Legends of Chima is a computer-animated action-adventure fantasy film in the battle between good and evil, base off the Lego version. It features other animal factions. From Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Showside Pictures, and Imagi Animation Studios.

Chima - tribesEdit

Lion - HeroesEdit

  • Griffn Lanes Gortezin - King of the Lion tribe and Laval's Father
  • Hana Bedlton- Laval's Mother and Lagravis' Wife
  • Conner Maveric - Elder lion soilder
  • Saren Victorson - Tank Comander in training and Stewrt's big brother.
  • Stewrt Victorson- Youngest soilder and Saren's little brother.
  • Sherlock Goosebumps- Elder lion and Griffn's best friend.
  • Wendel Gortezin - Big brother to Justin and Casper and the oldest son n prince.
  • Justin Gortezin - Second son, also a prince and brother to Casper and Wendel
  • Casper Gortezin - Third and youngest son, another prince and Justin and Wendel's little brother.
  • Ramona Tracy Appleton - Female white lioness cub , also a princess and Casper's girlfriend.

Tiger - HeroesEdit

  • Tormak
  • Tazar
  • Trakkar
  • (Jim Cummings)

Eagle - HeroesEdit

  • Arone Baxter - King of the Eagles, and the father of Nathin and Candace.
  • Nathin Baxter - First child to Arone Baxter, prince of the eagles and Candace's older brother.
  • Candace Lynn Peppercorn - Second child, sister of Nathin and daughter of Arone Baxter.
  • Franklin Goosebumps - Older brother of Sherlock, Engineer and lobal guard to King Arone.
  • Odis Fackler - Elder eagle wiseman and Mechanic.

Gorilla - HeroesEdit

  • Grumlo - Leader
  • Gardo - elder
  • G'loona - little girl gorilla
  • Grizzam - gorilla warrior
  • Gompsy - gorilla warrior

Crocodile - HeroesEdit

  • Crominus (Clancy Brown) - King of the Crocodile Tribe and Cragger's father
  • Crunket (Kathleen Barr) - Cragger's mother
  • Crooler (Stacey Chan) - Cragger's sister
  • Crial (Venus Terzo)
  • Crug (Steven Blum)
  • Crawley (Dee Bradley Baker)

Raven - HeroesEdit

  • Rawzom - King of the Raven Tribe and Razar's father
  • Rascal
  • Rizzo
  • Rankett - Princess of the Raven tribe and Razars little sister

Wolf - HeroesEdit

  • Wonald
  • Windra
  • Wakz
  • Wilhurt
  • Worlock

Bear - HeroesEdit

  • Bladvic

Bat - VillainsEdit

Braptor - Leader



Octopus - VillainsEdit

  • Octavius (Paul Dobson)

Shark - heros Edit


shark storm

Sabre-Tooth Tiger villansEdit

  • Sir Fangar
  • Strainor
  • Stealthor

Kangaroo - HeroesEdit



Rhinoceros - HeroesEdit

  • Rataxis (Michael Donovan)

Dolphin - villansEdit

Dennis the menace


Sea Turtles - HeroesEdit

Squril - HeroesEdit







Ant - HeroesEdit

  • Queen Athena (Nicole Oliver)
  • General Andible (Jim Cummings)
  • Amar (Phil LaMarr)
  • uniqua

Bee - HeroesEdit

  • Queen Byka (Kathleen Barr)

Wasp - VillainsEdit


Mantis - HeroesEdit


Scorpion - VillainsEdit

Scorm - The Gold Scopion King



Spider villainsEdit

Spinlyn - Queen of the Spider Tribe Sparratus



Hippopotamous - HeroesEdit


Hyena - VillainsEdit

  • Commander Hooder (Michael Dobson)
  • Lord Humor (Paul Dobson)
  • Huckles (Brian Dobson)
  • Heckler (Peter Dobson)

Leopard - HeroesEdit

  • Lundor
  • Logustus - King of the Leopard tribe
  • Lunnibal - Prince of the Leopard tribe, Logustus's son

Peacock - HeroesEdit

Dom de la Woosh

Giraffe - HeroesEdit

  • Gackat
  • Goonota

Frog - villansEdit



penguin - Heroes


cody maveric

Rat - VillainsEdit


Vulture - VillainsEdit

  • Vardy 
  • Voom Voom
  • Vornon

Phoenix tribe - HeroesEdit

  • Fluminox - King
  • Flinx - Child
  • Foltrax

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