This will be a four part special episode of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness "The Return of Tai Lung!" where Tai Lung returns to plot his revenge on Po, Shifu and the Furious Five and take over the Valley of Peace along with other villains that Po def


Tai Lung returns and calls together other villains that have been defeated by Po and offers them revenge on him as long as they help him take over the Valley of Peace. Tai Lung then prepares to attack the Valley of Peace with his new army of villainous warriors. Tai Lung attack Po, Shifu and the Five Po got him Tai Lung slash him in the face Po Shifu & the Five Po has three scars size face to his eye Po & The Furious Five hit him and they got him Tai Lung say "You win now you lose." he found Ke-Pa's dragon heart and he transformed in a dragon Shifu and the Five got up and see Mr. Ping said "Where Po?" Tai Lung and the others got Po as Tai Lung's New Year's gift and they tied aronud with ropes add him with a big rocket they send Po for a long trip to North America Shifu and the Five see Po was add to the rocket Tai Lung talk to Po "No one likes an idiot like you forever.", Shifu and the Five planed untired Po fron that rocket Manits broken rocket botton Manits cut the ropes free Po Tai Lung bean on Po turn into a dragon trap for Po fly away it was too late are defeated and chained up around to a wagon by Tai Lung and the other villains Tai Lung speak to Shifu and the Five he pulling off PO beard from his chin and looking at Tigress's face is always angry is not beautiful because she's bossey, try to cry about Po's death and in love with Po, Tigress growl at him, and he punch her in the face to Crane's head Tai Lung & the other villains are take over the Valley of Peace and is the ending of kung fu forever and they send Shifu and the Five to Chorh-Gom Prison, Tai Lung and the other villains taking over the Valley of Peace and they heard Tai Lung say "Po the Dragon Warrior panda will never return alive he's not dead yet the Valley of Peace is ours for villains year of the leopard begins here now take over the valley!" Tai Lung and the other villains after the Jade Palace they destroy and burn Shifu and the Five's stuff and the training hall Tai Lung and the others villains ruled the Valley of Peace, meanwhile the Po in his dragon form land to the river to a lake a boat Po turn back in a panda. Po waken and Po he saw a green lizard named Drax Sojo awake he saw Po Drax frack out "Don't eat me! I've taste bad!" next to him and they are on the journey to got back to the Valley of Peace so many miles away from home. Meanwile Tai Lung's wolves are sending Shifu and the Five to Chorh-Gom Prison the wolves open the doors made it inside, just in Ox, Croc, Chao and Song came to recuse Shifu and the Five, Croc broke the chains free Shifu and the Five and they kick the wolves butts. Shifu and the Five talk to their allies thet they're here to find Po Viper said "Where Tigress?" and than they see her, But than Tigress left to find Po by herself then the others went with her to find him and take back the Valley of Peace. Back the Valley of Peace Tai Lung & the other villains are in the Jade Palace are had a party in the training hall Tai Lung, the Wu Sisters and the rest of his wolves broke the training stuff the Wu Sisters put a Tai Lung's two chairs in training hall and outside of the Jade Palace as Tai Lung's empire. Po & Drax on are journey they be going in circles he don't known they going. Shifu, the Five and the allies are finding Po Crane said "We'll never see Po again." Viper say at Crane  "Don't say that will find him" Tigress is very worry about Po Mantis said "Hey don't worry Tigress Po's out there somewere so don't worry we'll find him." back in the the Valley of Peace Tai Lung was shocked he said "They what! his wolves said at Tai Lung "The allies of the panda free them Great Master and they are off too find the panda." Tai Lung say "They great trackers than all of us now! Look we are villains Po's allies are coming for Po you wolves know what to do." and they said "Great Master!" One night Tai Lung & the others villains are in a feast in the Jada Palace and tell jokes about Po, Shifu and the Five. Po & Drax going in the woods and found a old temple they go in and take a look they saw a mural of two dragon fighting in the Valley of Peace a green dragon vs a red dragon, are Po and Tai Lung, Shifu & the others found a dragon pint of Po's dragon form at the lake and panda tracks Po in the woods lizard body print Shifu send Crane & Viper, Po & Drax left the old temple Drax tell he go back to Hong Kong Po never see big cities friends of Drax are worry about him, his friends had someing Python he had a computer to back to the Valley of Peace Shifu & the others saw old temple next to panda prints to east were Po & Sojo are Sojo's home town is Hong Kong back at the Valley of Peace Tai Lung ask at