Linda Waller is a 17 year old girl who runs away to find her father, Wendol Waller, who is running for a business deal with Ken Lucas in order to pay $100,000 for the grand opening of the Star National Labs .


January 18, 2013


  • Linda Waller (Kate Melton) - a 17-year old girl who tries to find her father, in the end, reunites with her father!
  • Wendol Waller (Patrick Dempsey) - Linda's father, who is running for a business deal with his boss, Ken Lucas, in the end, reunites with his daughter and lives in Onterio!
  • Petunia Waller (Cameron Diaz) - Wendol's estranged wife, who dosen't want Linda in deep danger, in the end, gets to know her daughter!
  • Jiminy Ricket (Logan Henderson) - Linda's love interest, in the end, gets a kiss for helping!
  • Ken Lucas (Kevin Bacon) - the main antagonist and Wendol's boss, who wants no funny business, he wants to announce the grand opening of "K.T. Power Plant", he had Petunia leave after the death of Wendel's father, in the end, Falls into the plants reactor and crumbled to dust.
  • Brenda Skinner (Kim Raver) - Ken's assistant, who needs Wendol to keep Linda away from the job investment, in the end, She was arrested with illegal trade with terrorists.
  • Maurice Maloni (Jay Baruchel) - Ken's co-associate who covers Ken's tracks, in the end, he was arrested with Brenda.



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