This is the 3rd installment of the Superhero Taisen movie series, and is the first one to have current Kamen Rider villains and Super Sentai villains involved (compared to the previous Superhero Taisen movies), as well as being allied with antagonized villain teams (teams like Dai-Zangyack, Dai-Shocker, Space-Shocker, etc.)


Makuu of Space Sheriff Gavan  has been reborn as Dai-Makuu, and they hatch a plan to rid the universe of heroes. They captured the Kamen Riders, and amde it that Super Sentai did it! Meanwhile, Kamen Rider Gaimu was recruited by the Space Sheriffs, led by Gavan Type-G with Gavan absent, to defeat and arrest all Super Sentai teams, starting with Armagejer! ArmageRed was defeated by Gaimu, and was incarcenated. Later, we find out that Dai-Mkuu is framing the Super Sentai teams for the disappearance of the Kamen Riders, and tricking the Space Sheriffs. They plan to ally with the Akuza Army from Kemonogun Sentai Armagejer and (insert Gaimu villain team here) from Kamen Rdier Gaimu, and destroy the two team franchises so they could rule the cosmos without any trouble at all! Will ArmageRed break free and have his name cleared? Will the Kamen Riders be free? Will the Space Sheriffs ever be trusted? Will ArmageRed and Gaimu work together? Will Dai-Makuu's forces ever be stopped?


Villains of MakuuEdit

  • Don Horror-founder and godfather of Space Crime Syndicate Makuu. He is now leader of Dai-Makuu and the film's main villain.
  • San Dorva-son of Don Horror and second-in-command of Dai-Makuu's commander forces.
  • Crushers-foot soldiers of Makuu.

Villains of MaduuEdit

  • Demon King Psycho-second-in-command of Dai-Makuu as well as the leader of Space Crime Syndicate Maduu.
  • General Gryer
  • Doctor Polter
  • Reider-same attire from Superhero Taisen Z.
  • Miss Demon 1
  • Miss Demon 2

Villains of FuumaEdit

  • Great Emperor Kubilai-founder of Fushigi World Fuuma and third-in-command of Dai-Makuu.
  • Commander Hessler
  • Himley