Ironpoint: Iron Monger is a one-shot published by Marvel Comics. It takes place in the Ironpoint timeline.


In a flashback from Obadiah Stane, Iron Man (Tony Stark), stands over him, he has been defeated, again. He remembers when he was going to be the Iron Monger. He thought that everyone would love him, just like they loved Toyn Stark, but no, they were frightened of him. He idolized Tony, wanted to be just like him. But for what he did, he could never forgive him, he is going to destroy his future. He traveled back to the day that Tony caught his first crook. No, he should go back further. To the day he first made the armor. No, further, to the day when he built the arc reactior. He wonders, what would happen if he never made the armor, what if the arc reactor was never put into him. What if it all happened to Stane? But as he reached out to embrace his new destiny, the arc reactor moved right through him, and was put in Tony, setting the future in motion. It was then that he realized that without Tony, he wouldn't exist. So he must let his greatest enemy, live. Or he will die. He remembers when he first got his powers, and foolishly attacked Tony. He soon realized that in order to attack Tony he must do so through his heart, by kidnapping Pepper. He had to die to figure out that this is foolish. He had a new plan, to attack Tony's childhood. He did many petty things to make his life miserable, until one day, he stole from Tony, his best friend, Don. Tony never had a best friend. One day, as Tony prepared for school and said goodbye to his parents, Ovadiah Stane went too far. Right as Tony left, and his parents went to the airport. There was a message after take off. Theu answered, and there before them, stood Stane. And he uttered the future altering words, "Time to die, Mr. and Mrs. Stark."