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July 15, 2016


  • 21Manny (Ray Romano) - realized that Scrat was the accidental cause of the near end of the world, in the end, apologizes Scrat for his rudeness!
  • Scratee- scrat's wife in the end of the film.
  • Sid (John Leguizamo) - shows a soft side for Scrat since he saved him in "Ice Age: The Meltdown", in the end!
  • Diego (Denis Leary) - watches Scrat from going acorn crazy and causing another crack, in the end!
  • Scrat (Cody Cameron) - is being watched by Manny, Sid and Diego from escaping, in the end, is pardoned and gets chased by Louis for wrecking his home!
  • Shira (Jennifer Lopez) - In the end, gives birth to her newborn son leon.
  • Peaches (Keke Palmer) - Manny and Ellie's daughter, in the end, louis tells his true feelings for her.
  • Leon(Logan grove)-newborn son of Diego and shira, in the end.
  • Ellie (Queen Latifah) - Manny's wife and Peaches' mother.
  • Crash (Ellie's adopted possum brother and Peaches' uncle, in the end,
  • Eddie (Josh Peck) - Ellie's other adopted possum brother and Peaches' other uncle, in the end, gets a nice sleep!
  • Louis (Josh Gad) - Peaches' friend and Chases Scrat for wrecking his home to get the nut back!
  • Granny (Wanda Skyes) - Sid's 80-year grandmother, in the end,
  • Buck- a weasel an old friend to the herd
  • Captain Nak- a prehistoric ape the brother of Captain Gutt
  • Squint- a prehisoric rabit Captain Hane's first mate and one of the three who survived and joined Captain Nak.
  • Ripup- a blue prehistoric kangroo and takes over Raz's job.When Ozzy kicked Ripup out of crew, Sid offered him to join the herd And he accepted the idea.
  • Sillas- one of the three that survived from Captain Gutt's crew and joined Captain nak.
  • Hank- a hyaedoon and is Captain Hanes' second mate.
  • Rio Pearls- a prehistoric bald eagle and is Sillas' girlfriend. She prefers speaking in a spainish accent.She is defeated by Ellie.
  • Ralphs- a dire wolf and is defeated by Shira
  • Elvis Idical- a prehistoric green and yellow crocodile
  • Peter-a black and white dire wolf and is the cousin of ralph, in the end, he is invited into the herd by sid.
  • Ozzy- a dark purple prehistoric kangroo. He was the one to kick Ripup out of the crew. He died when Sid pushed him off a cliff and into a pool of sharks.
  • Dobson- a prehistoric boar and is on of the three that survived from Captain Gutt's crew and joined Captain nak's

*Moma dinosaur- a trex

*Yoko- a male dinosaur

*Shelly a female dinosaur

Rudy- a white dinosaur and is Buck's atogonist.

*Rose a female tiger striped sabortooth tiger and is the daughter of Diego and Shira.

*Fast Tony- he tells the herd that Scrat caused the Cotienental drift.

buzz lightyear and buzz lightyear is a two space Rangers

not a finale chapter

Cappo and sappo the elephant and a wooly mammoth

roshan he still a baby

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