This is the fifth and final installment of the Superhero Taisen film franchise. Since this marks the 65th Anniversary of Toei Company Ltd., other tokusatsu superheroes from Toei like 7-Color Mask, National Kid, Giant Robo, Kikaider, Kikaider 01, Inazuman Flash, Akumaizer 3, Kaiketsu Zubat, and many more will join in. And, Yin, Yang, Master Yo, Jack, and the WooFoo Army from Yin Yang Yo! will be involved in the story too! This takes place during the events of Yin Yang Yo! Season 3 as it airs in Japan.


Kamen Riders Eigem and Spiral battle the Jewelariats while questoning Kentaro for his evil side, the Youthengers take on the Qado Army, and Yin, Yang, and Jack stop Kevin Irons and his agents from stealing a power core, with Gavan Type-G's help. Then those four hero groups meet, and share their stories. Just then, three well-known evil organizations Shocker, the Black Cross Army, and Makuu start rising. And the current villain groups form an alliance with those evil organizations in order to find the Hero Eraser, an ancient anti-WooFoo artifact that can wipe the living existence out of the older tokusatsu superheroes that came before the current, once it's activated. Yin, Yang, Jack, Gavan Type-G, and Kamen Riders Ichigo and Nigo hold off Shocker that's attacking their hometown, Kamen Riders Eigem and Spiral, and the Himitsu Sentai Goranger take on the Black Cross Army that's attacking Kyoto, and the Youthengers, with the original Gavan helping them, battle Makuu who is attacking Tokyo. Just then, a familiar face is watching them over the horizon---it's Toei's very-first hero: 7-Color Mask!!! While that, it was a diversion for the Jewelariats and the Qado Army retrieve the Hero Eraser and allow all Kamen Riders, Super Sentai, and Metal Heroes to vanish out of thin air(except Eigem and Spiral, Youthengers, and Gavan Type-G since they are still current). How will the heroes find the artifact to bring back those teams? Who will help them? Will they be able to defeat Shocker, Black Cross Army, and Makuu before the entire universe is in their hands?!


Returning the second time couple weeks after the events of Eigem! Sirven! Kamen Rider Celebration Battle!, Shocker conssits of Kamen Rider villains from any incarnation. Once the Jewelariats found the Hero Eraser, they were called as pawns and were thrown out. The members are below:


  • The Great Leader of Shocker: an unnamed founder of Shocker, with the same design in Eigem! Sirven! Kamen Rider Celebration Battle!.


  • Doctor G/Kani Laser: a commander of Destron of the German branch, with the same design from the first Superhero Taisen movie.
  • King Dark: a gigantic robot who is leader of G.O.D.
  • Apollo Geist: chief of security of G.O.D.
  • Dead Lion: the greatest commander of Black Satan.
  • Emperor Terror Macro/Kaiser Crow: leader of the Dogma Kingdom.
  • Satan Doll: one of the commanders of Jin Dogma, by the form of Princess Youkai.
  • Ambassador Darkness/Southern Cross: Ambassador Hell's cousin who is the founder of the Badan Empire.
  • Darom: leader of the intergalactic cult Gorgom.
  • Shadow Moon: a Century King created by Gorgom.
  • General Jark: leader of the Global Crisis Empire.
  • N-Daguva-Zeba: the most powerful of all Grongi.
  • Orphnoch King: the young king of all Orphnochs.
  • Joker: a strange being who has ties with the Undead.
  • Llumu Qhimil: a former ruler of the Amazon World of Decade, made after Gorgos.
  • Terror Dopant: Dopant by the form of Ryubee Sonozaki, head of the Museum.
  • Gara: Greeed well-known for creating the Cell Medals and using them for his evil purposes.
  • Groundain and Skydain: two Space Ironmen who planned to use the XVII to destroy the Earth.
  • Wiseman: leader of the Phantoms who is in a ghost form.
  • Deemushu: an Overlord Inves.
  • Tenjuro Banno: the creator of the Roidmudes

Showa Period KajinEdit

  • Scorpion Man: a scorpion monster of Shocker.
  • Ghoster: a magma monster of Shocker.
  • Wolf Man: a werewolf monster of Shocker, by the form of Colonel Zol.
  • Ikadevil: a squid monster of Shocker, by the form of Doctor Shinigami.
  • Shiomaneking: a fiddler crab monster of Shocker.
  • Garagaranda: a rattlesnake monster of Shocker, by the form of Ambassador Hell.
  • Ganikoumori: a bat/crab hybrid of Gel-Shocker.
  • Isojinjaguar: a jaguar/sea anomene hybrid of Gel-Shocker.
  • Hiruchameleon: a chameleon/leech hybrid of Gel-Shocker, by the form of Black Shogun.
  • Gangaru: a kangaroo monster of Black Satan.
  • Tiger-Roid: a tiger monster of the Badan Empire.
  • Cublican: a robot monster of Global Crisis Empire, under Gatezawn's branch.
  • Goushiima: a test subject creature of Institute of Super Science.
  • Doras: the final form of the Neo Organism.
  • Garai: a cobra child of Fog.
  • Shocker Soldiers: foot soldiers of Shocker.
  • Gel-Shocker Soldiers: foot soldiers of Gel-Shocker.
  • Destron Soldiers: foot soldiers of Destron.

