2 guys meet in a prison as they escape to fight the mob who framed them.


November 16, 2014


  • Jules Vern (Ben Stiller) - a married man who was seperated from his wife to be tortured, in the end, reunites with his wife, and asks Derrek to come anytime!
  • Derrek Joseph (Jeremy Renner) - a framed man who teams up with Jules, and starts hitting on Kelly, in the end, ends with Kelly, and a new born!
  • Kelly Tyson (Anne Hathaway) - Derrek's love interest, who is Ti's lover, in the end, Ends up with Derrek's infant son!
  • Leslie Vern (Christine Taylor) - Jule's wife, in the end, is in the hospital, and with her husband!
  • Jared Rich (Guy Pearce) - the main antagonist, and the one who had Derrek framed in Bosnia, his goal is to get all the money into his account, he has been torturing Jule's wife, Leslie, in the end, gets killed by Jules, and eaten by Tigers!
  • Ti  (Giancarlo Esposito) - the secondary antagonist and lovers with Kelly, who has been hitting on Kelly, he is close friends with Jared, in the end, Gets killed by Derrek!



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