They're back in another rock'n'roll series, and they have more run-ins and deep joking around. And they get thrown for a new thing called the Weasel throw, when 4 guards held on Tripp, Ash, Derek or Burger out a place or show.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Iron Weasel:
    • Tripp Campbell (Logan Miller)
    • Ash Tyler (Stephen Full) - now after he gets hurt everytime, he says, "Why am I the most painful one?", it was revealed in the first half of the series finale, "Goodbye Weasels", he was dead before Iron Weasel reformed prior to the events of the series, he was out chasing a bird after accidentally falling into the river, near the end of the first half, Ash actually survived after coming out of the river, and revealed to have been in Hawaii and married a beautiful woman named Saima (Vanessa Hudgens)
    • Burger Pitt (Greg Baker) - now says, "You hear that?", and the band says, "What?", he farts everytime which makes the band be disgusted, it was revealed in the first half of the series finale, "Goodbye Weasels", he was a restaurant owner before Iron Weasel reformed prior to the events of the series, he was making chicken bats to customers, when only a real bat appeared
    • Derek Jupiter (Steve Valentine) - it was revealed in the first half of the series finale, "Goodbye Weasels", he was with his ex-girlfriend before Iron Weasel reformed prior to the events of the series, Derek had been with Erica, when suddenly a text popped up about another girl meeting Derek, it was revealed what inspired Derek to form Iron Weasel was The way the Band improvisions on the set.
  • Izzy Fuentes (Caitlyn Taylor Love) - becomes Tripp's girlfriend
  • Avery Holmes (Frances Callier) - becomes one of the show's protagonists, and Iron Weasel's bodyguard, and lived with them in Tripp's house

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Beth Campbell (Beth Littleford) - Tripp's mother
  • Jack Campbell (James Patrick Stuart) - Tripp's father
  • Simon Craig (Harrison Ford) - Iron Weasel's manager
  • Vice Principal Jorden Pierce (Ronny Cox)
  • Captain Hans Fuentes (Denis Leary) - Izzy's father, and the captain of the police, uses the same tone as his character of George Stacy on The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Sophie Martinez (Madison Pettis) - the First Daughter from Cory in the House
  • President Richard Martinez (John D'Aquino) - the President of the United States from Cory in the House
  • Victoria (Miley Cyrus)


  • Brom Blandy/Bleed (Bryan Callen) - returns once again to regain the money in the series finale, with his own Iron Weasel band, but was arrested for illegal bank robbing (hence the band was a cover up).
  • Bryce Johnson (Spencer Boldman)
  • Ernesto (Hollywood Yates) - an escaped Convict who tries to reframe himself, and redeem himself!
  • Dr. Ivan Mongorndy (Tim Curry) - the insidious mad man who kidnapped Izzy and tried to switch her brain with a gorilla, he witnessed it from a magazine saying that Captain Fuentes is not very fond of Tripp dating Izzy, which was planned by Brass
  • Igor (Arnold Vosloo) - Dr. Mongorndy's assistant
  • Phantom Master (Robert Moloney) - disguised as the wiggly phantom, uses some of the voices from the Phantom from Scooby-Doo Where Are You!
  • Aliens
  • Mermaids: - these are the mermaids from the TV Series, Pair of Kings, getting over their defeat from Brady (Mitchell Musso), Boomer (Doc Shaw) and Mikayla (Kelsey Chow), their powers and abilities are Siren Song, which gives mermaids the ability to control men, and can turn other women into mermaids, ability to breath under water and can bewitch people
    • Aerosol (Leslie Anne-Huff) - She's an evil orange mermaid with brown hair, she is the devious leader of the group
    • Amazonia (Madison Riley) - She's a blue mermaid with blonde hair, she is the dumbest of the group, and is devasted from being seperated from Lanny (Ryan Ochoa)
    • Amnesia - She's a pink mermaid with red hair.
    • Ammonia (Bethany Levy) - She's a gold mermaid of Native American, Hispanic, African American, and Indian descent.
    • Onomatopoeia - She's a yellow mermaid of Asian American descent.
  • Warden Grove (David Anthony Biggs) - the warden of the Weasels Lock-Up Prison, he has the same vein of the X-Men Evolution version of Bolivar Trask, he imprisons Iron Weasels, until when Tripp (red), Ash (yellow) and Derek (blue) in white make up and black uniforms release the Weasel prisoners to retaliate against the rebels.
  • Metal Kats: a gender reversed version of Iron Weasel that had Izzy find out about Iron Weasel's skills and tactics:
    • Erika (Rebecca Hall) - the lead singer, and hates Derek for breaking her heart by ditching her in bed, and leaving a note breaking up with her just to form Iron Weasel, she sang' "Never Be Over" to make Derek feel like she's haunting him as revenge, she called Izzy, "kiddo"
    • Ashley (Charlize Theron) - the drummer, who used Ash's quotes, "Aw, yeah!", "Why am I the most painful one?" and she is buzzcutted and way stupider than Ash
    • Burgerette (Melissa McCarthy) - the bass guitarist, and likes to eat shrimp, sandwiches and dreamingly, a five dollar sub at Subway, she called Izzy, "little lady"
  • Dr. Frenzy (Eddie Murphy) - the evil menace with a left claw and an eye patch on his his scarred right eye
    • Hans (Walton Goggins) - one of Frenzy's minions sent to kill Iron Weasel in "Secret Weasel Agents", Ash was pretending to be James Bond, when he came in and tried to kill him, only for Ash to try and fight back, but keeps losing, until Burger gained the upper hand by hitting him with his stomach, and Burger stomach jumps on him, with Derek, Tripp and Ash rooting for him to do it
  • HYDRA:
    • Henri Vernon (Zeljko Ivanek) - the mastermind of the HYDRA invasion at the Comic-Con, he pretended to be a cameraman, he secretly built a HYDRA lab underneath the exit, which he can use to create a weapon to desrupt the music.
    • Agnes Fraud (Stephen Culp) - poses as the Head of Security in the Comic Con
    • Ferris Wilkinson (Will Arnett) - the stern, security guard who couldn't allow Iron Weasel in the Comic Con Store, because it would make him lose his job, but in reality, is an agent of Hydra, that is planning to drain the powers of the worlds compass.