Mr. Ping in the Jade Palace he send him to the dengeon the wolves trash Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop & took Po's stuff Komodo Dragons are eating the noodles, Sojo ask Po "So what old Tai Lung is?" Po don't know his age is and Tai Lung's roar powerful Drax tell Po gotta roar Po don't has a roar Drax teach Po to roar he never roar anyone and what about Tigress "Is she's hot? Is she's your girlfriend?" Po said "No she's not my girlfriend she just a friend." Po's belly empty he had eaten all day Po & Sojo are here Hong Kong Sojo's family will feed him Crane fly in sky with Viper they saw Po going south to Hong Kong Crane Viper saw wolf ninjas tell Shifu & the others Tai lung send his wolves after Po to Hong Kong, Back at the Valley of Peace Tai Lung & the other villains are in a meeting why Po return home freeze him in time, mount his head on the wall, let's eat him, or geit him a hair cut Taotie had a blueprint of Po cloud "freeze him in time colud gift him a hair cut while his head will be mounted on the wall and?" Hundun idea "Put a bomb in his body!" Crane & Viper return Shifu & the others good news & bad news they found him he going to Hong Kong and the bad news Tai Lung send his wolves after Po. Po & Drax are here Hong Kong Darx give Po show Hong Kong is a 21st century


  • Po (voiced by Mike Wingert): The main protagonist a 30-year-old Giant Pand after the Dragon Warrior defeated the other villains all by himself he show the Five the pictures of Po kicking bad guy butt, Po states that he just too good for other villains, He and his friends are shocked Tai Lung had return and survived. Tai Lung got the other villains are with him by his side Tai Lung show Po, Shifu & the Furious Five the footages of defeated of villains by Po without Shifu and the Five's help 100% footages, Shifu and the Five are mad and looking at Po part 4 Po returned along with Drax back to the Valley of Peace from Tai Lung and the other villains Po fight Tai Lung man to man Tai Lung grabbed him by head "Face it Po you will failed!" Po's eyes turing green transformed into green dragon, in the end Po grabbed Tai Lung's hand and pulled him out of the hole then they took him and the other villains to Chorh-Gom Prison. Tigress close to him she say at Po "That is so hardcore." and Po hugged Tigress again. Po's scars left eye from Tai Lung's claw marks
  • Drax Sojo (Charlie Schlatter): Drax Sojo is a 25-year-old chinese water dragon and Kung Fu Master from Hong Kong, China who helped Po teach new kung fu techniqicues to got back to the Valley of Peace to from Tai Lung & the others villains. In the end of part 4 He watching Po hugging Tigress again. Drax call Tigress "The tiger in the vest." Drax is a lizard he has a crush on Viper buy she a snake, Drax teach Po how to roar at someone.
  • Shifu (voiced by Fred Tatasciore): In part 2 is not Po's fault is Shifu's fault he do not teach Po the move Wuxi Finger Hold. Shifu and the Furious Five are chained up around to a wagon by Tai Lung and the other villains Tai Lung pulling off Shifu's beard from his chin and they send him and the Furious Five to Ghorh-Gom Prison. It will grow back eventually
  • Furious Five
    • Tigress (voiced by Kari Wahlgren): The deuteragonist and the leader of the Furious Five. In part 2 Tigress protect Po from Tai Lung, she fight him, Tai Lung defeated her quickly. And than she and the others are chained up around to a wagon by Tai Lung and the other villains Tai Lung lookin at Tigress face is always angry and is bossey, cry about Po's death and in love with Po she growl at Tai Lung say "So bossey." and he punch her in the face he say at her Po told Tigress about Oogway did make the wrong choice be the Dragon Warrior and they send her and the others to Chorh-Gom Prison after Po's gone she feel bad about Po's fault and she's very sad she left to find Po by herself the others are after her to find Po. In the end of part 4 she say at Po "That is so hardcore." and Po hugged her again. After Tai Lung & the others are beat in jail one night Po going up to the peach tree Tigress here to take with him Po sorry about Tiger she sorry she was't there to help the hole time Tiger fool her and he fool Po & the others Tirgess tell something at Po she tell him "I'm love you." she kiss Po on the lips under the peach tree & fireflies and she going to bed "Goodnight Po." Tigress is now Po's secret girlfriend. She is 26-year-old South China Tiger 
    • Crane (voiced by Amir Talai): In part 2 Tai Lung broke his wings push off his hat from his head and kick him in the face, He and the others are chained up around to a wagon by Tai Lung and the other villains and they send him and the others to Ghorh-Gom Prison In the end of part 4 Crane got shocked and drop his lower jaw watching at Po hugging Tigress again he, Monkey, Viper and Mantis got him gorup hug Po. Crane say at Po "Don't never hug Tigress again please Po."
