King Kong II: Return to Skull Island is a sequal to the 2005 film, directed by Peter Jackson.

==Plot== Edit

==Characters and Cast== Edit

Crew of the ? Edit

  • Margie Robbie as Sarah Jane Darrow, the great grand daughter of Anne Darrow and Jack Driscoll. Feisty, kind, clever, jolly, and loyal. Wears a pale-blue tank-top, khaki cargo-shorts, a bandolier with darts, a pith helmet with goggles, a green scrim-scarf, and boots. Uses martial arts, a machete, a jamiyah dagger, a blowgun, a boomerang, a spear, and a club. 
  • Andy Serkis as Kag, the albino great-grandson of Kong. Noble, caring, honourable, wise, and loyal. He bodns with Sarah Jane Darrow and becomes her ally

==Creatures of Skull Island== Edit

  • *Vastatosaurus Rex
  • *Venatosaurus
  • *Giant Insects
  • *Brontosaurus
  • *and more