Guest starsEdit

  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Rob Riggle (used the same humor as his cop character from The Hangover)
  • David Spade
  • George Lopez
  • Ashley Johnson
  • Chairo
  • Miss Kittie
  • David Hyde Pierce
  • Bill Conelly
  • John Travolta
  • Colm Feore as Sam, one of Simon's assistants in "Four Weasels and a Baby" and the 2-part series finale, calling security to remove Iron Weasel and their clothing
  • Maximillaino Hernandez as Diego, one of Simon's assistants in the 2-part series finale
  • Robin Williams (as the genie of the lamp)
  • Agent Yuki (Scarlett Johansson) - Ash's spy love interest
  • El Macho (Danny Trejo) - Tripp's neighbor, who is always angry at something bad happening, he also rips off his shirt, when he gets angry
  • Megan Fox as one of the girls Derek had laid shirtless in bed with in "Oy Vey"
  • Tracy Spiridakos as one of the girls Derek had laid shirtless in bed with in "Oy Vey"
  • Jessica Biel as one of the girls Derek had laid shirtless in bed with in "Oy Vey", She later asks Ash on a Date!
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Avengers:
    • Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
    • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America
    • Chris Hemsworth as Thor
    • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner
      • Lou Ferrigno as Hulk
    • Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
    • Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.:
    • Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
    • Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill
    • Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson


Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Summary Songs
42 Weasel Prom Night June 18, 2012 Today is the School Prom, and Tripp is forced to take Izzy out to the Prom, as Izzy dons a purple strapless dress. Wall Flower
43 My Girl's in the Other Band June 25, 2012 With Tripp and Izzy graduated from the Senior Prom, they start a life. Then when Izzy hasn't returned any of Tripp's calls, he, Derek, Ash and Burger decide to find out what she's doing, Ash believes Izzy to be a mermaid, but Burger believes Izzy to be a Hula maid serving up meals, Tripp denies both of this, and when they arrived at a concert, they witnessed a gender reverse version of them, "Metal Cats", Erika, Derek's ex-girlfriend before he went on the form Iron Weasel, she is the lead singer, Ashley, same as Ash, except she's buzzcutted, and steals Ash's quote and stupidity, she plays the drums, Burgerette, same as Burger, except she has brown hair and she plays the bass and to the Weasel's shock and betrayal, Izzy, who was the guitarist of the band, and she used Iron Weasel to explain her their secrets and their moves, feeling heartbroken, Tripp breaks up with her due to her secret, and her guitar named after her first crush, Ben, as he tells Izzy not to forget her prom dress, she takes it, and leaves, and Tripp sings, "I Wanna Punch Stuff", which causes Derek, Ash and Burger to come in the garage with boxing gloves to break every stuff in the garage, leaving the band to spy on the Metal Cats, realizing that they had their own band van, only in pink, Erika called Izzy, "kiddo", Burgerette called Izzy, "little lady", and Ashley just called her Izzy, and they did their own version of the Weasel slap, "Kitty smack", Izzy had been writing their own songs, and the one thing different from them is that they keep a mascot, a cat, which inspires Ash to get a mascot for the band, a ferret, much to the Band's dismay that it is not a weasel. Then they get ready to combat the Cats in the Battle of the Bands, and they learn their true nature, when they win, they usually make up male bands into dresses and make up, even Izzy is shocked, in the final round, Izzy distracts Erika into thinking their is a zit popping up on her, distracts Burgerette that Subway is showing a five dollar sub and Ashley into thinking she forget to feed the mascot's milk, then Izzy sung, "Even if it kills me" as a sign of forgiveness from Tripp, Ash, Derek and Burger, which they replied as a sign of forgiveness, but when Erika, Ashley and Burgerette showed with angry looks of betrayal and anger at Izzy, Erika tells them that she has no band or family, but Derek replies, "Yes, she does, and it's right here in Iron Weasel", as he tosses the microphone to Izzy singing, "Weasel Rock You", which marks Iron Weasel as the winners, and the Metal Cats humiliated, as Izzy and Tripp are back together. Indisgrete
44 One Burger to Go July 2, 2012 When about to go for their weasel sky dive for their concert, Burger ends up sabotaging it when his ham and cheese sandwich accidentally flew away, and they had to get him, only for them to freak out, and Burger clinging onto Ash's pants, pulling them down, and then they fell flat on the ground and get booed at for showing up late, which led Derek to fire Burger for that act, Ash is devastated, and Tripp feels like Derek needs to apologize for firing him, when Burger's replacement, Molly ruins their weekend by hurting people who mock them. "Yum"
45 Big Time Weasel Rock July 9, 2012 The band won a trip to spend a day with Big Time Rush, but due to havoc and craziness around them, Gustavo Rocque hypnotizes them into gentleman, only to get worse when they played like real gentleman. Clutz
46 Last Weasel Saturday July 16, 2012 Upon their weasel Saturday, they learned that there was a tiger in their bathroom, which they thought belonged to the zoo, which was really Mike Tyson's. Finale
47 Weasels Out of this World: Part 1 July 23, 2012 Tiny aliens (based on the Kroloteans from Young Justice) called the Bulgins, come to earth, and the band finds out about them, and they bump into their connections, and the aliens warn them about a coming. "Comfort"
48 Weasels Out of this World: Part 2 July 30, 2012 With Burger replaced and captured, an alien pretends to be Burger to spy on the Band's motives of having a concert, and places a signal alien to start the invasion. "Alienation"
49 Four Weasels and a Baby September 10, 2012 The band decided to babysit a baby, while his mother is out at a party. Meanwhile, Avery helps Izzy on her driving test. "Baby"
50 Secret Weasel Agents September 17, 2012 The band go on a mission with a beautiful spy agent in hopes of stopping an evil menace with a left claw and a scar on his right eye from launching a nuclear missle. "WAIT"
51 Weasels vs Bully September 24, 2012 Tripp faces bullying problems, the band tends to help out, but failed, as he bullied them, then Tripp goes for the failsafe to spring Ernesto out, much to their dismay, because they bullied him first, and they paid Ernesto's bill, and he lives with them for awhile to get ready.
Trivia: Ash breaks the fourth wall by saying, "and Derek womanizing Julie in the second episode of this season".
52 Weasel Carcheckers October 1, 2012 The band must require car money for Izzy's sister's wedding, when they hear of 3 escaped convicts escaping.
Close to the view: Derek aiming a fork at Burger's rear end, Derek hitting Ash on the head with a plate, Derek throwing the cake at Burger's face, which instead hit Captain Fuentes, water from a tire splashing Derek in the face, Ash throwing a screwdriver at Burger, Burger squirting a hoser to wash up Derek, Derek squirting an oil squirter into Ash's face, the short Convict pointing a knife, the lead Convict's girlfriend pointing a knife towards Ash and Derek, the lead Convict about to punch Derek in the face, which unfortunately Ash used made him punch his girlfriend, the short Convict throwing a knife at Burger, and then throwing another him, Burger retaliating by throwing a water bottle at him, which missed, which bounced from a tire to the back the short Convict's head, Tripp approching the lead Convict with a flame thrower on his rear end, and Ash squirting the oil squirter at the lead Convict's face.
53 The Weasel Adventures in Candy Land October 8, 2012 When a man takes away Derek, Tripp, Burger and Ash's time to eat sweets, they head to a candy factory called Sugar Rush, only to be pursued by the King Candy. "Sweet Chairity"
54 Weasel Lockdown October 15, 2012 Ash, Derek and Burger are suspicious when they think Tripp is going to date Izzy over them, and visioned Tripp and Izzy grown up with kids, and are happy, so they kidnap Ryan Reynolds to inform Tripp of what he may look like in the future, only to get apprehended and arrested and sentenced in a weasel prison to never play music again, Tripp blames them for that, then later, Tripp revealed he never abandoned them, and that he and Izzy were gonna let them live with them in case they retired, so they escaped and returned. "Locked Up"
55 Weasel Trick or Treat October 22, 2012 On Halloween night, the time no one expects, the Weasels go for Weasel Trick, a Halloween themed version of Weasel Prank, to scare kids to take their candy, but later that night, they go to sleep, they learned creepy ghosts have haunted the house. "Fear Factor"
56 Weasels at Sea: Part 1 October 29, 2012 On the beach, Izzy in a Vancouver Royal Purple One-Piece Suit and Tripp go for a swim and search for sea items, while Ash, Derek and Burger play with Crabs, until they encounter mermaids (from the TV Series, Pair of Kings), as they rule a underwater realm, with a fountain, and they also turn Izzy into a mermaid, with purple fins and a purple hula headband on her head. In the end, they succeeded into turning the mermaids back to normal, but are shocked that Izzy didn't turn human, which means she'll have to be stuck with the mermaids forever, and remain a mermaid, so Tripp makes a deal with the mermaids for a prize the mermaids for Izzy's humanity, which they accept, as Tripp promises to return Izzy to human.

