Johnny Test continues in more hard-time battles.




  • Johnny Test (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Dukey (Trevor Devall)
  • Susan and Mary Test (Maryke Hendrikse and Britney Wilson)
  • Hugh Test (Ian James Corlett)
  • Lila Test (Kathleen Barr)
  • Mr. Black and Mr. White (Bill Mondy and Scott McNeil)
  • Gil Nexdor (Andrew Francis)
  • Sissy Blakely (Britney Wilson)
  • Missy (Brtiney Wilson)
  • General (Lee Tockar)
  • Mr. Henry Teacherman (Trevor Devall)
  • Hank Ancorman (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Janet Nelson, Jr. (Kathleen Barr)
  • Mayor Howard (Lee Tockar)
  • Jillian Vegan (Maryke Hendrikse)
  • Super-Smarty Pants - the main antagonist, it created an army of Smarty Pants to gain control and makes smarts, the Super-Smarty Pants' host is an astronaut named, Boyle Winkle
  • Eugene Hamilton/Bling-Bling Boy (Lee Tockar)
  • Mitchell Bumper Randalls (Scott McNeil)
  • Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5:
    • Wacko (Lee Tockar)
    • Brain Freezer (Bill Mondy) - he turned evil again for unknown reasons, it is revealed that He was fired by the Icecream company!
    • Mr. Mittens (James Arnold Taylor)
    • Albert (Lee Tockar)
    • Zizrar (Scott McNeil)
    • Dark Vegan (James Arnold Taylor)


Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Plot
92 (185-186) "Johnny Thunder"    
93 (187-188)  "Legend of the Stormy Lagoon"    
94 (189-190)      
95 (191-192)      
96 (193-194)      
97 (195-196)      
98 (197-198)      
99 (199-200)      
100 (201-202)      
101 (203-204)      
102 (205-206)      
103 (207-208)      
104 (209-210)      
105 (211-212)      
106 (213-214)      
107 (215-216)      
108 (217-218)      
109 (219-220)      
110 (221-222)      
111 (223-224)      
112 (225-226)      
113 (227-228)      
114 (229-230)      
115 (231-232)      
116 (233-234)      
117 Johnny Finale  

Tired of so much paparazzi, Hugh's bad cooking, Susan and Mary's Johnny Coupons and Gil testings, Bling-Bling's revenge and attempt on Susan, Brain Freezer and Mr. Mittens' revenges, Dark Vegan's revenge, Mr. Black and Mr. White's asks-for-help, Johnny wishes for things to be the way they were before all the events happened, and he wonders if his parents are his parents and if his sisters are his sisters, he likes to know why he has flame-headed hair, and why he has female fingers, and he bumps into a con man who helps him with his past, and what his birthplace was, and he signs a deal and changes everything, it is revealed that Johnny was less stupid and less selfish. But things go bad when there are a few alterations, Susan and Mary make a few experiments that are always wrong, Dukey is obese and always trapped in the pound, Eugene is thin and rich, Hugh is Bling-Bling Boy's cooker, Lila is workaholic, Brain Freezer is married, and Mr. Mittens has his owner.

NOTE: This is the series' finale.

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