    • Monkey (voiced by James Sie): In part 2 Tai Lung bite Monkey in the neck back and front like a rag doll, He and the others are chained up around to a wagon by Tai Lung and the other villains and they send him and the others to Ghorh-Gom Prison, In the end part 4 Monkey got shocked watching Po hugging Tigress again.
    • Viper (voiced by Lucy Liu): In part 2 Tai Lung spin her away, She and the others are chained up around to a wagon by Tai Lung and the other villains and they send her and the others to Ghorh-Gom Prison, Viper got shocked wacthing Po hugging Tigress again. 
    • Mantis (voiced by Max Koch): In part 2 Mantis attack first Tai Lung at his chest "Whoa he's evan tougher than last time!" and Tai Lung stomp on Mantis, Tai Lung flicked him off his feet, He in a cage to a wagon by Tai Lung and the other villains and they send him and the others to Ghorh-Gom Prison, In the end of part 4 Mantis got shocked watching Po hugging Tigress again.
  • Croc (voiced by Dave B. Mitchelle): In the end part 4 Croc & the others watching Po hugging Tigress again.
  • Storming Ox (voiced by Phil LaMarr): In the part 4 Ox & the others watching Po hugging Tigress again.
  • Chao (voiced by James Sie):
  • Peng (voiced by Danny Cooksey): Tai Lung's nephew
  • Song (Voiced by Lauren Tom): Song with Ox, Croc and Chao after Ghorh-Gom Prison recuse Shifu and the Furious Five from Tai Lung's wolves, and she and the allies are off to find Po, Song & the others watching Po hugging Tigress again.
  • Zeng (Voiced by Mike Wingert)
  • Mr. Ping (voiced by James Hong): Po's dad In the end of part 1 Tai Lung got Mr. Ping in the neck he led to Po, in part 2 Tai Lung kicked him.
  • Oogway (voiced by Randal Duke Kim): In the end of part 4 he heals Po's face and Tigress's arm are back to normal.
  • Constable Hu (voiced by Neil Ross)
  • Croc Bandits
    • Fung (voiced by John DiMaggio): Was with Tai Lung & the other villains part 1-3. In the part 4 episode Tai Lung kick him & his gang out of the league Jong & his son are here and he, Lidong and the Croc bandits decided to help Po & the good guys, Fung & his cousin Lidong and the crocs watching Po hugging Tigress again.
    • Gah-ri (voiced by Fred Tatasciore):
    • Irwin
    • Wall Eye (voiced by John DiMaggio)
    • Lidong (voiced by Jim Cummings): Fung's cousin with his cousin & the Croc Bandits was with Tai Lung & the other villains part 1-3. In the part 4 he, Fung & the Croc Bandits decided to help Po & the good guys. 
    • Unnammed Crocs


  • Tai Lung (voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo): The main antagonist of the TV series he's the leader of  the league of villains and Po's old worst enemy. In part 2 Tai Lung has a flashback Po used Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung's finger and boom Po send him half way across China to Hubei Volcano, where The Wu Sisters found him and take him to treat his wounds them, 6 days ago he regain some of his strength and vows to seek revenge on Po & his friends, in part 1 Peng who Tai Lung's nephew keep looking for him he saw a caves by the mountains and he found him in the caves. When Peng tells him that he vows to never do Kung Fu, Tai Lung manipulates Peng to help his uncle's revenge on Po. After his defeat, he's wearing a studded shoulder plate and a metal gauntlet on his right arm after he lost his finger and survived from Po's Wuxi Finger Hold blast, he broke the other villains out of Chorh-Gom Prison he with Su, Wing, Wan, Peng and his wolves, Tai Lung and the other villains are had a meeting in Hubei Volcano. His master plan is to take over the Valley of Peace from Po, Shifu, and the Furious Five Tiger the old rival of Tigress stay there . In the end part 1 He came to the Valley of Peace a long with Peng, the Wu Sisters, his wolves and other villains in part 2 Tai Lung snap his left hand to his finger roll the footage of villains defeat by Po without Shifu and the Five 100% Shifu and the Five are mad and looking at Po. Po gone on to a rocket for a long trip Shifu & the Five are defeated by Tai Lung & the others villains Tai Lung tell his wolves he said "Get the chains, the wagon! and the cage for the small green bug! and they chained them around Mantis in a cage Shifu & the Five awake and sent to Chorh-Gom Prison. in part 4 Tai Lung and the other villains are always lying ever scents Tai Lung fight Po his dragon form he was changed back to his orginal form for good by Oogway's spirit alllowing Po to fight him man to man and after his defeat they relies he was corrupted by a greater evil and po and the furious 5 along with ally's head off places unknown. the Wu Sisters & his wolves call him Master.