Heisei Period KajinEdit

  • Me-Giiga-Gi: a squid Grongi.
  • El of the Wind: a hawk El Lord.
  • Negazelle: a gazelle Contract Beast.
  • Mushroom Orphnoch: a mushroom Orphnoch.
  • Centipede Undead: a centipede Undead.
  • Verber Worm: a tailless-whip scorpion Worm.
  • Bloodsucker Imagin: a leech Imagin.
  • Bakeneko: a cat Makamou from the Amazon World of Decade, although it's a Hibiki monster.
  • Beetle Fangire: a beetle Fangire from the Kiva World of Decade.
  • Kamen Rider Abyss: an evil Kamen Rider with a shark motif from the Ryuki World of Decade.
  • Weather Dopant: a snow Dopant.
  • Smilo Dopant: a smilodon Dopant.
  • Neko Yummy: a cat Yummy.
  • Shocker Greeed: an eagle Greeed made after the Shocker logo. Created by Shocker in Let's Go! Kamen Rider!
  • Aries Horoscope: a ram Horoscope.
  • Manticore Phantom: a manticore Phantom.
  • Phoenix Phantom: a phoenix Phantom, which is also one of Wiseman's commanders.
  • Byakko Inves: a white tiger Inves.
  • Paint Roidmude: an evolved form of Roidmude 010.
  • Iron Roidmude: an evolved form of Roidmude 029.
  • Crash Roidmude: an evolved form of an unnamed Roidmude that is not yet specified.


The Qado Army have teamed up with this organization to find the Hero Eraser. When they were done with that task, the Black Cross Army ditched them.

  • Black Cross King: leader of the Black Cross Army, even today.
  • Iron Claw: commander of the terrorist organization C.R.I.M.E., with the same design as in Super Sentai War: Total Taisen! feat. Kamen Rider.
  • Omnipotent Demon King: general of the Vader Clan.
  • Bio-Hunter Silva: an intergalactic assassin responsible for killing the first Yellow Four. He is able to scan Bio-Particles.
  • Radiguet: bat-like leader of the Dimensional War Party Vyram.
  • Bandora: psychologically-scarred witch and leader of the Bandora Gang.
    • Grifforzer:
    • Lami:
  • NejiRed: leader of the Megarangers' evil counterparts, the Nejirangers. Able to change into NejiPhantom.
    • NejiBlack:
    • NejiBlue:
    • NejiYellow:
    • NejiPink:
  • Captain Zahab: captain of the Balban space pirates.
    • Sambash:
    • Budoh:
    • Illiesss:
    • Battobas:
  • Agent Aburera: most wanted of all Alienizers.
  • Memmi: an evil priest who is the second to be second-in-command of the Infershia Clan.
  • Gai and Rei/Questers: twin wildcat/cyborg demons of the Negative Syndicate.
  • Long: head of the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata with a dragon motif.
    • Sanyo
    • Shiyuu
  • Yogoshimacritein: leader of the Gaiarc machines.
    • Kireizky
    • Chirakasonne
  • Chimatsuri Dokokou: leader of all Gedoushou.
  • Brajira of the Messiah: follower of Warstar, Yuumajuu, and Matrintis respectively.
    • Great King Mons Drake of the Planet
    • Makuin of the Blob
    • Robogog of the 10sai
  • Ackdos Gil: emperor of all Zangyack.
    • Damaras
    • Zatsurig
    • Dyrandoh
    • Basco ta Jolokia: traitor of the Red Pirates
  • Enter: Messiah's avatar of Vaglass.
    • Messiah
    • Escape
  • Zed: master of the Shadow Line.
    • General Schwartz
    • Baron Nero
  • Gengetsu Kibaoni: warlord of the Kibaoni Army Corps
  • Zolders: faceless grunts of the Black Cross Army.


Carl, Kevin Irons, and the Agents have sided with Dai-Makuu to help them get the Hero Eraser. But, except Carl, they were all meant to be pawns and were kicked out for dead.

Villains from Space Crime Syndicate MakuuEdit

  • Don Horror: a monstrous, six-armed leader of Makuu.
  • San Dorva: son of Don Horror, and second-in-command of Dai-Makuu.
  • Crushers: foot soldiers of Makuu.

Villains from Megabeast EmpireEdit

  • Satan Gorth: leader of the Megabeast Empire.
  • Mad Gallant: son of Satan Gorth.

Villains from Wallen EmpireEdit

  • Queen Pandora: true leader of the Wallen Empire.
  • Emperor Guillotine: Queen Pandora's relative.

Villains from Neros EmpireEdit

  • God Neros: founder of the Neros Empire.

Villains from Sekai Ninja Sen JiraiyaEdit

  • Org Ninja Dokusai:

Villains from Criminal Syndicate BioronEdit

  • Doctor Giba:

Villains from Tokusou Robo JanpersonEdit

  • George Makabe: mastermind of Neo Guild.

Villains from Space MafiaEdit

  • Mademoiselle Q: head of the Space Mafia.

Villains of JamahlEdit

  • Gaohm: leader of Gaohm.
  • Black Beet: Jamahl's own B-Fighter.

Villains of MelzardEdit

  • Mother Melzard: the quuen of Melzard.
  • B-Crusher Descorpion:
  • B-Crusher Mukadelinger:
  • B-Crusher Killmantis:
  • B-Crusher Beezack:
  • Bodyguards: foot soldiers of Jamahl.