This will be the summer film for the 39th Super Sentai season Kado Sentai Royanger.


During Medieval Times before the current Royangers were chosen, evil sorceress Miranda Magica plots to use her black magic and dethrone the king. But she failed and wa banished. In present day, she rises up to seek revenge and spread her power of black magic. She has formed an alliance with the Spitemax Empire and things get really tough. Will the Royangers stop her before it's too late?


Miranda Magica-the film's main antagonist, and former spellcaster and mystic of the Castle of Peace. After she is freed from her prison, she seeks revenge on the denizens of the Castle of Peace for her banishment and failed attempt to rule, and the Royangers must stop her. While performing a spell that could envelope the entire universe with fear and despair, she sends out five of her henchmen to amp up her sercurity. At the final battle, she transformed into a chimera-like monster which is now defeated by the combined efforts of Ace RoyanPrince and RoyanTainer.

RoyanPoster-RoyanPrince's evil counterpart destroyed by RoyanPrince and its three extra forms.

MystaKillers-Magica's five warriors based on mythical animals, like a dragon, garuda, phoenix, and hydra.