A cop must decide his life on his brother or his undercover mission with his best friend.




  • Detective Bruce Graceland/Dan Frewer (Shia LaBeouf) - a cop who goes undercover as a member of the Kappa as "Dan Frewer", he was trusted by the mob boss, Donald T. Lodge, near the end, he was grappled by the Kappa for hiding his identity, in the end, He makes a report on the "Kappa Case"!
  • Jerome Graceland (Logan Miller) - Bruce's little brother, whom he loves very much, in the end, Goes to College!
  • Lucas V. Grant (Christian Bale) - a u.s. customs agent in charge of the operation against Kappa, in the end, He awards Bruce as top Cop!
  • Gale Ferris(Amanda Bynes) - Bruce's love interest/girlfriend, has short black hair, she is frightened of Bruce's mission and fears of him going to die, in the end, She is relived that he lived.
  • Chanticleer Graceland (Kevin Costner) - Bruce and Jerome's father, he told Bruce to promise to look after Jerome, in the end, dies from Cancer.
  • Maurice T. Bois (Tom Felton) - Bruce's best friend in the Kappa., created by mob boss, Donald T. Lodge, head of Kappa, under the alias, "Slink Williams", he knows how Bruce feels about Kappa, in the end, is killed by Lodge.
  • Job Manthiss (Edi Gathegi) - a member of the Kappa, created by mob boss, Donald T. Lodge, he is an African American, in the end, falls into a Ravine of Gharial!
  • Quin Marcus (Jai Courtney) - a member of the Kappa, created by mob boss, Donald T. Lodge, he is the rival of Bruce's, because he's gained the operations and trust of Lodge, near the end, when he discovered that Bruce was a cop, he had the desire to kill him, in the end, He was arrested by the authorities!
  • Donald T. Lodge(Eric Roberts) - the main antagonist and mob boss creator of the Kappa (consisting of Maurice, Tobias, Quin and Job), his goal is to rule all the states of America, and become president, near the end, he hits his right-hand, Tobias, with a shovel in anger stating, "I spent a whole f***ing month with a mole in Boy Scout club!", in the end, is dead with the poison injected after he killed Muarice!
  • Tobias Grune (Walton Goggins) - the secondary antagonist and Lodge's right-hand, near the end, he was hit by his boss with a shovel and then stabs Lodge with poison, and leaves!



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