This James and the Giant Peach is an extended remake from 1996 film based on the book by Roald Dahl.

Like from the original film, it's a combonation of live action and stop-motion animation.

It includes some new bugs, a Praying Mantis, a Wasp, two Ants, a Beetle, a Cockroach, a Scorpion, a Woodlouse, a Bee, a Caterpillar, a Horsefly, an Aphid, a Flea, and a Dragonfly.


James Henry Trotter is a young boy who lives with his parents by the sea in the United Kingdom.

On James' birthday, they plan to go to New York City and visit the Empire State Building, the tallest building in the world.

However, his parents are killed by a ghostly rhinoceros from the sky and finds himself living with his two abusive aunts, Spiker and Sponge.

He is forced to work all day and they threaten him with beatings and the mysterious rhino if he tries to leave.

While rescuing a spider from being squashed by his aunts, James meets a mysterious man with a bag of magic green crocodile tongues, which he gives to James to make his life better.

The soldier warns him not to lose the tongues and disappears.

When James is returning to the house, he trips and the escape into the ground.

One peach is soon found on a withered old tree, and it grows to immense proportions.

Spiker and Sponge use the giant peach as an attraction, making lots of money as James watches from the house, not allowed to leave.

That night, James is sent to pick up the garbage.

While doing so, he grabs a chunk of the peach to eat as one of the crocodile tongues jumps into it.

A large hole appears inside the peach and James ventures inside, where he finds and befriends a group of life-size anthropomorphic bugs who also dream of an ideal home.

As they hear the aunts search for James, Centipede manages to cut the stem holding the giant peach to the tree and the peach rolls away to the Atlantic Ocean with James and his friends inside it.

Remembering his dream to visit New York City, James and the insects decide to go there, They use Miss Spider's silk to capture and tie a hundred seagulls to the peach stem, while battling against a giant robotic shark.

They escape just in time.

While flying, James and his friends eventually find themselves hungry and soon realize that.

After gorging most of the inside of the peach, Miss Spider, while using her web to tuck in James, reveals to him that she was the spider he saved from Spiker and Sponge James then has a nightmare of him as Mr. Caterpillar attacked by Spiker, Sponge, and the rhino.

When he wakes up, he and his friends find themselves in Antarctica, lost and cold.

The Centipede has fallen asleep while keeping watch, resulting in them further away from their destination than ever.

After hearing the Grasshoper wishing they had a compass, Centipede jumps off the peach into the icy water below and searches a sunken ship.

He finds a compass, but is taken prisoner by a group of skeletal pirates. James, Miss Spider, Mr. Caterpillar, Mr. Horsefly, Mr. Scorpion, Mr. Woodlouse, and Mr. Wasp rescue him and the journey continues.

Characters and CastEdit

  • Levi Miller as James Henry Trotter
  • Katy Brand as Sponge
  • Catherine O'Hara as Spiker
  • TBA as Magic Man/Narrator


The bugs are being reprised from their original voice actors

  • Simon Callow as Mr. Grasshopper
  • Richard Dreyfuss as Mr. Centipede
  • Jeff Bennet as his singing voice
  • Susan Sarandon as Miss Spider
  • Jane Leeves as Ms. Ladybug
  • David Thewlis as Mr. Earthworm
  • Andrea Martin as The Glowworm

New bugs

  • George Takei as Mr. Mantis: A praying mantis who is always praying and reading the Bible. In the end, he becomes a preacher.
  • Steven Blum as Mr. Wasp: Who has also been in New York with Centipede. In the end, he gets chosen to become the new assistant mayor of New York City.
  • Mia Wasikowska and Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. & Mrs. Ant: A married couple before they meet James. They are dressed as construction workers and love to build things. In the end, they become construction workers.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Beetle.
  • John Goodman as Mr. Cockroach: Who dwelled in Chicargo
  • Scott McNeil as Mr. Scorpion: Miss Spider's cousin. A scorpion who dislikes using his own poisonous stinger. Dressed as a cowboy, he speaks with a western accent and has the skills of a cowboy. In the end, he becomes a rodeo star with Mr. Horsefly.
  • Fred Tatasciore as Mr. Woodlouse: A pill bug who can use himself as a bowling ball for self defense when rolled up into a ball. In the end, he becomes a champion bowler.
  • Drake as Ms. Bee: A honeybee who doesn't like to use her own stinger. Never eats anything without honey on it.
  • Jeff Bergman as Mr. Caterpillar: A caterpillar who somehow can never become a butterfly no matter what. He is very flexible and becomes a champion athlete in the end.
  • Frank Welker as Mr. Horsefly: A horsefly who resembles a horse with wings and six legs. He even acts and sounds like a real horse. In the end, he becomes a bucking bronco at a rodeo with Mr. Scorpion.
  • Grey DeLisle as Ms. Aphid:
  • Lara Jill Miller as Ms. Flea:
  • Ty Burrel as Dr. Dragonfly: A dragonfly who is a medic. In the end, he becomes an assistant to Ms. Ladybug at the hospital.