A father and his son must clear his wife's name from Nicholson, but they find trouble being chased by a maniac and his assistant, when they bump into the wrong McDonald's.




  • Jarard Lincoln (Jason Bateman) - a man trying to clear his wife's name, in the end, spends time with his wife!
  • Kevin Lincoln (Joel Courtney) - Jarard's son trying to help clear his mother's name, in the end, goes to college!
  • Elena Lincoln (Paget Brewster) - Jarard's wife and Kevin's mother, she was committed a crime for stealing a bank, in the end,  her name was cleared!
  • Sr. Phelonias Nicholson (Eric Bana) - the main antagonist, the drug dealer pursuing Jarard and Kevin, his goal is to keep Elena in prison, in the end,  exposes himself as the thief, and that was because Elena didn't marry him, and then realizes the whole world knows, and was sent to prison!
  • Louis Monk (Samuel L. Jackson) - the secondary antagonist, he is Nicholson's right-hand man, he has the same tone as Stephen from Django Unchained, he watched Kevin vomit in the toilet from the wine, and realizes the truth about them and informs Nicholson after dinner, when they went to bed, in the end, was shot by Nicholson



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