This will be the summer film for the 38th Super Sentai team Kemonogun Sentai Armagejer. This happens before the appearance of ArmageGreen.


While the Armagejers were battling Akuza in a small Kyoto town, they unearth a mysterious mirror that takes anyone to a dimension where everyone and everything is opposite compared to the real world. When the Armagejers were sucked in, they find this place "weird." And so, the Akuza plans to take advantage to this situation, and plan another human/animal war. Will the Armagejers learn to trust the reverse-Akuza and escape to the real world in time?


GeddonCyan-the film's main antagonist and ArmageRed's evil counterpart. He is the leader of the Geddongers. His mechas are GeddonChimera, GeddonJaguar, GeddonDingo, and GeddonPanda, which form the GeddonFlame. GeddonFlame merges with the GeddonDragon, in the final battle, to form GeddonDevil.

GeddonYellow-ArmageBlue's evil counterpart, and is the hotheaded muscle of the Geddongers. His mechas are GeddonProtocera, GeddonSpino, GeddonArchaero, GeddonIguana, and GeddonAnkayla, which form the GeddonBarian.

GeddonBlue-ArmageYellow's evil conterpart, and the strategist of the Geddongers, as well as the only female. Her mechas are GeddonGriffin, GeddonPhoenix, GeddonLion, GeddonHydra, and GeddonCyclops, which form the GeddonTitan.

GeddonWhite-ArmageBlack's evil counterpart, and the Geddonger's second in command. His mechas are GeddonUnicorn, GeddonPegasus, GeddonMustang, GeddonRhino, and GeddonYak, which form the ArmageViking.