My/Your Ideas for future tribes and members in Legends of Chima. Feel free to write down your selves.

Dinosaur TribesEdit

T-Rex TribeEdit

  • King Rexor
  • Queen Rinnza
  • Prince Rexxious
  • Reffolus
  • Randoral
  • Rosshell

Triceraton TribeEdit

  • Queen Tritor
  • Princess Trini
  • Tramick

Pteranodon TribeEdit

  • King Ptaero
  • Prince Ptyclo
  • Princess Ptynacaa
  • Pterion
  • Ptycloe
  • Ptyairno

Deer Tribe Edit

  • Queen Darmi
  • Devi
  • Dudolph
  • Decanna
  • Dulex

Panther TribeEdit

  • Tormak

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