Hulk Vs Spide rman is an otherdirect-to-video animated release from Marvel Animation and Lionsgate, just like in the two shorts Hulk Vs Wolverine and Hulk Vs Thor. This time the Hulk battles the friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman. 


Spiderman Defeats Doctor "Otto" Octopus at the Dam, Unaware that Bruce Banner was involve at the controls, Before Doctor Octopus was defeated, Spiderman got tossed to the controls where Banner was, Banner was knock to the Wall, knocked out, Spiderman brings Banner to the docks Near Texas, thinking where Banner lives. Banner wakes, Banner blames Spiderman for knocking him down at the controls, after Spiderman tries to convince Banner that he was tossed by the Villain he was fighting, Banner transforms into the Hulk and violents Beats on Spiderman. Spiderman tries to calm the Hulk down, the Hulk countines to threat Spiderman, during the Hulk destroying Hulk Busters and the Military, Spiderman tries to flee from the hulk, but the Hulk kills the Military and the Hulk -Busters.

Carol Denvers gets an call at the Airport from Trouble at Texas, becoming her super hero ego as; Ms. Marvel (which she wears is the Modern Costume from Marvel Heroes MMORPG) and goes off flying to Texas, the Hulk wrecks the City to get to Spiderman. Spiderman got many injures by the Hulk, even got Whacked to the Billboard by the Hulk with the Long Pipe, Spiderman was saved by Ms. Marvel who arrives in Texas to Contain the Hulk. Ms. Marvel Protects Spiderman from the Hulk, but since the Hulk kept knocking Ms. Marvel out of the Hulk's Way, Ms. Marvel takes Spider-man with her to escape from the Hulk, however, the Hulk pursues.

Ms. Marvel Takes Spiderman to Mount Everest, Ms. Marvel demends an Answer why was the Hulk attacking him. Spiderman examples the True story what happen during his fight at the Dam. Ms. Marvel agreed with Spiderman, they both were Confronted by the Hulk, the Hulk fights the Two, Ironman shows up and Battles The hulk, Knocking the Hulk down, then Ironman, Spiderman & Ms. Marvel take the Hulk, reached to Stark Industries, with James Rhodes and Pepper Potts help Tony Restrained the Hulk, after reading the Hulk's Mind, they learn an Demon is starting to taking over The Hulk, exampling the Problem. Ironman, War Machine & Ms. Marvel enter Hulk's Mind.

While Spiderman is cared by Pepper, the Three Heroes find the Demon which is the Devil Hulk, the Trio Fight the Creature. when the Creature is about to Kill Ironman, Pepper, enters as Rescue to the mind, saves Ironman, the Devil Hulk is defeated and vanishes by War Machine, Ironman, Rescue, War Machine & Ms. Marvel return out of Hulk's Mind. Hulk upon Apologizes to Spiderman and flees out of Stark Industries, then at the News, Spiderman and Ms. Marvel are with Ironman and Captain America (Who makes an Cameo with those heroes) wave at live, Jameson grows anger on the Heroes, MJ (Only person knows Peter is Spiderman) grad Spiderman is okay.                    


Neil Patrick Harris Voices Spiderman/Peter Parker

April Stewart  Voices Ms. Marvel/Carol Denvers

Bryce Johnson Voices Bruce Banner

Dave B. Mitchell Voices Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavius

J.K. Simmons Voices J. Jonah Jameson 

Fred Tatasciore Voices The Hulk

Laura Vandervoort Voices Mary-Jane Watson

Richard Moll Voices Devil Hulk

Eric Loomis Voices Tony Stark/Ironman

Brett Pels Voices Pepper Potts/Rescue

Phil LaMarr Voices James Rhodes/War Machine