridge over the river Seine)

      Who is this man?
      What sort of devil is he
      To have me caught in a trap
      And choose to let me go free?
      It was his hour at last
      To put a seal on my fate
      Wipe out the past
      And wash me clean off the slate!
      All it would take
      Was a flick of his knife.
      Vengeance was his
      And he gave me back my life!

      If I'll live in the debt of a thief!
      If I'll yield at the end of the chase.
      I am the Law and the Law is not mocked
      I'll spit his pity right back in his face
      There is nothing on earth that we share
      It is either Valjean or Javert!

      How can I now allow this man
      To hold dominion over me?
      This desperate man whom I have hunted
      He gave me my life. He gave me freedom.
      I should have perished by his hand
      It was his right.
      It was my right to die as well
      Instead I live... but live in hell.

      And my thoughts fly apart
      Can this man be believed?
      Shall his sins be forgiven?
      Shall his crimes be reprieved?

      And must I now begin to doubt,
      Who never doubted all these years?
      My heart is stone and still it trembles
      The world I have known is lost in shadow.
      Is he from heaven or from hell?
      And does he know
      That granting me my life today
      This man has killed me even so?

      I am reaching, but I fall
      And the stars are black and cold
      As I stare into the void
      Of a world that cannot hold
      I'll escape now from the world
      From the world of Jean Valjean.
      There is nowhere I can turn
      There is no way to go on....

      (He throws himself into the swollen river)
  • Empy Chairs at Empty Tables, sung by Marius:
    • (Marius, recovering from his wounds, imagines he is back at the ABC cafe)

      There's a grief that can't be spoken.
      There's a pain goes on and on.
      Empty chairs at empty tables
      Now my friends are dead and gone.

      Here they talked of revolution.
      Here it was they lit the flame.
      Here they sang about `tomorrow'
      And tomorrow never came.

      From the table in the corner
      They could see a world reborn
      And they rose with voices ringing
      I can hear them now!
      The very words that they had sung
      Became their last communion
      On the lonely barricade at dawn.

      Oh my friends, my friends forgive me

      (The ghosts of those who died on the barricade appear)

      That I live and you are gone.
      There's a grief that can't be spoken.
      There's a pain goes on and on.

      Phantom faces at the window.
      Phantom shadows on the floor.
      Empty chairs at empty tables
      Where my friends will meet no more.

      (The ghosts fade away)

      Oh my friends, my friends, don't ask me
      What your sacrifice was for
      Empty chairs at empty tables
      Where my friends will meet no more
  • Epilogue, sung by Jean Valjean, Eponine, Fantine, Cosette and Cast:
    • Valjean:
      Now you are here
      Again beside me
      Now I can die in peace
      For now my life is best

      You will live,
      Papa you're going to live!
      It's too soon, too soon to say goodbye

      Yes Cosette, forbid me now to die
      I'll obey, I will try
      On this page, I write my last confession
      Read it well, for I at last am sleeping
      It's a story of those who always loved you
      Your mother gave her life for you
      then gave you to my keeping

      Come with me
      Where chains will never bind you
      All your grief at last at last behind you
      Lord in heaven, look down on him in mercy!

      Forgive me all my trustpasses
      and take me to your glory

      Eponine & Fantine:
      Take my hand, and lead me to salvation
      Take my love, for love is everlasting
      And remember the truth that once was spoken
      (Valjean joins)
      To love another person is to see the face of God!

      Do you hear the people sing?
      Lost in te valley of the night
      It is the music of a people who are climbing to the light
      For the wretched of the earth there is a flame that never dies
      Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.
      They will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord
      They will walk behind the ploughshed, the will put away the sword.
      The chain will be broken and all men will have their reward!
      Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me?
      Somewhere beyond the baricade is there a world you long to see?
      Do you hear the people sing? Say do you hear the distant drums
      It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes
      Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me?
      Somewhere beyond the baricade is there a world you long to see?
      Do you hear the people sing? Say do you hear the distant drums?
      It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes!
      (singing chords)
      Tomorrow comes!!!

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