Kingdom Hearts: Rise of the Blot is a game basedon the Epic Mickey series


After Dr. Doofensmirtz, Pete and The Toon Patrol had sneaked in Yen Sid's tower they discovers that Yin Sid used a magic paintbrush to create a world for Disney's forgotten characters (from creations to rusted Disney attraction parts) and next to it was thinner attempts to create a statue of themselves in the world but instead creates the Phantom Blot. They attempt to erase it, and ends up spilling paint on the model. They attempt to clean it up in a haste, but just spills even more paint and thinner but they're kidnapped by the Phantom Blot into Wasteland and wants Doofensmirtz, The Toon Patrol and Pete to serve him. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and his also-long forgotten friend, Felix the Cat team up to defeat the Blot. Sora and the gang must stop him.