    • Wu Sisters: Tai Lung's henchladies who were defeated by Masters Rhino, Ox and Croc. The sisters made a new sword for Tai Lung is the Blue Dragon Fire Sword.
      • Su Wu (voiced by Sumalee Montano): Tai Lung's 2nd in command
      • Wing Wu (vioced by Kelly Hu):
      • Wan Wu (vioced by Nicole Sullivan):
    • Tai Lung's Lang Shadow Army (voicess by Gary Sinise, Troy Baker, Rob Paulsen, Fred Tatasciore, Max Koch, Roger Craig Smith, Chris Williams, Rino Romano, Harvey Fierstein, Barry Gordon): Tai Lung's foot soilders of army of Wolf Ninjas. They wear similar uniforms with some variety in color. The basic uniform consists of shirts, masks, and stripes, with the color varying between usually gray, dark gray, and orange they use weapons are War Blades, Ninja Stars, Bows, Throwing Axes, Spears and Miao dao swords. only 10 of them speaks.
  • Junjie (voiced by Stephen Root): He teaches Tai Lung new techniques Tiger's teacher
  • Hundun (voiced by Diedrich Bader):
  • Jong (voiced by Wanye Knight): In part 4
    • Jong's son (vioced by Wanye Knight)
  • Taotie (voiced by Wallace Shawn): Comes to help Tai Lung with his new improved Iron Claws of Doom! with more lubricant, In part 2 Taotie said at Po "What had you done to my son Po!"
    • Bian Zao (voiced by Simon Helberg): Taotie's son In part 2 he said at his dad "Dad i'm also befriend with Po.", In the end of part 4 He stay with Po & the others why his dad & the other villains in jail. from Tai Lung's team
  • Tai Lung's Fatal Five: A group of villains that paralleles the Furious Five in the form of Tai Lung's styles of Kung Fu. Scorpion, Owl, Monkey, Cobra and Tiger.
    • Scorpion (voiced by Lynn Milgrim)
    • Fenghuang (voiced by Wendie Malick)
    • Pai Mei (voiced by Clancy Brown):
    • Fu-Xi (voiced by Dwight Schultz): A evil cobra wants to kill Viper for she bepray her kind and he lost his fang
    • Tiger (voiced by Corey Feldman): A 34-year-old male Siberian Tiger a he is the secondary antagonist of the TV series from Tigress's past Tigress missed her mommy and daddy When left her at Bao Gu Orphanage he was there he missed his mom and dad too left him there Junjie choose him as foster son Tigress fight with Tiger lean Tiger Kung Fu he was 7 years old Tigress slash him in the chest she win and she beat grown up he go on a journey he move the Wu Sisters's lair trained there were he meet Tai Lung, He & Tai Lung team up Tai Lung talk to Tiger, Tigress in the Vallet of Peace and will get his revenge on Tigress Tai Lung know Tigress fall in love Po all time had those 3 photos of Po and Tigress are hugging ask him to crush Po and Tiger will become the new Dragon Warrior that is the old rival of Tigress and the best friend of Tai Lung. who is Junjie's student. He has an x shaped scar on his chest he wear gray pants. His scars from Tigress's claw marks. Tiger he responsible kill Tigress's parents his tiger hair dark orange black stripes white lower body.
  • Tong-Fo (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Ao-Lo (voiced by Tim Curry) a dark ghost like entity from the spirit realm who corrupted Tai Lung and turned him evil. he is the true villain after the kung fu panda legends of awesomness the return of tai lung saga.
  • Temutal (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)
    • Qidan warriors
  • Zhou Dan (voiced by): He return for revenge on Po
    • Komodo Dragons

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