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In the fifth sequel of ice age scrat ends up in the dinsaurr world again.meanwhile Manny Deigo and Sid find out Peaches has been kidnaped by Captain Nak the brother of Captain Gutt.Then while trying to save Peaches they accidentlyly end up in the dinosaur world 


July 15, 2016


  • Manny (Ray Romano) - realized that Scrat was the accidental cause of the near end of the world, in the end, apologizes Scrat for his rudeness!
  • Juliet (Lauren Evë O'Hagan)- helps spy on scrat
  • Sid (John Leguizamo) - shows a soft side for Scrat since he saved him in "Ice Age: The Meltdown", in the end!
  • Diego (Denis Leary) - watches Scrat from going acorn crazy and causing another crack, in the end!
  • Scrat (Cody Cameron) - is being watched by Manny, Sid and Diego from escaping, in the end, is pardoned and gets chased by Louis for wrecking his home!
  • Shira (Jennifer Lopez) - Diego's wife and former first mate of the late Captain Gutt's crew, in the end, gives birth to her newborn daughter and names her Ciara.
  • Peaches (Keke Palmer) - Manny and Ellie's daughter, in the end, becomes mother to Arabella in the end!
  • Arabella (Marissa Connelly) - Peaches and Louis' daughter in the end!
  • Ellie (Queen Latifah) - Manny's wife and Peaches' mother, in the end!
  • Crash (Seann William Scott) - Ellie's adopted possum brother and Peaches' uncle, in the end,
  • Eddie (Josh Peck) - Ellie's other adopted possum brother and Peaches' other uncle, in the end, gets a nice sleep!
  • Louis (Josh Gad) - Peaches' Mate and Arabella's father, in the end, Chases Scrat for wrecking his home to get the nut back!
  • Granny (Wanda Skyes) - Sid's 80-year grandmother, in the end,
  • Buck- a weasel an old friend to the herd
  • Captain Nak- a prehistoric ape the brother of Captain Gutt
  • Squint- a prehisoric rabit Captain Nak's first mate and one of the two who survived and joined Captain Nak.
  • Ozzy- a purple prehistoric kangroo and takes over Raz's job and is Captain's Nak's third mate.
  • Gupta- a prehistoric skunk and is Captain Nak's flag and is one of the two that survived from Captain Gutt's crew and joined Captain Nak
  • Krack- a and is Captain Nak's second mate
  • Witty- a gray pehistoric wolf
  • Rio- a prehistoric bald egale
  • Elvis Idical- a prehistoric green and yellow crocodile
  • Creatous and Meastrom- the villan from the second movie


This film is gonna be awesome when Scrat goes to the island where Manny and crew went after the events from the fourth film.",  Scrat tries it again only this time on a beach, where Sid is practicing his tone deaf lines which irritates Diego, and Manny couldn't get any sleep, and shouts "Quiet. Then they hear a crack when Scrat wrecked the beach side, then they realized who caused the drift!

In a Flashback it showed he was a shy, and lonley Squirrel, then he was lost in a tree being chased by Owls, and then hid in a tree, where he was bonked on the head with Acorns, and was driven mad ever since.

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