wave 1: 

set #1: 90000: orange suit Batman vs. evil spyro underwater chase

includes 1 mini figure: orange suit batman and 2 figures: evil spyro and spyro. 102 pieces $10.00

set #2: 90001: lucy's mini car and emmet's mini car vs. the kaos' bike street chase

includes 3 mini figures: lucy, emmet and kaos. 122 pieces $12.99

set #3: 90002: emmet vs. evil cynder emmet sub pursuit 

includes 1 mini figure: emmet and 2 figures: cynder and evil cynder 304 pieces $30.00

set #4: 90003: scuba kitty's under water palace attack! 

includes 3 mini figures: 2 guards and evil mummy helen and 1 figure: scuba kitty. 197 pieces $19.99

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