18 years after the events of the original film, Raymond Jones is the new eraser. But when he witnesses that a terrorist is looking for supermodels to give him, especially Whitney Grimm, whom Raymond Jones must protect, even if it means going pass WITSEC agent Hans Darrell.


June 20, 2014


  • Raymond Jones (Dwayne Johnson) - in the end, gets promoted!
  • Whitney Grimm (Ellen Page) - witness Raymond Jones must protect, in the end, gets a new life!
  • Jasper Trask(Arnold Vosloo) - the main antagonist, who plans to auction supermodels to a buyer, he has the same tone as his character of Zartan from G.I. Joe, whistling "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow", and smokes a cigarette, in the end, gets arrested!
  • Horace Vince (Josh Stewart) - the secondary antagonist, Jasper's lacky, and a womanizer, Stewart has the same tone as his character, Barsad from The Dark Knight Rises, in the end, gets killed by WITSEC!
  • Senore Jose Hernendo (Álex González) - the buyer of supermodels, in the end, was also arrested!
  • Hans Darrell (John Travolta) - a WITSEC agent, in the end, apologizes to Raymond for not understanding the situation!
  • Peter Van Klein (Liam Neeson) - the head of WITSEC, in the end, resigns to be head of Paragon!
  • Supermodels held hostage by Jasper : revealed had cheated him off when he was their manager!
    • Reba Ranch (Amanda Bynes) - in the end, thanks Raymond!
    • Andrea Beumont (Lady Gaga) - in the end, kisses Raymond on the cheek!
    • F.T. Giggy (Brooklyn Decker) - in the end, thanks him, and gives him her number!
    • Carla Pratt (Amy Adams) - in the end, goes to Hollywood!
    • Bianca Phillips (Megan Fox) - in the end, leaves for Broadway!
    • Gina Franks (Miley Cyrus) - in the end, does live stories!
    • Diana Bryce (Cree Summer) - in the end, revealed to be an undercover!