Killzone: Mercenary 2 would be a sequel to 2013's Killzone: Mercenary. It would once again be developed by Guerrilla Cambridge, with Guerrilla Games overseeing production.  But in the sequel you will play as Justus Harkin instead of Danner.


Arran Danner raises Justus Harkin as his own son, since his mother and father died in Killzone: Mercenary.  Still having contracts to complete and money to earn, Danner decides to recruit Justus as a mercenary.  For 10 years Danner trains and teaches his pupil to earn money the mercenary way.  As Justus' 20th birthday he gets his first mission.  With Talon Corp corrupted, Danner decides to take over. He has Justus to kill every mercenary associated with Talon Corp, unless they agree to succumb to Danner's orders.  Needing more recruits, Danner sends Justus to different places to recruit mercenaries.