in ice age 5 the herd returns to the dinosaur world. Meanwhile Peaches and Loius are kidnaped by Captain Hanes who is the brother of Captain Gutt.Scrat is falling in love again with Scratte. Now the herd is on a new aventure


Manny- a wolly mamoth

Deigo- a sabor tooth tiger

Sid- a lazy but caring ground sloth

Scrat- a sabor tooth squriel.

Scratte- a female sabor tooth squriell and is scrat's girlfriend in the end.

Shira- a female sabor tooth tiger and is Deigo's wife

Ellie- a female wolly mamoth and is Manny's wife

Louis- a molehogg and is Peaches' best friend.

Rose- a tiger stripped sabor tooth tiger and is Deigo and Shira's daughter.

Granny- a ground sloth and is Sid's grandmother

Buck - a weasel and is an old friend to the herd.

Mara- a female weasel and is Buck's Girlfiend

Crash and Eddie- Ellie's two possum brothers

Bec- a female sloth and is Sid's sister.

Danet and Janet- two female possums that eventally fall in love with Crash and Eddie

Fast Tony - he informs everyone that Scrat caused the Contiental Drift.

Moma Dinosaur- a female T-Rex.

Yoko- a male teenage T-Rex.

Egbert- a male teenage T-Rex.

Shelly- a female teenage T-Rex.

Rudy- a white dinosaur and is Buck's main atagonist.

Ryan- a male mamoth and is Peaches boyfriend.He is a prisoner of Captain Hanes.


Captain Hanes- a prehistoric ape that is the brother of Captain Gutt. He wants revenge on Manny, Diego and Sid.

Squint- a prehistoric rabbit that is Hanes' first mate. He was the only one that survived from Gutt's crew. Defeated by Buck with Crash and Eddie's help.

Bites- a dire wolf and is Captain Hanes second mate. Defeated by Shira.

Ripup- a blue prehistoric kangroo and is Captain Hanes' third mate. At the end of the movie he joins the herd.

Rio Pears- a prehistoric bald eagle. Defeated by Peaches then Ellie.

Chuckles- a hyedooann who makes a joke out of everything. he is friends with Bites. He was one of the five who retreated the ship.

Ozzy- a dark purple prehistoric kangroo that speaks with a Austrilan accent. Defeated by Sid when he pushed Ozzy of the ship and into a pool of sharks.

Boden - a purple prehistoric boar.He is the most grouchy of the group He was one of the five who retreted the ship.

Elvis Idical- a prehistoric crocodile who was freed from the ice by Hanes years ago and now works for him.He was one of the five who retretedd the ship.

Witty- a prehistoric pirhana. He speaks with a German accent and is friends with Ozzy.He was one of the five who retreted the ship.

Cretaous and Measltrom- the main villans from ice age 2. They are friends with Elvis Idical. They joined Captain Hanes because they wanted revenge on Manny, Deigo and Sid.They were one of the five who retretedd the ship.