To Be Continued...

57 Weasels at Sea: Part 2 November 5, 2012 As they rally the fish up, and face the evil sea Captain, they must use the magic cone shell. "Ocean Obstacles"
58 Three Magic Wishes for Four Weasels November 26, 2012 Upon the events of the previous episode, Tripp, Ash, Derek and Burger discover a magic lamp, which releases a genie who gives each of the weasels 3 wishes. Tripp wishes for the house to be clean, which is successful, then Derek wishes for a huge dinner and butler to celebrate, which was also granted, and Burger wishes for lobster to eat, which was also granted, then the Genie gives out the rules: 1. He cannot kill anybody, 2. He can't make people fall in love with someone else and 3. He can't bring people back from the dead. "3"
59 A Very Merry Weasel Christmas December 3, 2012 It's 2 days until Christmas, the band get ready ad decorate for Christmas, then they get invited to Izzy's Christmas party at her house, but she doesn't seem to have a jolly good holiday, because of what happened between her parents, and why she lives alone with her father, and things go awry when the band play a song which ends up making Burger being electrocuted, and Derek tripping on a toy train, and Ash getting rammed by a reindeer, which causes tension between the band, then Ash comes up with a plan to help put the band ready for Christmas again, he calls Tripp's father and Izzy's mother into coming to a Christmas party in Tripp's house and hiring a mall Santa Clause. Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas
60 Comic-Rock Weasels February 4, 2013

The band head for the Comic-Con in July for previews of "Iron Man 3" and "Man of Steel", only to get caught red handed by a selfish security cop, who wants them out.

Ash meets a girl named Veronica and gets a crush.

61 Goodbye, Weasels: Part 1 February 11, 2013 In the first part of the series finale, the Band is very impulsive, and Simon is tired of their stupidity, and fires them, and they must get their job back. "Adios"
62 Goodbye, Weasels: Part 2 February 18, 2013 In the second part of the series finale, without Derek, Tripp is now the leader, but he feels like he isn't worthy, because Derek does so much better, but when Tripp finally apologized to Simon for what happened, they learned that they have been replaced by Bleed and his own Iron Weasel, which can be the only way to bring Derek back in the game. In the end, they have made amends and rejoyce the Weezer version of "I'm a Believer". "Adios"