With Henry "Indiana" Jones retired, his son, Henry Jones the III has followed in his footsteps as his successor, as he heads to a country in the Atlantic ocean to find a secret weapon, aided with Ingrid and Hodge, only to be pursued by Queen Zelda.


March 24, 2019


  • Henry "Mutt" Jones the III (Shia LaBeouf) - follows in his father's footsteps, in the end, finds a clue to Alaska!
  • Ingrid French (Megan Fox) - Mutt's love interest, in the end, kisses him!
  • Hodge "Hodgy" Willis (Jamie Foxx) - aids Mutt on a journey to the Atlantic ocean, in the end, confronted King and ended up chasing him and gets killed by Grayson!
  • lord Zelda Miranda Richardson ) - the main antagonist, she is searching for an item known as the Indra Bow in the Atlantic Ocean, so she can conquerer the landscape, in the end, was grabbed by the Titan Porpherion and taken into the underworld!
  • Prince Rupert Stamp Hugo Weaving ) - the secondary antagonist, and Zelda right-hand woman, in the end, at a party, he was making a speech to the kids who are in 1st about the Indra Bow, and was burned!